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10% off + $100 Gift Card @ Woolworths Car Insurance


I used this twice before and gift card came about a month later both times.
Used today 31/8/2020 and was accepted again.

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    shhh don't let everyone konw……

  • can you elaborate on how this works

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    Never received my gift card from previous deal.

    • Took a while for me (still haven't received it) but was told over chat that it should be e-mailed to be within 10 business days so…

      • Hahah…the ole 10 days line. I got this every time I rang for 2 months..

        They eventually yielded and emailed me an egift card

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    They quoted renewal for me at $1252, and even higher price for a new policy ($13xx).

    Poncho Insurance quoted $742 on a higher insurance value, pay-by-the-month.

    • same here got my gift card from last year renewal was up by $300ish so cancelled and Poncho is much cheaper.

    • Damn, Poncho is way cheaper for me, plus Shopback 14% cashback.
      Shame Woolworths Insurance has a $30 cancellation fee.

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        50% cash back from Cashrewards!

  • RAA quote was still cheaper for me and monthly payment at no extra cost…….. Seems they have jacked prices up for the "special"

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    When I renewed my insurance I checked woolworths and they were not competitive at all. Budget direct and Bingle were much cheaper. 10% saving on a $100 gift card does not even come close to the price difference I saved going with Bingle..

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    Damn, this code has been active for ages and I've used it multiple times. Hopefully this post doesn't alert them to it…

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    Last year when I did this gift card took 6 weeks to arrive, perfectly fine.

    This time, no giftcard received, it's been more than 2 months.

    2 other people I know in the exact same boat, no giftcards received.

    If you look at past deals, you have to chase them up constantly, and even then, no guarantee you'll get anything.

    Personally, I'd not factor in the giftcard if shopping for insurance. I've also heard the customer service is just as bad when it comes to making a claim.

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      Took me less than 10 minutes on live chat to sort out my missing gift card.

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        Still, annoying that you need to go through that.

        And if they are so bad at honouring promises, how bad must any claims process be?

        • Claim pocess is simple but they have limited (restricted) repair shops and one may ended up driving further out of suburb.

          It's a more of miss then hit kind of thing.. while dealing with Woolies and repair shop personnel.

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            @Question Mark: "limited (restricted) repair shops"

            That's not true. After I had an accident 18 months ago, their recommended repairer had a 2 month wait so I called them up and they were happy to let me pick my own

    • Got mine after 6 months.
      TBH had completely forgotten about it until it arrived.

    • Yep, two months in and no gift card for me either. I'm guessing they wait to prevent you from cancelling.

  • Pretty Cheap I've insured my STi for less than 2k when other insurers wanted 2.5k+

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    Thanks. Woolworths were the cheapest by far for me and insured my car for the most out of all the rest - AND I'll be getting a $100 coupon. Nice!

  • This reminds me that I have to chase them up again… a month ago they said it'll turn up soon

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    There's another code floating around that gives you $100 in rewards points instead. Plus you also get 10% off one shop of your choice each month at Woolworths.

    The code is 20KR

    • The 10% off one shop is for having any Woolworths insurance product (Car, Home, Pet, etc.)

      Annoying thing is having more than one policy still only gets you one 10% off.

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        The trick is, if you have 2 different Woolworths rewards cards, you can add a different one to each policy.

        Then you will get 2 per month (just once per card)

        • Yes, thats what we do :)

    • The code is 20KR

      We’re unable to verify your promotional code details. Please check the promotion code and try again.

      Looks like that's expired.

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    Got this on a $200 (ish) 3rd party fire and theft policy back in July, took about 6 weeks for the code to come by email.

    • what you driving btw? 200 for third party what ?

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        A fairly old Nissan Murano, valued well under the $10k limit. I was going to get the $10/month NRMA offer but with the $100 gift card and the fact you could add windscreen cover in this was cheaper and better IMHO… those Murano windscreens are $$$…

        • I see 350+ for my Hyundai accent 2004 value under 5k . jeez is it a suburb thing

  • price was 14% higher then allianz

  • I cancelled the auto renew that Woolworths sent me through and got another quote, a slight difference of $7, (peanuts really) however off setting this with the $100 gift card will put me ahead.

    In true oz bargain style I combined this with the deal that Suncorp and changed my CTP with them and I got my $50 visa gift card from them yesterday.

    This leaves me with approx. $250 to pay on my insurance. I then factor in the 10% discount given to policy holders on their shoppping once a month, I usually save around $20. At the same time I buy Woolworth gift vouchers and safe another 5% these I purchase using my cc to earn air miles.

    By the time I have done all of the above my insurance will be free….

    [QLD] $50 EFTPOS Voucher for Switching CTP to Suncorp for Driver over 30

    Ps It was with the help of fellow Oz bargainers that I learnt these tricks….

    • @rosebee - How did you cancel your auto renew of woolworth policy? They don't pickup phone and the chat is automated and lets you cancel the policy. Am I missing something?

  • Used the code today to buy comprehensive car insurance , got 100 dollars egift card.

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    Promotional gift cards that are eligible on policies will typically be delivered via post 45-60 days after the policy has first been made active.

    I signed up in June and asked about It in August and got the above response. Asked again this month and they finally sent it. I received it today via email.

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    I can confirm gift cards are now sent via e-mail:

    22/09 Insurance purchased.
    26/10 EGift card $100 received.

    So five weeks give or take.

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    Rang Woolies Insurance - confirmed CARX03 is still valid for $100 gift card within 60d, etc.

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      Just received email with $100 eGift card🎉
      Bought 16/12 received 8/1.

      2nd year I've got this Deal👍
      Comprehensive Insurance cost $150/yr.
      So effectively free after discounts on shopping.

  • Can anyone advise where you enter the code please? I've looked and looked but can't find it. Maybe I'm doing a man look but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • IIRC it's near where you enter your Rewards M'ship number

    • Its just before you press "get qoute" at the last step, it asks Do you have an offer / promotional code?

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