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Norton AntiVirus Plus $39.99 for The First Year ($69.99 Thereafter) @ Norton


Powerful protection for your device and the personal information it stores. Major features: Real-time threat protection, password manager, smart firewall for PC or firewall for Mac, 2GB PC cloud backup

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    Windows defender is fine for Window PC’s there is no need to waste your money on software like this.

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    thanks for the offer, i will throw norton to the bin.

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    Norton AntiVirus Plus at Just $39.99

    or just use Microsoft Defender Antivirus for free…

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      or kaspersky cloud for free

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    Store should be banned. Store Rep breaching rules since vote average is definitely less than 0.


    • since vote average is definitely less than 0

      Not if you use Norton Calculator…

  • Here comes the performance ban!

  • Lol at Norton.
    Dead since 2007 (360)…but doesn't know it

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    Norton antivirus made redundant by the release of Microsoft’s Defender Antivirus.

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      Why the upvote then?

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    Not a deal. Microsoft Defender is a solid free antivirus that comes bundled with all recent versions of Microsoft Windows.

    Ozbargain is not a free advertising board to peddle poor value 'bargains'

  • Norton has scamming affiliates and won't stop them. Proof https://youtu.be/4rSjRW8H4w8

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      Basically they are the virus. They have become the very thing they swore to destroy

    • If you don't want to watch the youtube video you can replicate the scam using MS Edge on a Windows 10 Virtual Machine. Do NOT go to these sites on a real computer.

      Just go to gmil.com and ouylook.com (these 2 sites are malicious redirects and sometimes go to NSFW sites) using MS Edge on a VM and they will most likely redirect to the norton scam.

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    A few years back they literally paid us to use Norton with discounted SD cards at Harvey Norman.
    Like everyone, I took the SD cards and the small profit and threw away the Norton Subscription because, c'mon who in hell would want that?

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    Don't know why should we use anything apart from MS Defender on a PC, this scored pretty well with AV-Text, link

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    I wont be renewing my current norton subscription. Its naggy and I like the idea of kaspersky secure cloud free or bitdefender free.