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Bosch Blue Stud Finder GMS120 $80.61 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


$119 from the usual local sellers so this seems like a great price, especially for those with prime.

Cue the ‘stud’ jokes.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Frequently bought together with a ….. Kleva Sumo Slicer with 3 Interchangeable Drums + Precision Peeler

    New reality show - building and cooking

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      They are not wrong, outside of wfh I’m finding myself repairing more crap around the house and cooking more at home because majority of the takeaways are getting expensive to do it on a daily/every meal basis

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      For when you need to hide bodies in the wall of your home.

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    I usually just use a mirror, is there any reason to shell out extra cash?

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      This one lets you hold it up to yourself, get it to beep, then have everyone else cringe.

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      Yeah. Don't you really want to see one work, you know, for a nice change?

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      My mirror shatters every time it renders my image on to it's screen. Mirror is not for everyone.

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      It's kinda weird that you would look at other people through a mirror reflection

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      Came here to see if this joke had been made already, wasn't disappointed.

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    Ive got this stud finder, for this price it is a great pickup. Has 3 options to detect metal, magnetic and electronic. I bought it just as another measure for finding the gas, water and electrical lines in an internal wall of my kitchen when i was putting up my kitchen wall cabinets.

    Only complaint is the distance detection for electrical. I find myself more often than not using one of the other two settings to detect the copper rather than an electrical signal.

    • Are there any things that display in metric on your version? Just don’t want to buy the US one only to find out things display in Imperial

      • Nah, no specific measurements. just a little graph that goes left to right of center. I slowly wave it left and right on the wall until i find a point where the little bars are lit up and the green light emits.

  • I'm torn on what to get here. I've just installed a kitchen in my place and a stud finder would have made life so much better for sure. What I did is finish a job then buy the tool that would have made it easier and I'm prepared for next time.
    So, do I really need this or is the simpler magnetic Hanson finder advised? Anyone have experience with digital vs magnetic etc? The Hanson can be had for $15 via Amazon US.
    Thanks in advance

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      Interesting, so you use a magnet to find the nails rather than the stud (well, finding the stud from the nails). Interesting. I have a Stanley stud finder and it is rubbish. I ended up using the knocking method to find the studs as I just had so many false positives. I really like this idea.

      • Yeah. So simple. If you find a nail or a screw then it's pretty likely you found a stud or noggin. I love the concept. Doesn't stop you drilling into water pipes or cabled near studs though.
        Maybe I should buy one of each and compare 🤔

        • The Stanley stud detector has metal + electric sensors too so I might just get this as well. Think it will be better to find the studs and then you can double check for electric/metal. Didn't think you could check for water though?

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            @jaymzrsa: On the Bosch it finds Copper pipes I think, not sure if it does poly.
            The magnetic one you find the first nail/screw, then work your way to the next nail/screw, then the next one etc and get yourself a picture of where the studs run.

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            @jaymzrsa: I have a Stanley stud finder. Which one you thinking of getting? Because the one I have is a useless POS.
            False positives for electrical wires, and following the instructions to the letter it won't give me the middle of the stud.

            I paid extra for this fancier model… and felt like I was sold snake oil.
            Don't buy. Also a few reviews on Bunnings too… 1 star.


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              @UFO: This Bosch model had a lot of features but the Franklin Pro Sensor gets the best reviews.

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                @JamesLucas: Have not tried the Bosch but the Franklin Pro Sensor bought from Bunnings for around $120 is extremely accurate and very easy to use.
                No calibration, no flaffing about; put the finder on the wall and press the button and you will find studs. I think the reason it works so well is that it has many sensors and big finding range. It can also give you a very good idea of how wide a stud is.

            • +2

              @UFO: I have the same one, it is terrible! That's why I am thinking of going for the magnetic :-D

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              @UFO: I have the same model Stanley as you UFO and you're right it is absolutely useless.

              I could lick the walls and have better accuracy finding the studs.

              • +2

                @Spun: Just be aware that licking walls, however innocent, will cause people to call mental health on you.

            • +1

              @UFO: Yup, have to agree. I even have an interior wall that I took a photo of before the plasterboard was put up - so I know what's behind it and approximately where things are.

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        Magnets taken from broken hard drives also work well, for a true ozbargain solution :)

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        I've got a Stanley stud finder too and can confirm it is rubbish.

        • +1

          same same..

      • The magnet method works OK but you need to find a few to figure out direction of the timber beneath.

        Generally the Stanley worked well for me but twice it gave the 'edge of stud' readings a few times on blank space. I figured out I was moving it too slowly. The secret seems to be to move it across the wall at a reasonable pace and don't accept the first reading as true. Lot's of passes above and below to get the general idea then go back to where you wish to penetrate and move across the edges a few times.

        To work around potential false positives, probe where you believe the stud is with a fine drill. A tiny hole is easily filled.

    • For me, not so much a need. But when im drilling into brick walls it sort of reinforces my decision before the point of no return. Ive always used this, then taken manual measurements the best i can, then gotten up in the roof and measured again to see if everything lines up. (ive only gone to these lengths on the one occasion when i was dealing with water, gas and electricity on the one wall.)

      Ive only used this to find things i DON'T want to drill into. Since i have brick walls not stud walls.

    • +3

      Your council library might have a stud finder that you can borrow. The Adelaide library has tools and stuff you can borrow just like books. And they aren't broken, you just need to know how to calibrate them.

      • +1

        That’s a fancy library!

        • They even have a 3D printer. The city council has munz I suppose.

    • +5

      It was an obviously faulty stud finder then.

  • +13

    I’m here….

    • You must be blue.

  • This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location.

    • +4

      No Stud Located.

    • Worked for me.

  • +5

    I think you meant 'cue', but good deal!

    • Ha came to type the same thing, both about cue and about it being a good deal :)

    • +1

      What’s funny is I actually checked the spelling of queue, and figured the definition seemed fairly correct.

      I’ve always only associated cue with those sticks you play billiards/snooker with.

      Who’s have thunk I got straight A’s in English!

      Will fix it up.

    • I hate trying to spell kyew.

  • Thanks, always wanted one of these for putting up picture frames. Also bought a Bosch Digital Laser Distance Measure PLR 30C (With App Function, Measuring up to 30m, Protective Case, 3 x AAA Batteries Included, in Box).

    • +4

      Oh man, no easy way of saying this but — at AUD$100 that's HELLA expensive for something that just measures the distance of things.

      It's nice to bluetooth into an app but otherwise there's virtually no additional benefit to similarly gum-stick sized equivalents on AliExpress, Banggood etc. that work perfectly fine and do the same job.

      I bought one months ago* been using it to measure my apartment for my renovation, perfectly accurate to the mm. Recharges by USB, long life battery and also great for the cat to chase around.

      *I picked up a ATuMan LS-1S for AUD$19.44 shipped (after discounts).

      • Don't suppose you have tried any of the cheapie Banggood stud finders?

        • +1

          Nope. That's the one area where I would prefer to trust the accuracy of a brand like Bosch as sensing different materials etc. can be problematic.

          Laser distance stuff is relatively trivial to create & design.

    • The plc 50 c higher spec has the better options not avaliable on your normal laser measure with indirect mesaure based on an angle level.

  • +3

    Better give it a few test sweeps
    no beeps


  • -2

    Knock knock…
    Who’s there?
    Stud here…
    Stud who?

  • +1

    Iam just here for the stud jokes

  • +2

    Just use a rare earth magnet you can get from Bunnings? That will show you where the nails holding the drywall to the studs are, and therefore where the stud will be.

    • -1

      Use this tool to see if there are horses stuck in your walls

    • You'd want some pretty damn strong magnets if you think you're going to find nails between wood and drywall.

      • Neodymium magnets will do it.

    • +2

      Just hope the nail is in the middle of the stud…

  • Any difference between the studs found by the Bosch Blue Stud Finder and the Bosch Green Stud Finder?

    • +2

      Blue for use in the porn industry?
      Green used by environmentalist leaning women in a forlorn search?

  • +6

    That or this?

    This seems easy and has great reviews too - about the same price…

    • I got this however it can detect wood & metal stud only.

    • +1

      Bosch model does more than just find a stud. Overkill for hanging a picture on the wall probably but handy for more advanced handyman duties.

    • +1

      I got this. It's great

    • +4

      I have both the Franklin and the Bosch. Love the Franklin, such a simple design and very accurate. Just lacks detecting electricity. The Bosch is pretty good too. But I find its centre detection is sometimes inaccurate. Also on some paint static electricity build up can cause it to detect power everywhere. Put your free hand against the wall to avoid this if you find it happening.

    • +2

      I have a Franklin, love it.

    • +1

      Refer to my comment above (, basically Franklin is the simple easy solution that just works. As others have said won't tell you type of material behind the wall, all it does is tell you location and approximate size of stud and it does that bloody well.
      My advise is to buy it locally from Bunnings in case there is any warranty issues.

    • +1

      I was just about to say. If you work in the construction industry you should know this Franklin stud finder.
      Because its the most accurate one you can find on the market.
      Doesn't do anything else. Just find studs. But it is the most reliable one you can find.

  • I have this.. goes nuts ANYWHERE near electrical in find.. feet away. ..

    • +1

      Yeah I got the same problem, you end up ignoring it because it reckons half your wall is live :/

    • turn off the mains

  • +6

    Don't need it, my wife is a stud finder.

    • +10

      You are very open minded in your relationship.

  • I bought it couple of weeks ago and got delivered within a week. Works well 😊

  • I ordered this along with the distance measurer that was posted here last week. Ordered on Monday 24 August, the took the money but it hasn't been dispatched yet!

  • +2

    One of our own Ozs comment on Amazon.
    "International buyers beware, the manufacturer warranty is only valid in the United States and Canada.

    My stud finder faulted within a few weeks of delivery, contacted Bosch Australia for a warranty repair/replacement and they refused saying I had to contact the seller (Amazon) or Bosch USA.

    Bosch USA never got back to me after a few weeks. Amazon could only offer a return refund. I’ve returned it and got my money back. Won’t be buying another, or any Bosch product from Amazon again."

    • +5

      I think it is good news…
      At least amazon refund the money….
      If this happen to me, I will buying from Amazon again…

    • Okay. I was on the fence. I’ll step off the fence now.

  • And here I was thinking you just keep drilling holes until you hit a strut

    • You could strut around if you hit a stud ;)

  • +2
  • +1

    Silly question would this show pipes behind a brick wall?

  • +2

    Come in black too?

    *asking for a friend's wife..

  • purchased, thanks.

  • +2

    You'll find everything behind your wall with the method at the start of this video.

  • Very tempting

  • Don't bother with Amazon for the Franklin, it is cheaper at Bunnings if you have to pay postage. Go here:

  • I often hear stud finder never reliably works.. is it true?

    Also heard kitchen cabinets boasts about he only needs knocking around to find.

    How well this one work?

  • had one of these and would not recommend

    • Care to elaborate?

      • +1

        To many false readings. Overly complicated.

  • +3

    I've got one of these and a Franklin one. The Franklin one is more reliable and accurate for finding the studs and noggins.

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