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Further 20% off Garmin Watches (eg. Forerunner 245 Music $319.20) @ JB Hi-Fi


Price of watch comes down to $319.20 after applying coupon code in check out.

Not a bad price for a solid Garmin product

Mod Note: Coupon code appears to be unique and targeted.

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    Coupon already redeemed error when trying to apply….

  • +2

    +1 for 'coupon has already been redeemed' error looks like it was a one time code

  • Try this code also 92A7QZ31MIAJDA

    • Already taken

  • +1

    If anyone has a code to share ive been waiting to buy this for $300-350 for a long time! Would be greatly appreciated, PM me if possible :)

    • Same here if anyone has a code to spare, much appreciated! :)

    • Thanks to dannyc33 for the code! Purchased, thanks !!!

  • +1

    How do we get the code?

  • +1

    If anybody have spare code please help me. TIA

  • +1

    Would love a code if anyone has a spare!

    • Anyone still got a spare code they would be willing to share?

  • +1

    Agh. Didn't get an email. Does anyone have a code I can use please. Please PM

  • +1

    No email for me but about to purchase. Id love it someone had a spare code to PM me. Thanks.

  • Bummer I didn't get an email. If someone receives a code and isn't going to use it I would love on too! (if everyone above has got one - have to be fair!)

    • Still no code :( I've been eyeing a ForeRunner with music for so so long.

  • Super keen on this! Would love to grab -20% code if you have one! PM

  • +1

    92CH22VIQZAU2G hope this helps , kindly let any other users know if
    the code has been used.

  • Would love a code if someone has a spare! PM me

    • Ty to Trieup for messaging code! ^^

  • Have been waiting so long for this! Anyone have a spare code they could share, much appreciated!

    • I can offer a code but your PM is blocked

      • Pm me the code please

      • hey its unblocked now, if you still have the code available can you send it through, many thanks!

  • Looking for a code as well. It will be greatly appreciated!

  • I would also much appreciate a code if anybody has a spare they do not require.

    PM if possible :)

  • Long time lurker but I signed up incase someone wants to PM me a code. Would make my day. Thanks :)

  • If anyone has a code they don't plan on using, please PM me. Obviously send to the people who commented above me first!

  • if anyone can pm me a code would help alot, been looking at this for ages cheers

  • Can this be used on the fenix 6x sapphire?

    If someone could pm me code please. Saves me over $200.00

  • +1

    I just signed up to OzBargain to share this code. I'm not going to use it. Kindly let others know once it has been claimed.

    • Thank you so much, I claimed it!

      You are a champion

      • +2

        Excellent. These are top products. I bought Fenix 6 Pro about 6months ago. Out of curiosity, what did you get?

        • +1

          I just got the Forerunner 245 Music. I wasn't really looking for anything else.

          Picked it up earlier today and took it for a jog.

          Very impressed with how accurate the wrist heart rate seems to be. Doesn't seem to be much different to what I had been seeing when using a heart rate strap. I had an Apple Watch (2nd/3rd gen?) for a few weeks back in 2017 but returned it since I found the wrist based heart rate was woefully inaccurate.

          Music works well and the interface is good at a quick glance.

          Thanks again!

  • 92X114G7OFIKH2 code for anyone to use :)

    Reply back here if you use it.

    • Code claimed. Thank you.

  • Another code for someone to use. Please reply if you use it. Thanks


    • Thank you so much!! Saved me $170 on my watch!!

  • Still looking to buy the FENIX 6, Help save me $230.

  • Would much appreciate a code if anyone still has one! Feel free to PM me :)

  • same here! anyone got a spare code? thank you

  • I’d also appreciate a code. DMs open. Thanks very much.

  • also looking to buy a garmin watch, a code would be much appreciated!

  • If you have a code, please send me a message

  • Ah so sad I missed this :-( $399 isn't bad but still out of budget. Next time I suppose!

  • Long shot but anyone have a code they could throw my way

    • +1

      Code was one day only :-(

  • Ah ok. Thanks for the info.

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