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Chen Dumpling $8.50, Weet-Bix $1.90, Greens Pancakes $2, Nutella $5.50, Frantelle $6, Shapes $1.60, Omo $11, Bonds 50% @ Coles


An early look at Coles catalogue starting Sept 2. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Note: Prices based on VIC catalogue, drinks will be more expensive in NSW, SA, NT.

Original scan

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    :O New Tim Tam flavour. I hope it's good!

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    Link is broken for me. Anyone having same issue?

  • Thanks!

  • Note this seems to be the VIC metro catalogue - so drink prices are higher in other participating states (eg NSW).

    Thanks OP.

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      Why are drinks more expensive in other states than VIC ?

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        Deposit container refund here in SA of 10 cents each. Think some other states are same rate.

        • Yeah, NSW has the same 10 cent refund per eligible container/bottle.

          • @pennypincher98: So without comparing/looking at the costs then we are saying it’s just 10C more expensive due to the bottle refund we have?

            If so I doubt people are bothered to do that unless you are loyal in doing this so VIC gets it 10C and they don’t have to spend time doing the bottle refund then?

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              @prankster: Hmmm not exactly. Some have increased more than 10 cents per unit sneakily - especially multipacks. Not sure if there's something else in play here driving these costs or if they're from the company.

              The upside of this is when we get a good deal on Amazon such as 30x pack of Coke etc we get an extra $3 back if we return the cans vs VIC which doesn't.
              I guess it comes down to how much of a true Ozbargainer you are lol.

    • what is OP.

      • opening post/er

        • oh ok.

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          Technically original post/er but yes thank you :)

    • What are Recycling bins there for? XD

      • Basically only those that are too lazy to get their refund and the stuff that the machines don't accept xD

  • Link not working.

  • Bonds at 50% combine with spend xx for 4 weeks and get xx back and 4% GC + flybuys

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      Where are you getting your discounted Coles GCs from? They've disappeared from my Suncorp rewards now.

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    Doesn’t this apply? Sorry to be a wet blanket. 😅

    DO NOT post upcoming weekly catalogue pricing until its public release from Woolworths, which is 5PM (AEST/AEDT) on Mondays. Upcoming weekly catalogue pricing is considered as confidential information, and will be removed by moderators without notice if posted before public release.

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      until its public release from Woolworths

      This is a Coles catalogue.

      • Yeah.. realised afterwards… what’s the deal with ww not ok coles is? Both comes through as junk mail together (usually).

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          it gives the extreme ozbargainers unfair advantage to prepare for the raid…/sarc

    • i got one in mail today so no.

  • How do you get your hands on coles catalogue this early?

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      For me usually as junk mail (physical mailbox) on Thursdays… only the online one is delayed to 5pm Mondays

      • I must admit that my paper catalogues go straight from the letterbox to the recycling bin. I only look at these catalogues online.

    • It depends on when the deliverer decides to do their rounds. If they decide to do it on the weekend the you get the catalogue early.

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        Many died to bring us this catalogue.

  • Thanks.

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    Which gyozas? Couldnt find it in the scans

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      Fair way down top right hand corner of one of the pages -
      Golden Wok Grandma’s Gyoza – 250g half price = $3.75

      • How are these? A normal price of $7.50 for 250g seems like they should be very very good.

      • Couldn't find it on the website either, got link?

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    Oh yes, dumplings! I will get my Gf to buy our own dumplings.

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      Yes of course she would pay not you.

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    feel bad for samwise tbh.

    • getting competitive in OzB posts.

      • man we needed coverage of WW deals, now Vu is doing that and IGA too 😌

  • How dare you people call it junk mail 😂

  • Gonna possibly get some Greens pancake

    Woolies have the Coconut one tho? wanted that (but not on spesh)
    Edit - don't remember where I saw that ..

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