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McDonald's McFlurry for $1.40


So, being inquisitive and bored, a friend and I decided to see if we can get past the absolutely outrageous price that a McFlurry costs at micca dee's. So, by doing the following, you will get a VERY cheap McFlurry.

1) Ask for 3x30 cent cones to be put into a McFlurry cup
2) Ask for the topping (e.g. m&ms, oreo etc) of your choice
3) Eat your three thirty cent cones with whatever topping in a mcflurry cup :)

Enjoy, this will save you hundreds of percent of the total cost :)

Quick edit - yes topping (e.g. chocolate sauce or fudge) incurred an extra 50 cents.

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    This is a new low. :)

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      It is a new low

      Even if this is the case, im just wondering ? surely at least on employee at every maccers knows about ozbargain, and they will tell their managers.

      I wouldn't be surprised if they try and refuse to honor this ? Could they ?

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        Keep your old McFlurry cups and make your own with their soft serve cones and your homebrand chocolate sauce!

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        Haha I'm not surprised you haven't pos voted this one, easternculture. It looks like it's about to knock you off your perch!

        • I would , but i don't eat maccers and am more of a health freak and gym junkie haha

        • Already exceeded!

    • +7

      Me: "I'll have the oh zee bee McFlurry, aight?!?!"
      Bored McD drone: "Whatevs"

    • +57

      I think that honor stays with the guy with the expired soup packets, but this one is close.

    • I truely lol'd this!

    • -7
    • It's good that you got traction control in your car, you might need that whilst eating and driving with one of these…

    • Did anyone else notice the OP's Trac CTRL switch was ON…, quick get away ! :P

    • Nah us ozbargainers are just hardcore :)

    • Awesome gonna try it today

    • +1

      Two people think we can go lower

    • +107

      Or OzBargain hall of fame… surely it should be the most up-voted post ever.

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    How much is a McFlurry normally?

    • +14

      I think it's about $4.60 or so. Go figure that out.

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        far out, they deserve the patented 'cheezal' method

    • +2

      4:15 in tasmania.. :p

      • +213

        Sympathy discount.

        • I negged you in sympathy with Tasmanians.

        • +1

          oh crap..

      • +56

        8:31pm in Victoria

        • +5

          I see what you did there

      • +8

        Yeah, but you need 2 (1 for each head), so it ends up costing more.

    • $4.45 in WA

    • $4.25

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    Wow, just wow. I'm not exactly sure I'd go through with this deal myself. hahaha.

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      I wouldn't because eating soft serve with your hands is too awkward.

      OP: please add spoon cost to the total.

      • +2

        you could always use the 3 cones as edible spoons ie break a bit of wafer off at a time and use it to scoop the soft serve.

        • You can ask for a cutlery set for free. IIRC it comes with a knife, fork and serviette. Use the fork for shovelling and the knife to scrape it out of the corners. Almost as good as a spoon.

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      if you are embarrassed, there is a ninja way to do this

      Ask for 3 soft serves and a flake (optional)
      ask for tap water
      Ask for a spoon (casually as you are about to "leave") or go to the mcafe if there is one)

      throw the 3 softservesn and topping into the cup after you drink or pour away the water

      crush up the wafer cone into the soft serves for extra "topping"

      Eat and never have to ask for a mcflurry cup so the staff may not realise what you are doing


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    I'd actually be so embarrassed to do this lol

    • +5

      Pretty sure McDonalds employees figure out this kind of stuff themselves all the time.

      Try asking for a $3 double bacon whatever burger with big mac sauce and lettuce: ghetto mac with middle bun swapped for bacon.

      • +25

        You are correct :) Usually the people at the front would know.

        here are some additional info you guys might want to know:

        —————-McFlurry vs Soft Serve——————————-
        A standard soft serve is 2.5 rounds of soft serve.
        A McFlurry is about 5 larger rounds of soft serve

        Getting 3 soft serve is about the equivalent of McFlurry.

        So what the OP is doing is actually smart and nothing embarrassing. There should be more customers like that and should take advantage of a company that's quite greedy O.O

        Additional Info
        1 small fries = 1 dollar

        2 small fries makes 1 large fries

        hence $2 for large fries.

        If you want fresh fries, you can always ask for it OR just ask for fries without salt, then they would make new fries and give you it. Then you can ask for a packet of salt afterwards.

        1 small fries - $1
        1 loose change $2 burger (chicken n mayo, mcdouble)
        1 cup of water (you can ask them for a medium or large)
        = $3 meal

        • +3

          Some Macca's have ditched the loose change menu. I'm looking at you Batemans Bay!

          My kids work at a local Macca's and have said that any part of a food item can be sold separately as they all have individual prices allotted in the register. Some dude which frequents the one they work at goes in and buys several chicken burger patties. Just patties.

        • +16

          I just told my daughters about this, they said "Sounds perfect for you Dad, you tight-arse" then they said, come in and get it when you pick us up from work and you can have it half price!!

          Winning like Charlie Sheen!

        • +5

          buys several chicken burger patties. Just patties


        • This?

          or this :)

        • +5

          hmm yeah looks like same girl figured this one earlier this month

          instead she used :
          1 x Cup of Free Tap Water (drink the water)
          1 x Free Spoon for McCafe


        • +1

          This is great. Maybe my new goto for a quick dinner, buy a couple a chicken breast patties on the way home and throw together a quick salad.

        • Some dude which frequents the one they work at goes in and buys several chicken burger patties. Just patties.

          I do this. It's cheaper than nuggets.

        • +5

          As a previous maccas employee, i have nothing against people doing this or asking for fresh fries, but if you ask for fries no salt THEN ask for a salt packet, everyone will hate you. More than they probably already do.

          Any time we get a no salt fries order it requires us to go wash the fry scoop, dangerously balance the basket straight out of the oil which is sitting at 180 degrees + and shake them all into your measly small fries packet…

          Sure ask for fresh fries, (they should all be fresh anyway) but just let them know its fine to dump them into the tray with the rest, but when you scoop them out, use the freshest fries first…

        • +2

          I'm always amazed when I hear people request shit like this. It's takeaway not 5 star dining. Take what your given. Must be arrogance that their somehow better than everyone else and deserve their own fresh fries.

        • +1

          I've gone off the fries sadly mainly because it's like having fries garnish a bag of salt these days ;-) It's like each staff member who passes has to use the shaker as a ritual. I wouldn't bother asking the same for unsalted though.

          That said if it's unsafe McD shouldn't allow their staff to do what you are doing (dangerous) and don't have to offer unsalted. I would've thought it would be more logical though to just have a divider in the section. One for fresh fries to drain (which can be used for no salt) and next to it where they can kill the drained fries with salt. All seems pretty simple for McD corp whatever option they want to take.

        • Technically they are supposed to wipe out the entire tray and put the fresh fries in, but 'aint nobody got time for dat'. Basically, anyone who asks for unsalted fries purely for fresh fires, is basically just slowing everyone's service down… Ask for fresh, but dont ask for unsalted unless you actually prefer them without salt or have dietary requirements or something…

        • +2

          "dietary requirements"
          All the food is loaded with salt, not having a sprinkle on top of the chips is nothing more than (profanity) requirements.

        • Strange, at my local mcdonalds I've seen them just put the fries into the heater area and then fill up the fry packet.

          Its like asking for fresh fries.. you don't get old fries when you ask for fresh fries and they don't serve them straight from the deep fryer.

          Also unless you go to mcdonalds in peak times they are rarely fresh.

        • Mate,there's a safer way. Get a clean tray and put a clean sheet of paper on it, dump your newly fried non-salted fries in it and use your cleaned scoop to put the fries into the required packet.

  • +4

    With free spit :)

    • +14

      Typically the ice cream and m&m dispenser is right there at the counter, no opportunity to spit in it

      • +9

        Nah just puss dropping from their acne faces into it lol

  • Amaze-balls

    • who ever invented this word deserves a fudgin medal.

      • +2

        Says the guy using the word 'fudgin' haha.

  • +1

    if you work at maccas you can do this for 70 cents, +1 OP!

  • +12

    Get ready McDonalds… prepare to be ozbargained with this deal!

    • +57

      I was hesitant to post this, in case it becomes forbidden practice… but I go to maccas about 2 times a year, and I thought it would be for the greater good of the ozbargain community :)

      • +24

        you left Maccas no other choice but lower Mcflurry's ridiculous high price..

        • +14

          Or they could put UP the cheap ice cream cone price

        • +3

          or just not offer soft serve cones in a cup.

        • Yeah.. Their soft serve cone has been 30cents since the 1990s.

        • +12

          I don't know about the other states, but in QLD it went up to 40c sometime in the late '90s or early '00s, and then in the mid '00s it went up again to 50c. In fact, it was only in the last few years that it dropped back down to 30c, and they made a pretty big deal about it.

        • +6

          I do remember it being 50c for a while.

        • pricing is different in each Maccas as I heard
          some have more expensive price than others (like 50c cone vs 30c cone)

        • +1

          I'd just ask for 3 soft serves and a serve of m&m's in a mcflurry cup. I would be able to scoop the ice-cream out of the soft serve cones with the spoon provided :P

        • Or to remove cones from their menu altogether! Guess which option is more likely.

      • +2

        Good to see that you used the true Ozbargain spirit. Not the old "If you see a rort don't expose it, get in on it"

  • +6

    This is an amazing idea.

    Employees won't mind unless you do it during very busy times.

    • +2

      Why would they care during busy times, wouldn't they do the same amount of work for a normally ordered mcflurry?

      • +3

        Is just pretty annoying if they got an unusual order from a customer when there is a queue. It looks pretty hectic seeing them working during lunch hour in the city.

      • +1

        Most employees of companies are still human. They don't get any special pleasure from making other humans spend half their lunch break waiting.

  • +1

    I prefer to get 5 x Soft Serve Cones for $1.50… at least u got 5 waffle cones as well & $0.50 for toppings are rip-off compare to $0.30 cones

    • +6

      Bring a pack of mini mnm's from home?

      • +13

        why don't you also bring a 1L tub of ice cream from home, lol

        • Or just stay at home and eat ice cream. It saves on travel costs and it's easier to read OzBargain.

  • +4

    if you get a coffee thermo cup, they will fill that with a sundae for the same price if you ask. (double the size)

    • +6

      Has anyone else had success with this?

      • +2

        also will do a mcflurry in it. (must be a mcdonalds thermo tho)

  • +13

    You sir, are a champion of epic proportions. You deserve some sort of Ozbargain award :)

  • +1

    Very clever.. i'm lovin' it!

  • +6

    You sir are an innovator for the modern age, I tip my hat to you

  • Amazing

  • nice, I'm loving it!

  • +2

    Haha and he paid for it on CC

    • +34

      Maybe OP has an ING direct debit card so 5% cash back.

      • +1


    • Are you working at Macca's?

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