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Galax RTX 2060 Super (1-Click OC) V2 $529, Logitech C920e HD Pro 1080P Webcam $149 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


Deals tonight at SE for 1 hour only:

Galax GeForce RTX 2060 Super (1-Click OC) V2 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/galax-geforce-rtx-206... (9-10pm)

Logitech C920e HD Pro 1080P Webcam https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/logitech-c920e-hd-pro... (10-11pm)

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  • Deals tonight at SE for 1 hour only


    30 Aug 9:00pm–30 Aug 11:00pm

    I'm no expert, but isn't that 2 hours?

    • Zero chance the 3060 is $529 or less. I’d be surprised if it hits here less than $700

      • So to be clear, you think that the 3060 will cost $450 USD for the base model?

        Based on what, a number you plucked out of your arse? I don't think you understand how GPU chips are made, binned and cut down, and how cards are costed around that.

        There will be a GPU somewhere around the $300 USD mark, and another somewhere around the $200 mark, because these are important price points for NVIDIA to hit. It's pretty likely that the 3060 will be said $300 card, it's just a question of where it falls in the range of 30-40 SMs.

        You're looking at a silicon process that's 2.2x more dense, but conversely the SMs will have about 60% more transistors. Even then, you're looking at a RTX 3070 GA104 card that's barely more expensive than the RX 5700XT ($399), so a $450-$500 card, likely on the lower side because yields are good for TSMC on the related process, and cheap on Samsung's version.

        Cutting that down to 40 SMs for the 3060 would make it roughly the same economics as a bit under halfway between the 2060 and the 2060 Super, and GDDR6 is much cheaper now, so around $325, exactly the same pre-tax price as the card being sold here. Cutting it down to 36 SMs would see it drop lower still, but it may be harder to justify maintaining the bus width for hitting 8 GB of VRAM using 1GB chips.

        If you're unsure of anything I've mentioned here, go away and learn about it.

        • we have a winner

          • @CompulsiveOzB: I mean I got the process name wrong, but based on the rumoured die sizes, NVIDIA and Samsung are using a bastardised version of Samsung's 7nm EUV process and calling it 8nm.

            Seems to be 45 MTr/sqmm, but that's still beating what AMD were doing with Navi1X (41). They also stripped out half the tensor cores from GA100's SM design (while adding in RT cores and swapping FP64 units for more FP32) to reduce the increase in transistors per SM to more like 30% over Turing.

            I was working off rumours of 34.5 bn transistors for the GA102, and it's turned out to be 28 bn, so well done Samsung and NVIDIA there, because that would be dirt cheap and possibly giving Samsung a leg-up to be a more competitive HPC foundry against TSMC going forward.

      • aged like milk

  • I have this 2060 super. Decent enough card but it has pretty loud fans, even at idle they need to be going at 35% minimum otherwise you get annoying start/stop sounds. Going to test in a Lancool II Mesh with fans below it soon, hopefully that allows it to stay cool enough at idle with gpu fans off.

    • what case do you currently have the galax 2060 super in?

      • Meshify C with 2x NF-A12x25 front fans and 1x top and 1x rear exhaust. Using an NH-D15S on the CPU (10700K)

      • Just got a pretty good undervolt going on this card. Boost Freq of 1845MHz at 812mV. Temps stabilised around 72deg with fans set at 60% (quite tolerable).

    • Just got this card and stress testing it now via [email protected] (not overclocked or undervolted on anything).

      GPU in stable continuous load at 90%, load temps at 65'C GPU fans @85% speed. GPU Idles at 31'C though when stopped.

      Case ambient temp at 34'C

      CPU i7-4790k all 4 cores + 4 extra threads at 79'C @ 4390Mhz /100% load.

      3x120mm case fans + 1x120mm PSU fan + 1x 120mm CPU fan (hyper 212 evo) all in is 36db on iphone mic at ear level. All the fans are very audible at this load.

  • On one hand, I want to upgrade my system for Microsoft flight simulator.

    On the other, it's the only game I need to upgrade for, and I don't game alot. Kinda a waste of a 1050ti system.

    • @Wonderfool I just upgraded for exactly this same reason from my 1050ti. If you’re not in a rush, then wait for the RTX3060. I had to rush it because I’ve got 2 weeks leave this month to be spent in melbourne stage 4 lockdown.

      Happy to say that upon testing in 4K HDR on my 65” TV FS 2020 flies really smooth with nvidia adaptive vsync set at 1/2 refresh. I get a floaty smooth locked 30fps everywhere (except in NYC 22 FPS and nearer ground level Paris 28fps ).

      Without frame limiting 4K maxes out at 35fps on this card.

      I generally sim in dual monitor setup 3840x1920 so while the 1050ti used to manage 17fps, this one now knocks it out of the park with creamy smoothness at frame limited 30fps. My pc specs are in the post above discussing the temps.

      My FS graphics settings are set to ultra with most sliders and options reduced down for optimising performance


    Is the 2060 super much of an upgrade from the 5700?

    • Barely noticeable difference I believe, not really an 'upgrade' per se.

      • I mean Turing's features leave it with the potential to outstrip the 5700 over time, but yeah, this user should just upgrade when gaming cards launch with NVIDIA's Hopper architecture in 18-24 months.

    • RTX 2060 Super ≈ RX 5700. They each have their optimized titles.