This was posted 1 year 4 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VIC, QLD, WA, ACT] 3 Handrolls for $1 Pick-up | 5 Handrolls for $5 Delivered @ Sushi Sushi Menulog (4-6pm AEST Mon-Thu)


By combining deals: $2 Handrolls and $5 off ($5.01 Min Spend), you can get 3 handrolls for $1 ($6-$5).

Delivery is free for orders over $10. So, order 5 rolls ($10) and apply discount ($5) to get 5 rolls for $5.

Codes for $5 off ($5.01 Min Spend) change every day of the promotion (Mon-Thurs weekly, until Menulog stops) and there are multiple codes, so check the "For You" tab on the Menulog app or offers webpage.

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    if this works, you are Oz-bargainer of the decade

  • +1

    And once again, NSW misses out again {sarcastic}

    • Probably same for most VIC too
      as many stores are closed :(

  • Not a bad deal if I'm looking for some Sushi between 2 and 4pm.
    Pitty they couldn't make it 4-6pm regardless of where the store is located.

    • Probably going to get ozbargained and won't be able to deliver by 5pm if you order at exactly 3:55.

  • +2

    Defintely works ordered 4 orders of 3x at my local at 4:04pm. However I was only apple to preorder for tomorrow rather than pickup today.

  • Damn they'll deliver to my home, but not to my work, even though work is even closer… it's technically another city, though. =_=

    • u prob can tell them to deliever latter

      • Not much help if I want it for lunch at work. :P

  • Are they good? ordered 5 for delivery

    • does the job

  • +2

    Who pays for these coupon codes? Is it Menulog?

    Edit: I tried to ask Menulog and they were evasive, but they did say that the restaurant has to enable the coupon so I guess we can only hope that their marketing team has thought of this.

    • I can confirm Menulog pays for it in this case (I.e. non-restaurant-specific vouchers)

      • +1

        Thank you mate that's really helpful.

  • Wow, worked for me, amazing deal, thanks OP

  • Bought 9 rolls for $13 delivered tomorrow. Great deal.

    Would be amazing if they offered their other hand rolls, like their crispy chicken.

    • Agreed!!!

  • All 3 expired I think

  • Can you search for a restaurant in menulog? I've got a sushisushi just a couple of km's away but can't seem to find it

    • You can, but their delivery rules may not permit to you - as I noted above, my work is actually closer than my home to the same Sushi Sushi, but they won't deliver to my work. :(

  • Just tried for Frankston Sushi Sushi, the codes have expired

  • Codes expired - was looking forward to this!

  • Anyone able to provide today's codes?

    • Won't have code till 4pm today

  • any codes for today? can't see it on offers?

    • Came here to say this. Anyone have the code for VIC?

      • +1

        YWXB-NLAB for $5. No longer works at sushi sushi but it was not meant for chains in the first place.

  • +1

    Brilliant deal. Was able to organise delivery for lunch tomorrow.

  • My order got cancelled in WA :(
    they tried to ring me up but i missed their calls and then they just cancelled it

  • Thanks OP. Ordered at 5.55pm just now, Sushi Sushi nearest to me was closed but I organised a delivery for tomorrow instead

  • +1

    Thanks, ordered for pickup tomorrow.

  • +4

    VIC Code for today


  • +3

    VIC Code for today


  • Any for WA QLD or SA please?

  • Sushi Sushi Southland isn't participating :(
    No cheap Hand-rolls for me.

  • Code for VIC today


  • ACT Code?

    • SA/QLD/WA/ACT code: 1ITN-B80H

  • +1

    Never got this one to work, the Sushi Sushi places all close before he code kicks in…

  • VIC Code for today (14 Sep 2020)


    • Hmmm just don't seem to get the code listed on my account under "For you". Can I confirm it is only displayed during Happy Hour 4-6pm (but even during these times I don't receive it).

      Can I assume it is a generic code that can be applied to my orders anyhow?

      Can you please continue to post the code on a daily basis (then I will try again this afternoon)? Thank you! :)

  • +1

    VIC Code for today (15 Sep 2020)


  • Sadly doesn't work for my store in Brisbane, they've changed their closing time on Menulog to 4 (although they're open until 5:30) and they turn off the $2 specials at 4 too so you can't preorder for tomorrow.

  • Anyone In VIC has the code for today?

    • +3


  • +1

    VIC Code for today (17 Sep 2020)


  • +1

    Just checked Menulog… and the $2 hand roll promo apparently didn't end yesterday (18 Sept) and is still running (in VIC anyhow)!

    Not sure for for how much longer. Anyone associated with Menulog able to give a new promo end date?

    • +1

      Yeah was stoked to have $1 sushi rolls for lunch today. Hope this deal goes on for a little longer… makes a super cheap lunch!

  • VIC Code for today (21 Sep 2020)


  • VIC Code for today (22 Sep 2020)


  • Anyone got the code for VIC today?


  • +3

    No more free delivery for Sushi Sushi…they seem to now started charging Delivery fee from $4.99 :(

    • Yeah just noticed this too

    • not all, im in between 3 sushi sushi place and 1 of them had always charged while the other 2 still free delivery over $10 as of now

  • +1

    VIC Code for today (24 Sep 2020)


  • seems back to normal price..

  • Sadly yes. Although some of them offering free delivery.

  • VIC Code for today (28 Sep 2020)


  • VIC Code for today (05 Oct 2020)


  • VIC Code for today (06 Oct 2020)


  • VIC Code for today (07 Oct 2020)


  • Min spend now changed to $20…

    VIC Code for today (12 Oct 2020)


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