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AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 3.8 GHz 12-Core AM4 Processor $652.31 + $16.93 Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Seems like a decent price for this, not the cheapest tho
Cheapest I've seen this was $627.2 (2 months ago) on ebay

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • OMG. GOod Price.

  • How does the warranty work if I am buying from Amazon ?

    • I'd also like to know this. If I have to potentially ship it back to US for any warranty claims, that's gonna not be cheap postage.

      • They pay for shipping

      • i bought something from amazon au came from the us paid $35 to ship it back to amazon, they gave me $65ish dollars to return it (after they received it) + my $40 for the item. or i could have dropped it off at some post shop some where in australia (i live in tassie) syd, melb im not sure. anyway best purchase off amazon i came out $30 on top

    • Anything you're buying via Amazon AU, you're still dealing with Amazon Australia support (which is part of a global service anyway), you're just subject to AU, US or UK conditions based on which Amazon store provided it.

      In this case, AMD's warranty is international, so it's identical. If Amazon support mentions it needing to go back to the US for service (which it shouldn't), then just deal with AMD directly.

  • I'm seeing $661.92 + $16.93 Delivery.
    Also this is from shipped and sold by Amazon US, so no local warranty?

  • Imported from USA, with only prime members getting this price delivered

    • Can you sign up to prime for just one month? And then get this delivered? Looking at doing Prime for a month sometimes soon so I can binge season 2 of The Boys when the entire season is up.
      EDIT: Prime is $6.99/month, so I don't see why someone wouldn't just sign up for prime a month, benifit from the free shipping and other perks if it's cheaper

      • yea, i'm pretty sure you can

      • when the 12tb drives were on sale i signed up for a second account trialed prime ordered item went to cancel at the 1 month they tried to give me a second month free i said no thanks. also prime is $59 per yearly payment $24.88 cheaper than monthly but yes can be cheaper that paying $20-$30 for shipping if you have a second account

  • think this deal needs to be updated, whatever AU stock they had seems gone and its just the more expensive US imported stock now.

    • I've litterally been looking at the Ryzen 9 3900X Amazon AU listings everyday for the last week, it's never been the price listed above as shipped and sold by Amazon AU seller. It's always been shipped and sold by Amazon US.

  • bought this last week for around 669 (couldn't wait any longer) but only shipped a few days ago. Definitely Amazon US not AU. Note the long delivery time.

  • Ryzen 4000 in a couple of months now, expect a 12-core successor at launch, MSRP probably starting at $100 more than this, max.

    • I thought 4000 series was the XT variant of the 3000. Not the case?

      • XT is just a refresh of the 3000 X series. I they're essentially the same with ~100Mhz increase but no included stock heatsink/fan, but usually $50-$100 more.

      • Nope, that's still Zen 2, but perhaps using the same N7 process from TSMC. Ryzen 4000 is Zen 3 architecture.

        Think of it like Ryzen 2600 vs Ryzen 1600 AF, though this would be a higher stepping in IPC performance and clocks.

    • "MSRP probably starting at $100 more than this, max" - I highly doubt this, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. In any case I'll bookmark this post and in 2 months you can expect praise or shade ;)

    • While that's true, that's also not when the general public will be able to get the parts. AMD is notorious for launching products that aren't on shelves. Just look at the 3100 and 3300x.

      It's still crazy hard to find them at their MSRP. It'll be likely mid next year before we see zen3 chips are MSRP.

      • The hard to find product will be the 16-core version, if it launches then at all. Likewise the 6-core part.

  • which motherboard is good for this? for CAD, no gaming.

    • If running at stock pretty much any B550 board with somewhat decent VRM should be fine. If you don't need PCIE4.0 you can even use MSI Motor/Tomahawk B450 as well.

  • It seems aliexpress have pretty good prices on the ryzen range too

  • Seems to have gone down to AUD 652 for Prime Users now