Advice with how much I should negotiate for a Ford Mustang

Edit: We ordered it. 69,500 and free first service. I think everyone was happy with that.

Hey guys, another one of these threads, sorry!

I'm going to buy a Ford Mustang. We went into a dealership yesterday and specced up what we want and the price is around $76k. The salesman offered us a price of $73k. The car needs to be made to order and will probably take around 5 months to be delivered. I'm going to call up all the dealerships in Sydney and see what the best price I can get is over the next week. Here are my questions…

  1. Any idea what price I should be paying?

  2. Should I call up dealers outside of Sydney?

I'm new to Australia, and this is the first car I'll be buying here. It's also the first new car I've ever bought. I'm not flexible on the spec, so buying used, demo's, cars off the forecourt is not an option.



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    You buy a 2019 mustang and save an easy $20k

    • That's not what I want to do though. I considered it, but I'm willing to pay for the new one.

      • @camelfarmer1, Just buy a new 2019 Mustang which is pre existing stock and save thousands of dollars, you might even find your ideal spec too

        • None available in the spec we want. Especially because we want a manual.

          • @camelfarmer1: Oh ok, Manual is a great choice, definitely not worth getting automatic for a mustang

          • @camelfarmer1: @camelfarmer1just a heads up,the manual,was/can be a trouble some trans.There is a class action in the US against Ford.They are manufactured by “Magna PT”(formerly “Gertrag”) They are manufactured in Magna PTs plant in China.The auto is a lot more reliable.”10R80”, & “9R80”,joint development between Ford & GM(9R80 is used in the current Camaro) a very good trans by all accounts.Just beware.(not trying to sway you off,but just a bit of info.) Go onto the Mustang 6g forums,more knowledgeable guys there than OZ bargain or Whirlpool.The guys are a pretty good to talk to about the marque.Cheers:):)

      • But if it gets you the car now instead of five months, then maybe you can just upgrade to the 2022 Mustang later. I bet they will give you a deal if you trade in the old one if you finance it with Mustang.

      • What difference does the new one have to the old one? If it's power then i'm sure you can use between 5-10k on getting the power much faster than the new one and have a cool 10k left to use on whatever it is you want lol.

      • Looks like you don't care about saving/price, why not just pay up the asking price and avoid the inconvenience at all.

      • LOL comes for advice on how to get a discount yet doesn't want to save 20k

    • Considering you lose 10-20% driving a new car out of the showroom, this seems like the most sensible option. Plus, no waiting times!

      • I actually don't mind the wait time, as I'm saving money up in the meantime.

      • Getting a new car new is arguably worth at least 10% extra.

      • Who sells a car after driving out of a showroom, most people keep car for 3 years minimum.
        I would rather have a brand new car knowing it hasn't been mistreated and has full warranty especially if you are keeping it 5+ years.

      • This is why I usually get my new cars air lifted out of the dealership.

    • Cheapest 2019 manual Mustang on car sales is $62k driveaway, in QLD. It's red, has 7000kms and it may not have the same options as what OP is going for

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    So many mustangs bought on credit. Many of them are going to default in the next month.

    Even if you don't want to buy second hand, at least wait for the used market to drop and use that as a leverage when negotiating.

    (Seriously, just wait a month and buy used.)

    • I'm waiting a month anyway. But I am not flexible on the spec I want. I know I sound stubborn, but it's the first new car me or the wife have ever bought and we don't want to compromise on this one. No holiday this year due to covid, and careful saving through the year as well…

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        But I am not flexible on the spec I want. I know I sound stubborn, but it's the first new car me or the wife have ever bought and we don't want to compromise on this one.

        Uhhh. Make sure when you're talking price that you mention none of this.

        Your stance should be someone who has bought heaps of brand new vehicles. You are not there to make friends, you have done your research on lowest possible price in the Mustang forums. The only reason why you're talking is to get that lowest price as per forum which would make tempt you into a sale otherwise, plenty of much cheaper options on carsales.

      • first and last car at that price….

      • Yeah, but you want to argue with the dealership that you're willing to pay a smaller premium over a second hand one. Gives you some leverage.

    • This

      Already last year I saw heaps repo'd

    • If I remember correctly, at one point Ford Credit as it was once known was the only thing propping up the rest of FoMoCo.

    • @tshow,last time I looked,mine was unencumbered.

      • Okay. Congratulations?

        • Of course! Never buy a vehicle on credit! Ever.Tbh,there is not much room to negotiate @ the moment.Used car price have gone up by a fair amount(30%),they won’t budge much on new either.If in no hurry,just wait it out.

    • Op probably wants to drive the car, rather than visit it at the workshop.

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        Had enough of your comments, I pay no attention to them. You and pegaxs have ZERO clue about modern French and Italian cars.

        • Zzzzzzzzzz the drag is screaming! We've got a marlin on skipper!

        • They still don't tighten their bolts and while some of their technology might be amazing, they screw up stuff like combining incompatible parts.

        • No clue…. they are spot on.
          Pegaxs works in the industry. I did until recently too and can tell you French and Italian cars deserve the hate. They are junk.

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            @jimbobaus: Righto champ :)

            But I should expect this being OzBargain where everyone drives a Camry or Corolla. Wonder why Peugeot continues to win European car of the year awards then?? And why most owners are very happy? And they use Aisin transmissions by the way, the same as what Toyota use.. hmm.. and very good efficient engines.. ah well, some people just don't get it.

            • @nubzy: My VW uses an aisin transmission as well, but everyone tells me it's a piece of rubbish :(

            • @nubzy: I made the mistake of buying a peugeot once. Never, ever again.

              • @entropysbane: Yeah, I know people who have had lemon Toyota's and sworn off the brand too. Pathetic attitude. Things change, and you can get a lemon from any brand. Peugeot is the oldest car brand in the world. Yes they've had some problems with some models, but on the whole they are very dependable cars and the diesel models especially can clock up huge K's. Last year Peugeot was the most reliable brand in the UK. Build quality these days is very very high, they feel a class above the Korean rubbish and offer superior ergonomics and material choices over all Asian car brands. Engineering is exceptional too, the cars are lightweight and powered by award winning, efficient engines coupled with Japanese Aisin transmission. People who have had issues with Peugeot's it's more than likely because they neglected the service schedule and/or took it to their local mechanic (Pegaxs maybe) who has NFI about them. Motoring journalists love them and rate them very highly. You either understand Peugeot or you don't, and many people fall into that latter category because they are too stubborn or ignorant and Australian's have very poor taste in cars. There's nothing wrong with a Corolla if all you want is reliable, cheap A to B transport, but think outside the box and French cars can offer a hell of a lot more much the same price, you'll just pay slightly more in servicing and insurance. 12 month service schedules is great though and it's not expensive at all to service them with an independent specialist.

                • @nubzy: Mate, Peugeot franchise out to dealerships just like everybody else.

                  The Peugeot dealerships I have interacted had revolving doors on their workshop. They sucked at diagnostics and wanted to waste client money on testing instead of using skills their mechanics should have to fault find.

                  There is nothing special about a Peugeot mechanically. It has part numbers just like every other car. As long as a workshop uses Burson's as a supplier they should be right doing the work.

                  I have never paid more for servicing one, just more on parts as they are lower volume, hence cost more. Insurance is about the same. Depreciation is very high.

                  'Korean rubbish' is better built, better equipped and the latest Korean models are more premium (thicker windows, more sound deadening, stiffer chassis', better packaging, etc.). The only thing going for Peugeot over Korean cars is style, the small steering wheel, more aggressive brakes and the more interesting engines.

                  The material's in Peugeot's are just as cheap as everyone else's.

                  Base model Peugeot were light weight last time I checked, but the interesting engines came on pigs and giving the whole range similar power to weight ratios.

                  I am happy you can justify your purchases. But you sound both stubborn or ignorant with your brand loyalty.

            • @nubzy: Totally agree re Peugeot. They have moved forward with massive strides over the past decade, so much so that if you haven't owned a Peugeot in the last few years, then whatever comments you have to make about them really don't carry any weight. I love my 2019 5008, but having said that, I still love my 2011 308 and 1962 404. Nothing wrong with French cars.

            • @nubzy: Car of the Year awards are a joke. look at some of the pieces of crap that have won them.

              At work, when one of our new assets wins an award you can guarantee that it's going to be a pain in the bum going forward. We even call the corridor where they hang all the plaques, awards and certificates the "Hall of Shame"

            • @nubzy: You know why Renault is nicknamed the cobra?

          • @jimbobaus: Megane RS cup.

          • @jimbobaus: For what it's worth, my last car was an Alfa and it cost be $400 over 7 years and 200,000km.

          • @jimbobaus: Hell: German are policeman, British are cooks, French are mechanics, Swiss are lovers and everything is organized by the Italians.

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          You and pegaxs have ZERO clue about modern French and Italian cars.

          Whaaaaaaa? I own a Fiat 500 and 4 Ducati motorcycles… back in your box, old mate. The adults are talking…

          For 70k, you could almost get a Giulia Quadrifoglio..

          This shows how much you know; The Giulia Quadrifoglio is $145,000 + onroads (about double OP's budget) and only comes in automatic ("sports") and has 4 doors (not 2). All these being things that OP doesn't want. So, well done again on your excellent suggestions :D

        • No one cares, keep your irrelevant opinions to yourself.

        • Just wanted to say this is my favourite ozbargain toys-pram moment of 2020 so far. Bravo!

        • *you say while having zero clue about American and Australian muscle

  • Just make sure you don't rev it over 4000rpm.

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    If you don't care about the price because you are focused on the spec then just take the $73k offer or offer $70k.

    Not sure what you're hoping OzB to do for you.

    • I don't not care about the price. I want to get a fair deal. I don't want to be the only mug paying 5 or 10% more than anyone else did. What I'm saying is I'm happy to pay a fair price for the new car. I was hoping to get opinions on how much below ticket price I should be aiming for. I've been offered 5% off straight off the bat. I reckon I can hold out for 10% off, but I'm not sure if this is realistic or not.

      • So offer 10% discount with a credit card deposit ready to go.

        Or, better yet, rather than call around town you go back to the guy who looked after you and spent time with you and you hit him up with the offer. Round it to $70k drive away, dig your heels in and see what he says. If he let's you leave then you were too low. If you get that price then you should see it as getting a bargain

        • I want to see what a few other dealers will offer me and go back to the first guy.

          • @camelfarmer1: They won't offer you anything, it's up to you to hit them up with a price. Salespeople worth their salt won't just offer rock bottom to some mug on the phone.

            Sitting at their desk is a different story.

      • I don't not care about the price. I want to get a fair deal. I don't want to be the only mug paying 5 or 10% more than anyone else did.

        Sounds like you do care about the price

        • I care about the price.
          I don't care about the price.
          Ahh well, at least he's sticking to his specs.

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          Errm. It's a double negative, meaning that he does care about the price.

      • The problem is you are not flexible on spec. These people generally pay retail unless what they want is in stock.

        I am surprised you got $3k off without leaving a deposit. That sales person sucks.

        When you ring around, say you are happy to leave a $1k deposit via card over the phone for exactly what you want at $70k. You might get lucky and find what you want in stock.

        Check out carsales. Manual GT's are listed around $70,500 to $71,100. Instead of listing cars, they have colour listings. Play with your post codes to find out who might have stock.

        At 2020 GT manual Mustang should not be hard to find in your chosen colour. The magneride suspension, the recaro's and the black pack should be the only no dealer fit options. At $76k I guess you want all three. There should be a few dealers who trust their staff enough to order a few fully optioned GT's, but I highly doubt they will swap them (so you will need to ring around).

        Cities will generally be your best bet, however boarder towns are often set up to register in either state. If you are in the ACT, look for dealers around your state's port.

        The only thing going for you is that MY21 models should be right around the corner so some might want to clear MY20 stock.

        • Play with your post codes to find out who might have stock

          If you're looking in Victoria, every dealer ad on carsales has the lmct number displayed (do a text search for lmct). The you google that number and you can find out who the dealer is without making an enquiry.

    • I’m seeing the same thing here… wants a custom car, built their way, no compromise, but still wants to pay bottom dollar. There is nothing to haggle against and it’s a order in vehicle. No incentive for a dealer to move it…

  • If they are making to order they are unlikely to give you a massive discount. You get the best discount when the car you want is in the showroom or sitting in a holding yard within a short distance of where you buy.

    Yu are also buying an in demand ‘hero’ car. If you walk, someone else will buy and they know it.

  • Custom spec with a 5 month lead…. and you're worried about getting a bargain

    Might be interesting to revisit this thread in 5 months time…

  • I agree with Euphemistic. There is no incentive for the salemen to offer you anymore of a discount. They want to get rid of current and run out stock

    Best price is the one you are willing to pay as it's brand new and to your specific spec.

    Just go to another dealer close by and offer say $70k if your happy to pay that much. If they don't come to that price just go back to the other guy. See if he can do any cheaper as you will buy that day.

    I just find today's car salespersons lazy. It's all to hard for them. You are not in a bargaining position.

    Also ill say it now. Ford doesn't have a good record for warranty issue with it's customers. That will be your next thread. Hopefully not, but just saying.

    Good luck in your purchase.