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$2 Bonus Cashback with $4 Spend at Any* Online Store @ Cashrewards (Activation Required, Excludes eBay, Amazon, WGCs)


Hi everyone. A nice bonus to stack with current increases - here are just some examples:

Target <6%, Crocs 5%, M&S 12%, iHerb 7%, Under Armour 8.5%, KitchenAid 4%, Aveda 12%, Happy Socks 12%, Etsy 4.2%, Sunglass Hut 12%, Vision Direct <24%, Europcar 10%, NordVPN 90%, Sanity 4.2%, Harvey Nichols <10%, Chemist Warehouse 2%, Youi $70, Geekbuying <10%, Skechers 10%, Tarocash <7%, Saba 6%, Lorna Jane 8%, Sportscraft 6%, French Connection 6%, Future Learn 11%, Connor 7%, Mini InTheBox 8.4%, Elite Supps 10%, Ssense <11% + plenty more.

Please read the terms and activate the offer prior to shopping. Once activated, shop as normal via the 'Shop Now' (Store) or 'Activate Now' (Notifier) buttons on Cashrewards. Valid for purchases made from 2:00pm 31/08/20 to 11:59pm 31/08/20 (AEST). Thanks for your support as always. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • To be eligible for the AUD $2 bonus, you must first activate the promotion via the link in this post, then shop as normal via any* online store on Cashrewards, excluding eBay, Amazon, and Woolworths Gift Cards (WGCs).
  • Transaction must be made between 2:00PM AEST 31/08/20 and 11:59PM AEST 31/08/20.
  • $2 bonus is eligible when making a qualifying purchase of AUD $4 or more in a single transaction (inclusive of GST, after any discounts, and before shipping).
  • $2 bonus will not be added to your Cashrewards account at time of purchase. It will be credited separately as approved by 31/10/2020.
  • $2 bonus is over and above the advertised store cashback rates which still apply to the transaction.
  • Transaction is valid if made online via desktop browser, Cashrewards mobile app, Cashrewards Notifier, or mobile browser.
  • Bonus is not valid for any in-store purchase.
  • Sales may report to Cashrewards ex GST so the amount shown in your account may be less than $4. You will still be eligible for the bonus.
  • Selected merchants may report orders with multiple items as individual transactions into your Cashrewards account. These are still eligible.
  • $2 bonus is limited to one per Cashrewards account. Separate transactions from different stores do not qualify for additional bonuses.
  • $2 bonus is ineligible if an order is cancelled, changed, returned, rejected, if you purchase an ineligible product, or if you purchase from a 0% cashback store/tier (standard store cashback terms and exclusions apply).
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other activation bonuses that may be current at this time (separate purchase required).
  • Fraudulent activity will result in rewards being forfeited and accounts closed.

Don't forget to refer-a-friend for $10 each. Tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser. And check out our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • +13

    Excludes Amazon…. aww man
    thanks though TA!

    • Is it exclude all of amazon or amazon gift cards. The wording of the whole sentence could be read either way

      • +1

        …and both ways would be an incorrect reading. :)

  • +2

    Looks for $4 item

    • +4

      If you game, look at G2A or fanatical

  • +3

    Got the spend $20 with $20 cash back still thinking what to buy

    • I bought a palm rejection stylus for iPad from AliExpress from my wife’s account. Got it tracked too!

      • +1

        Just bought something from Chemist Warehouse for this $2 bonus.

    • I bought goat soaps.

  • +3

    exclude amazon :O

  • +2

    Free money, thanks TA.

  • +2

    LOL TA WTF man. I was hoping you post some thing today and you did BUT EXCLUDE AMAZON bah.

    EDIT: excluding eBay, Amazon, and Woolworths Gift Cards. Is this mean only applied to gift cards ONLY or Amazon as a whole?

  • +5

    I only buy from the 3 exclusions at CR besides Aust Post gift cards now at 0 :)

    Anyway TA if you can get a deal with the official Lego shop please do so if in CR interests .
    They are a real pain in the A$$ with my dealings only being a retail customer .

  • +7

    I can't remember how much extra I have spent this year just to get these $2 offers ……

    • -1



  • +1

    Definitely ramping up the numbers before IPO. Good for the OzBargain community!

  • +1

    Time to grab something else that I don't need off aliexpress.

    Thanks TA!

    • +3

      Watch out. I had two items posted using AliExpress Standard Shipping. AliExpress took more than 90 days from the time of order to delivered the item. The confirmation window therefore ended (so cashback rejected), but max delivery window hasn't finished (coz. seller took 3 days to ship). I raised the case and AliE somehow chased up the last mile delivery company and delivered it on the very last day.

      When I asked AliE for help on the cashback before closing the dispute, AliE wasn't interested at all and rejected the case. AliE was the accused and the judge. So AliE took advantage of the extended postage window, rejected the cashback and dispute team was on AliE's side (not a surprise).

      If you must do an AliE transaction for that $2, try purchase an item with a proper shipping method. AliExpress shipping method in my case meant: seller to AliE (nearly 2 months for the item to arrive at AliE Singapore), then the sending from AliE SG to AUS (took > 1 month).

      • Yeah people have had issues with aliexpress, but honestly I ordered a couple of things last month and they took maybe a day or two over a month to arrive.

        Seems to vary from person to person (even order to order) so I might've just been lucky. Hopefully the luck continues!

      • If you must do an AliE transaction for that $2, try purchase an item with a proper shipping method.

        Choosing a different shipping method doesn't make a difference. I've bought a few items recently where I've paid for upgraded shipping such as ePacket, for faster delivery and tracking. The seller has just pocketed the shipping fee and sent via standard AE anyway and is now refusing to reply to messages. AE won't do anything until the items are overdue according to the regular (ie slow) postage deadline.

        • If a seller's default shipping is AliExpress Standard Shipping, then currently, I am avoiding the seller. The reason is that there is incentive for sellers to do that as any issue with shipping essentially becomes you (buyer) vs AliExpress.

          The seller has just pocketed the shipping fee and sent via standard AE anyway and is now refusing to reply to messages.

          As the item is sent via standard AE, the seller simply cannot and won't help you. Reason is the seller actually sent the item to AE. AE then sends the item to you (probably going through AE Singapore). I am not sure what AE is doing, but both China -> Singapore and Singapore -> Australia are very slow with AE standard shipping. They are not the only one doing that. There are other online sellers doing that.

          AE standard shipping = fulfilled by AliExpress (after the seller sent the item to AE) and unlike Amazon (which cares about providing decent SLA and actually stock the items or let you know they don't have them in stock), AE just gone for cost saving.

  • +2

    I spent $3.90 at Aliexpress, plus 43c shipping, plus 44c GST. It tracked at US$2.83 (~AU$3.85). The T&Cs say shipping doesn't count, but GST does, so my spend of $4.34 should count.
    "Sales may report to Cashrewards ex GST so the amount shown in your account may be less than $4. You will still be eligible for the bonus."
    Hopefully this is true.

    • +6

      You'll be fine :)

      • If i activate this offer and another popular offer ”spend minimum $20, get $20 back”as well. Then suppose, i spend in groupon minumum $20. Which cash back m i eligible for? Or i can get all three types of cash back?
        1. Regular 5% groupon cashback
        2. Activate, Spend $4 and get $2 cashback
        3. Activate, spend $20 and get $20 cashback

        *Note: At this moment “all three” offers are active. Thank you.

        • If you activate both bonuses and spend more than $20, you'll get the $20 bonus. You need to then make another purchase of $4 or more to get the $2 bonus. You will not get both bonuses with one purchase. A second purchase is required.

  • +1

    Still 0% at Australia Post. Oh well, no gifts card this time either.

    Weird when shopback is still working there

    • +4

      For transparency: a number of valid Au Post SKUs are reporting to us with sales values of $0 (and therefore $0 cashback). Australia Post Shop has been attempting to fix this for the past couple of weeks. There's no point having them live until such time this is sorted, as it generates a lot of tickets for our team. The same issue exists for all publishers, not just CR. Hopefully fixed real soon :)

      • +1

        AliE seems to report USD instead of AUD (even if paid by AUD). Do we also need to watch out for exchange rate?

      • +1

        Thanks for the transparency TA. You'll have me back on these deals for sure

  • +1

    Thanks TA. If I'm eligible for the $20 offer, am I able to double dip with this offer? Or would only one offer be eligible. Provided the eligibility criteria is met, of course.

    • +3

      Yes, provided you make a new and separate purchase…

      Cannot be used in conjunction with any other activation bonuses that may be current at this time (separate purchase required).

      • Is Menulog count as online store and eligible for this $2 cashback? Thanks

      • +1

        Got it, thanks!

      • If I have activated both the $20 offer and this one, which will be used first if I make a purchase? The one I activated first? I thought they would double up but just read your comment.

        • +1

          The first (providing it's $20 or more). Make two separate purchases for $20 and $4 for a win win :)

          • +2

            @tightarse: Thank you, quick response!

          • @tightarse: Just ordered $12 will it tracked with this one? Hasn't order the $20 yet which I activated yesterday?

            I clicked on this link to activate it and shop now and completed the order.

          • @tightarse: Hi TA,

            Will there be any problem if I order $20 one afterward? Because end tonight.

            Just ordered $12 will it tracked with this one? Hasn't order the $20 yet which I activated yesterday?

            I clicked on this link to activate it and shop now and completed the order.

            • @superforever: Will be fine as the purchase is below $20. Any issues, let me know :)

              • +1

                @tightarse: Thanks

              • @tightarse: Amazon

                Seem like Toilet Paper = Household product —> 0%

                SSD drive = Personal Computing —-> 0%


                • @superforever: Sorry but can’t help with that. Please ensure you buy something with eligible cashback.

                  • @tightarse: Will it be OK with eBay with 10% code? Or Amazon with promo code?

                    • @superforever: Please read the terms for each store. Example, for eBay…

                      Cashback is ineligible if discount coupons or promo codes are applied to any transaction.

                      • +1

                        @tightarse: Thanks bought a toaster.

                        Amazon a bit difficult to see the category by using search.

  • Great! I was waiting for the bonus credit!
    Oh~~no, eBay excluded.

  • +2

    Thanks TA! Time for a Steam top-up…

    • Where do you buy steam cards through cash rewards?

  • +1

    I feel like these posts always come up right after I make a purchase!

  • If only I could buy on Nintendo eshop this way

  • +2

    I used to consider AliExpress a good alternative to eBay.. Not anymore as my last 3 orders haven't arrived in 3 months (though you can lodge a dispute and ask for refund). On the other hand, eBay isn't that bad - orders took long but they did arrive. I was assuming that they all use the same postal method for items that ship from abroad but it doesn't seem to be true.

    • Would you be able to let me know what type of shipping was used? Were they AliExpress Standard Shipping? I recently had a similar issue. In my case, AliExpress shipping team somehow got the last mile carrier to ship on the very last day before the final cutoff. Cashback rejected (the item did not arrive before the end of confirmation window - which was 4 days before the final shipping cutoff). AliE was the accused (AliE Standard Shipping - i.e. fulfilled by AliE) and the judge (AliE dispute resolution team).

      So many shipping methods from AliE sellers. China Post based shipping methods tend to be better. A lot of other shipping methods are eventually gone through China Post. However, AliE standard shipping seems very weird. Some shipped by AliE standard shipping has the ETA of 1 month, but mine took exactly 3 months. I tried to find out from CSRs whether there are different grades / levels of AliE standard shipping, but the CSRs have zero idea.

      • I had cheap items shipped through standard post by AliExpress - I remember the courier company was ePacket in one of these orders. In some cases, their in-built shipping status shows 'delivered' but I had no delivery. Their customer support wasn't able to confirm if it was really delivered, where and when. It all looked messed up. Most of eBay international orders are shipped via untracked method so it never shows 'delivered' in that case anyway.

        • +2

          Interesting, in my case, the whole dispute case was quite unpleasant. I got to raise the case two days after the confirmation window ended. The case was immediate put in "invalid" status as it hasn't been exactly 3 months yet (because it was basically me vs AliE standard shipping team (NOT the seller)). Literally hours before the delivery window was about to end, they showed up. Then, the dispute team wanted to close the case completely and indicated that if I cannot provide evidence that I haven't received it, they will proceed with closing the case in 3 days.

          Yeah, throughout the tracking, there is so little information, but just before the case was to be judged, the delivered status was added, but in my case, they did finally deliver them.

          The whole thing feels very different when AliE is the accused and the judge. The joke is other cheaper items using cheaper delivery companies arrived 1 month before those 2 shipped through AliE and they were ordered after those 2 items.

          For now, I refuse to buy anything on AliE shipped using AliE standard shipping. I will pay more to switch to something else and if the difference to switch to China Post is about 10 cents or less, I would use that and pay the difference. Shipping using AliE standard shipping means: Seller to AliE Singapore (which could take close to 2 months) and then AliE Singapore to Australia through some weird last mile carrier. And, I do agree with you, that last mile carrier does give zero information other than marked the item as delivered when it reached the 3 months mark.

        • I'm not going to blame AE for problems caused by a massive downturn in international flights caused by a pandemic, although it's quite grating that they haven't knocked out the window for indicating package acceptance to 6 months when they know just how slow things re at the moment.

          • +2

            @Koffee: Majority of cheap postage services used by AliE sellers goes China -> Australia. Even if that didn't end up going by air, it is still China -> Australia.

            AliExpress Standard Shipping goes like this:

            • Seller sends the item to AliExpress (China).
            • AliExpress China preps the item and sends to AliExpress Singapore.
            • Either AliExpress China is choosing some sort of super cheap air (and on standby class) or by ship.
            • Then AliExpress Singapore processed it then re-sends it to Australia.
            • Again, not exactly sure which method, but slow.
            • Last mile carrier either received it very late or not getting pay enough to deliver the item quickly.

            The problem is AliE's standard shipping has 6 parties involved (7 including the sender): 4 carriers + AE CN + AE SQ. 50% of the delay is caused by AliE's decision to route AU orders via AliE SQ. AE needs to stop doing that.

  • +2

    Transaction must be made between 2:00PM AEST 31/08/20 and 11:59PM AEST 31/08/20.

    What do I buy?! What do I buy!? starts panic browsing

    • +11

      Waste $4 to get a $2 cashback.
      Don't panic, if you missed out, just flush a $2 coin into the toilet. Problem solved.

  • Thank you. Saved $2.00 on a tube of cream I was about to purchase. Getting it a bit cheaper is always a pleasure !

    • +6

      the rash flared up again?

  • when it says eBay, is that all eBay (US, UK, AU) or some?

    • Ineligible on all eBays :)

      • +1

        Darn it. Thx anyway

  • Hi TA, will we get cashback if we use gift cards with Myer? Cheers.

    • Hi, unfortunately not…


      Cashback is ineligible on the following: Purchase or use of gift cards for full/partial payment.

      • Thought so, but thought I'd confirm. Thanks!

        • +1

          Have a great evening :)

  • +1

    Thanks TA. Another Chemist Warehouse order :)

  • +3

    I'll probably be negged into the ground for this but this is a bargain site and i think this is a good bargain similar to this.

    Topcashback UK is offering £2 bonus with min spend £10 (A$3.62 off $18.11). Once your bonus is available, you can redeem it immediately without needing to reach a certain amount.

    Here's how it works for ebay. Find an item on ebay.com.au and then change the .com.au to .co.uk and add the item into the cart. Come back to Topcashback and then click via ebay UK and transact like you would when using CR or SB.

    I've used the money that I've earnt from cashbacks there to redeem ebay UK gift cards which I can then use to purchase items there.

    Anyway, just another cashback provider for consideration. The positives from the above experience is the 1) not limited to small purchases, 2) cashback can be redeemed immediately and 3) using the cashback to redeem gift cards (for ebay anyway).

    • +1

      Topcashback do this regularly and have done £2 bonus on even a £5 spend. It's a good post to let others know! :)

    • When redeeming ebay UK gift cards does it allow Australian shipping addresses? because ebay AU giftcard strictly AU addresses.

      • -2

        You are transacting for the ebay AU good via ebay UK. The ebay UK gift card can be used on the ebay UK site.

        And yes, the goods get sent to AU address because its an AU seller.

        • eBay AU giftcards are restricted to Australian addresses, surprising eBay UK giftcards doesn't have that restriction.

          I tried searching for eBay UK giftcards, can't find them.

    • Tried topcashback UK before, not a fan.

      They have no bargaining power, or even basic respect, from their partnered sites, which was evident when I followed up on missing tracks. They quoted their partner's responses, which only came after 3 months, and they talked to TCB like an abusive boyfriend, and TCB couldn't do anything and didn't even cancel their partnership.

      Of course TCB didn't restore my tracking out of 'goodwill' either, so bad experiences all round.

  • Should the browser extension notify me if the purchase was successfully tracked in realtime?

    I've still got a tick after purchasing but it didn't say "confirmed!" or anything


  • I clicked the "Shop Now" button on cashrewards mobile site, it then opened Aliexpress mobile app and I made my purchase thru the app.

    Can rep confirm that if the cashback will be tracked? Bought more than 2.5 hours ago, and still not yet received tracked notification.

  • +1

    Thanks again mate

  • TA ..

    It is mentioned that the "Bonus is ineligible for any in-store purchases."

    So does it mean we can't use click and collect for the purchase ??

    • +1

      You're not paying in store. Click and Collect is fine

      • Okie .. Thanks mate .. .! !

  • Don't forget to use After pay on chemist Warehouse when you buy $5 toothbrush set

  • +2

    Chemist Warehouse again. 😁

    Thank you TA!

  • +1

    over time these cb sites just add more and more exclusions and t&cs to the point where it's not worth the bother

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