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Epic Threads

This page was created to share amusing comments and responses from OzBargain Deals/Forum Posts. Please feel free to add to the list if you find something amusing.

The purpose of this thread is not to ridicule users, but to show the lighter side of OzBargain. If you feel this isn't the case, please contact moderators so we can all discuss. Talks between the user and the mod team can be done via this private forum section.


Generally, this list will be in, or close to chronological order - however, there are exceptions such as #35.

1. A new user introduces himself in the forum and asks for tips for new users. Neil advises him that he shouldn't sockpuppet and is sent to the penalty box.

2. Kingtightass talking about Virgin mobile credit.

3. A deal where AFL ponchos were given away for free ($3 shipping). Every team was sold out, except Carlton themed ones.

4. Mr_asstight talking about vaseline.

5. Multiple comments on this thread where COTD was selling 10 condoms for $2 delivered.

6. Comments on this bra-related deal.

7. Stewballs suggesting that multiplying pricematches may cause an inception style event. (might need to see inception to get the joke)

8. A user looking for cheap eats due to his high maintenance girlfriend.

9. A post about cheap canvas shoes became a haven for bad shoe-related puns.

10. A deal regarding a 100% cashback on selected Logitech products brought on jokes about Broden, only to have Broden himself post. (see the original comment from Broden that sparked the jokes here)

11. A post about Amazon.co.uk applying free shipping to international orders (t+cs apply) provoked a comment by user Pobman to ask someone to tell Gerry Harvey about it, only to have user Gerry Harvey post in the thread.

12. In the same post mentioned above, user jeremism commented on the price of the Planet Earth documentary followed by a comment by srum asking what other planets were on sale.

13. A post about free shipping and a few deals on Zavvi and thehut included a mention of the game NBA2K11 that was going for $30. User kcyw then mistakenly thought that NBA2K11 was a code for the site and asked for help when it didn't work.

14. A deal for a i7-950 Custom-built Desktop PC from Budget PC had people commenting about the parts cost from MSY. User stewballs then said he'd rather spend a bit of money to not visit MSY at all. Knowledge of MSY's service probably required to get the joke.

15. A user commenting on the short expiry of prepaid sim gets cut off mid post prompting hilarious reply from tantryl.

16. User p3t0r posted a deal for an external hard drive and then later uploaded his receipt that included a staff discount (and associated details) on it. Upon the suggestion to black out that portion of the receipt he did so only to have someone claim that theysaved the old picture before p3t0r reuploaded it, which linked to a rickroll video on youtube.

17. chloden posted a deal from CBA that was exclusive to NAB customers. (trying to make them switch banks) thushan then posted this comment.

18. User Jesmond received over 180 positive votes on this deal because of the hilarious description, even thought the product was sold cheaper elsewhere, as seen here with timestamp. Sense of humour required :) From the same thread, this comment and more importantly its response are also quite amusing, among many other comments. The thread was later moved to the forums by a mod.

19. After bargaincrypt posted yet another deal from the Logitech Shop, Ashlea asked bargaincrypt to marry her followed by a few comments.

20. deeps posted an opportunity to receive a free 128MB USB stick and this was followed by a lot of amusing comments :)

21. New user davemu posted an offer for a "Free Multi Pen" This was followed by a streak of off-topic, but amusing comments. A mod soon jumped in and removed the aforementioned off topic comments. It was also later found to be a fake deal

22. Previously posted already, mustkill reposted a deal for $5 Wonderchairs with free delivery. In the comments it was asked why the chair had its name, followed by an answer by Tightbottom. After the previous post BigW had run out of stock, so mustkill reposted when he noticed that they once again had stock.

23. Harvey Norman Big Buys' Digital Marketing Coordinator oztrez submitted a deal for a Schick Quattro Razor + 9 Blade Cartridges. Gerry Harvey then told oztrez to "keep up the good work"

24. “Mathematics is fun”. User kurtz put a negative vote on a 2.5" external hard drive deal with his justification being a post comparing the cost per GB between the 2.5” drive in the deal and other 3.5” drives, using seemingly complicated mathematics. He then finished his post by saying "Mathematics is fun! Let me know if I made any errors." He was then torched by other members.

25. A rep put up a bargain with the bargain being that if you buy half a KG of jerky, you get it for half the price of 1KG! http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/47102

26. neil probably doesn't want to be reminded of his post about a body lotion deal and the photo he uploaded for it… user glenr proceeds to make the best comment on OzBargain ever (that hasn't been deleted) http://www.ozbargain.com.au/ozbapi/comment/155496

27.Boost Juice was having a promotion for a free medium boost juice for doing some form of “challenge” often completed at the cost of your dignity. User ballsofsteel posted this which dvsbastard then commented on.

28. PorkHunt enquires about how Dick Smith's 'Click and Collect' facility works on buying a 4GB USB for $5, Tantryl explains it to him here, some Ozbargainer's have attempted for the service that Tantryl explained however failed

29. Jiakz digs into Broden's history after his comment about buying several PS3 and selling at a higher price and thus exposing him as a troll.

30. During a week of several battery related bargains, a deal for a battery charger resulted in a post containing several battery-related puns by caprimulgus.

31. After accidentally posting a comment intended for another post, Lycan proceeded to explain why comments which had been replied to couldn't be edited.

32. A deal for a bulk set of condoms was quickly followed by a highly-rated comment by altomic and several other condom related comments.

33. Dick Smith held a sale on all gaming-related products, with heavily discounted prices; enough for there to be some doubt about the sale being real. blitz then posted this comment.

34. Steve Jobs makes a comment on a post for a MacBook Pro asking for the specifications of the machine. User Jayskies then makes this comment.

35. New user martinez123 made a thread about deal sites, mentioning deal aggregator dealsguide.com.au. It was then revealed by a moderator that he was sockpuppeting.

36. On the fast-changing internet, a thread made about the Death of Ozbargain was made. An Ozbargainer, blitz showed his dedication to the site with a tattoo of Ozbargain. Now let's hope that Ozbargain doesn't die any time soon.

37. Wickett1120 explains how she saves money on baby food, then goes on to mention how she has also increased cup size. When asks for photographic proof she posts this

38. Zarcady fell asleep in Shanghai airport after checking in for his AirAsia flight which subsequently left without him. He decided the best course of action would be to sleep in Shanghai Airport Burger King for a couple of weeks until the next sale fare was available. Just as all hope seemed lost, Tonka saves the day!

39. chickensaltfrie, a 21yo soon to be uni graduate informs OzBargain he got a job at Westpac as an Investment Analyst and is looking for recommendations for an 80k car, he goes on to explain he wants one as it will be an "investment with high yield".

40. Do You Ever Refuse to Park at McDonald's Drive Through ? This question was asked by ELH05, while forum posts can't be voted on the OzBargain community showed their displeasure of ELH05's refusal to park with a whopping -421 vote score on ELH05's first reply in the thread despite the thread only being open for 5 days.

41. LadyCocoa1234 posted a forum topic about Transitioning from Centrelink to Full Time Work, while not the most active discussion on the site, as pointed out by Jason Genova, within a few hours of the post the Daily Mail published an article about the topic on it's website.

42. ajhutton posted about 'Public' Park Barbecue Rules. It got interesting when he started making risotto and soup on the public barbecue, borrowing the neighbors power for light and blender.

43. cameldownunder shares their experience of finding $150 on exiting the toilets, yet not receiving a "Finders Fee" from the guy who lost it like they would've expected in their home country Switzerland.

44. isidore12 asks advice about a traffic accident when they were hit by a bus when trying to overtake. Post had attached dashcam footage showing mainly the dash of the vehicle. Video was taken down by the OP due to it showing various traffic violations, yet user pegaxs reuploaded and then philmccracken created a gif of the incident.

45. ZackyD posts about a sale of an Xbox One X made to another OzBargainer claimed to have been bought from a deal on OzBargain, and following the sale received threats that the buyer would contact police, employer and his mother for selling him a 2 year old console. Initially the OP is supported, however when randomstuff, revealed to be the buyer, explains their side of the story explaining that when contacted, Microsoft said the console was registered 2 years ago the tide turns against ZackyD (and the now permabanned account of Sammy78).

46. Number 45 almost repeated itself! 15fps740m posts about a sale of a Gaming PC on FB Marketplace, and claimed the new buyer was asking for a refund as the PC wasn't as described. Later comments they admitted they had said the PC was built 12 months ago, but omitted to the buyer that it was built with old parts. The new buyer, as well as an acquaintance of the buyer, joined to say their $0.02, and OP subsequently deleted their account.

47. JFurter posted a thread about how they chipped in for a workplace birthday cake and later found out that the “office girl” sent to buy the cake pocketed the change when they find the cake docket in the bin is $17.50 less than what the cake cost. Forum erupts, hilarity ensues. User was later banned for “unrelated account issues”.

48. SenorUmberto had an issue with using discounted gift cards as a gift that ended up causing a dispute with siblings. The user used an deal posted on OzBargain to get 15% off JBHifi gift cards where they subsequently asked their siblings to pay the full gift card price, essentially profiting from family. A poll was put up and while 49 people agreed with SenorUmberto, and in what seems to be a voting record, 1118 users did not. User did eventually apologise to the sibling.

49. User hippies finds out that a company used their property and letterbox as the box art on some of their products without hippies's consent. Asked the community what they could do about it, and in the best way possibly, the community delivers.

50. Super sleuth user sss333 was searching Facebook when they came across a video by a user on OzBargain, (RichardML) where they link to a YouTube video of Richard discussing how to buy items, set up a store on Amazon, manipulate discounts and then goes on to suggest that OzBargain is an easy target for these “deals”.

51. User ianyelts posts up a questions seeking advice on obtaining a refund for a recent motel stay where they encountered an issue. User initially said they were asked to leave because of their “Spoodle” dog, but the hotel manager ends up making an account (Glenn2312) and sets the record straight.

52. christopher b swung by to let us know what they really think of their all new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid purchase after finding out that they purchased the model that didn't have build in roof rack mounts, successfully going on to become a successful OzBargain meme.

53. Users complaining of not receiving a $50 Menulog voucher for an advertised promotion, in fact no one had received one, until a new user signed up to OzBargain to show they received one, with a screenshot. Moderators replied to indicate that user was actually a Menulog employee who did not declare their association.


Most negative votes: Has been awarded to Dick Smith here with 361 negative votes (& 353 positives). According to the voting stats for the deal, a large number of people also revoked their vote (so potentially the negative votes could have been even higher, since a revoked positive vote cannot be turned into a negative vote)

Most negative votes (net): Has been awarded to Appliances Rental with 28 negative votes and 1 positive vote.

As of 22/07/2021, this record was broken by user ExpansysDoesIT with 81 negative votes and 2 positive votes. Note: Verification of this information is pending.

Most positive votes: Has been awarded to easternculture with 894 positive votes for posting that Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 could be purchased for as little as $15.

As of 24/01/2014, this record was broken by user cheezal with 1696 positive votes for their post about a makeshift McDonald's McFlurry for $1.40.

As of 22/06/2014, the record was broken again by user drb with 2441 positive votes on a deal to provide 15% off all eBay purchases.

As of 21/09/2017, the record was broken once more by user Thespottedcow with over 2500 positive votes on a sitewide 18% off code for eBay, a 3% increase over the deal from the previous record.

As of 6/03/2019, the record was broken once more by user patstaw with her/his first post with over 2840 positive votes on a Tesla Model S Ludicrous Performance (née P100D) - From $164,465 (33% off - was $248,000+).

Most negative votes on a comment: Has been awarded to ELH05 with 434 negative votes (and 13 positive votes) for his comment here for justifying holding up the drive-through queue at Maccas to wait for coffee.

As of 10/08/2021, this record was broken by user nubzy with 666 negative votes (and 80 positive votes) for his comment here stating that the OP had no right to ask for proof of vaccinations.

Most positive votes on a comment: Has been awarded to rt1 with 350 positive votes for thanking the OP regarding a deal on a Nissan 370Z Coupe.

As of 25/06/2016, this record was broken by user Bargearse with 618 positive votes who had the balls to point out the obviously heart-shaped bike lights.

Stats and records

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Quickest Moderation - 0 clicks to a Westfield Shopping Competition (29/11/10). It was also found the user was sockpuppeting.