This was posted 1 year 2 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

$5 off ($5.01 Min Spend) When You Order (Delivery) from Independent Restaurants @ Menulog (4pm-6pm AEDT Each Day Mon-Thu)

  • Codes change every day of the promotion (Mon-Thurs weekly, until Menulog stops) and there are multiple codes, so check the "For You" tab on the Menulog app or offers webpage.
  • A little tip: I have found that the "For You" section doesn't load if you have AdGuard enabled on your smartphone.

Awh yeh, it's on!
Show some love to your locals and get a tasty $5 off any independent restaurant between 4pm to 6pm (AEDT). To redeem, simply copy and apply the code at checkout.

*Promotion valid today, between 4pm-6pm AEDT. Delivery orders only. Not valid with orders from Chicken Treat, Crust, Grill'd, GYG, Hungry Jacks, KFC, Mad Mex, McDonald's, Nando's, Oporto, Pizza Hut, Schnitz, Subway, Red Rooster and Taco Bell.

(FWIW, I have been able to successfully redeem the voucher with Red Rooster Richmond several times in the past)

Mod Edit 28/9: Now delivery only (No pick up).

It will stack with free delivery and any restaurant discount offers however.

Update 6/10: Now 4-6 PM AEDT.

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    Is this every Mon-Thurs 4-6pm for the foreseeable future seeing as no expiry date?

    • +1

      Yes, it continued during the last VIC lockdown period, so I imagine it will again this time (it was on every day of this week as well). However, the code changes every day.

      • Great, thanks for letting me know - I'll keep an out for the codes :)

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    Different code here, ends in EDQ

    • +6

      It's actually Snoop Dogg, he's on their ads/merchandising.

      • +2

        I have seen the caption paid actor on the commercial I thought they mean is not him

        • There's a few ads that don't have that though, I'm not actually sure if they did or not, cos some of them look and sound exactly like him.

          • @SuBw00FeR: Yeah he was paid, thus he's a paid actor. ^^" Some other ads have it too. It's just so we know it's a paid endorsement.

            • @jennkei: Ohhh I see, I took it as a paid actor acting as snoop dogg, no wonder he looked so similar haha.

        • Ah that's weird:

          Simon Cheng, Menulog chief marketing officer, said: “We are excited to celebrate the revamped ‘Did Somebody Say’ jingle with the launch of Dogg’s Diner – at a time when Australians could use a bit of light entertainment and some delicious comfort food. There was no better way to mark our partnership with Snoop Dogg than giving our customers across the country the chance to enjoy some of the Dogg’s best dishes, delivered to their door.”

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          It's him, he was paid $10 million for the ads

  • Tried at 2 different small merchants, said "Voucher is not valid for this restaurant" …..

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    Different code but worked!

  • Minimum spend is dependant upon the restaurant, I’m seeing between $25 and $30

    • +1

      Yeah that's restaurant-based, irrespective of the voucher

      • -4

        Technically minimum spend isn’t $5.01

        Also the voucher code doesn’t work, no “girlfriend away” noodles for me tonight!

        • +1

          Nah, the min spend for this Happy Hour voucher is indeed $5.01. Restaurants can set their own min spend, which is unrelated to the payment method (e.g. voucher). I have ordered a few $5.50 dishes this week.

          • @itsfree: Yeah cool, technicalities I guess.
            Not seeing this as a deal but I’m glad you’ve got some sweet meals this week

        • +2

          You need to get your own code from or the 'for you' section of the app. OP's code is likely state based, I have a different code in SA. We have got them daily from Monday to Thursday for a while now.

  • targeted to specific location?

    • My account is registered to VIC – the offer resumed shortly after lockdown restarted, so it might be a VIC-only offer.

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    Make sure you have the Menulog app on your phone and opt in to the marketing communications, otherwise you wont receive them. I got it, but rarely use them as savings are destroyed by the delivery fee or require a high minimum order.

    • +5

      Use the code for pick up instead?

      • That's what I do!

        • Can you order between 4-6pm but pick up after 6pm?

          • +3

            @Craze: Yep, you can even order the next day but usually no further than that.

            • @hamza23: Awesome thanks, will try an order next week!

              • +3

                @Craze: Another handy tip: sort by Offers – there are some restaurants that have 50% off on certain days (e.g. for preorders a day before they open), which means you can get a damn good feed close to the coupon price. I was able to try the entire Onda menu at one stage!

                • @itsfree: Does the coupon code get released just before 4pm? Just checked offers page and nothing listed yet.

                  • +2

                    @Craze: It won't be there until around 4pm.

        • But aren't menus more expensive on menulog? If you're gonna pick up you might as well order directly from the restaurant (and give the restaurant 100% of your money). Even with this $5 off, it would be hard to save money using menulog versus direct order

          • +1

            @creamandpaper: Check your local stores Menulog vs their in store prices, rather than potentially throwing $5 away. In my experience, most are the same, likely because of the price promise.

            The places I order from are the same prices as in store/on their website, 2 are actually cheaper for some items because they haven't bothered to update their menulog prices.

            The major price jacking I see on Menulog is from bigger chains (eg Oporto), whilst their pick up prices are the same, the delivery prices are jacked up, if you toggle between pick up and delivery you actually see the prices increase for the item you were just looking at. I think it's some loophole where they don't offer delivery themselves, so they aren't liable for the price promise because you can't get it 'delivered cheaper elsewhere'.

            Oporto in store: Halloumi & Chicken Burger - 3460kJ $11.50
            Oporto Menulog Pick up: Halloumi & Chicken Burger - 3460kJ $11.50
            Oporto Menulog Delivery: Halloumi & Chicken Burger - 3460kJ $14.95

            Oporto in store: Triple Fillet Oprego Burger Meal - 4790kJ $15.45
            Oporto Menulog Pick up: Triple Fillet Oprego Burger Meal - 4790kJ $15.45
            Oporto Menulog Delivery: Triple Fillet Oprego Burger Meal - 4790kJ $20.10

            Then you pay another $5 for the delivery fee.

            1 x Triple Fillet Oprego Burger Meal - 4790kJ
            Delivery fee

            • @hamza23: Interesting, so big chains price Jack and the $5 voucher don't apply to most of them!

              It's a bit of mixed bag where I am, some are $1-2 more expensive than their menu prices, others are massively inflated so I just avoid those.

            • @hamza23: Wow. That's so incredibly deceptive and dodgy! That means the delivery fee is at least 2x more than stated, typically 3-4x more for a decent sized order.

              Does this happen on all of the food app platforms e.g. Uber Eats etc? - I just can't believe there isn't more of a pushback on this sort of thing, it makes the so-called price promise worthless. Especially when it's the local small places that tend to have their own delivery services while the big chains use the apps for delivery and thus are immune, just like Oportos …

              • @Grazz989: Uber Eats prices are the same as Menulog for Oporto delivery yes, that is quite common for Uber Eats prices to be more expensive than in restaurant, but Oporto is certainly one of the more excessive ones.

                I'm also surprised there isn't more of an uproar about this, I noticed it some time ago and it's not like it's not easy to spot, you can physically see the prices increase when you toggle from pick up to delivery.

  • +5

    Try the cheesecake shop. They don't have a minimum spend. You could get one of their $5.95 cupcakes!

  • -2

    This has been available for quite a long time.. I probably should have shared earlier!

    Just check your menulog app for offers from 4-6pm on weekdays!

    • It was available, but stopped shortly after lockdown restrictions were lifted in VIC. I guess this is Menulog's way of stimulating the hospitality economy.

      • +2

        We’ve had it in NSW for months; always assumed my code was unique…

        • Very strange! Sounds like special treatment to me ;Þ

  • +3

    Yep been using this at least 3x every day lately. Especially given menulog allow you to make many accounts with ease. Love combining $5 off with 10-20 percent off first order. My go tos are sharetea for 1.57, pho for 5.80 at my local and chips and dim sims for free. Sometimes I just get a bottle of coke or whatever as its free. Great deal.

    • what about delivery fee?

      • I pick up. I usually go to a shopping centre/strip with 5+ options. There are a few near where I live. I just ordered sharetea, sushi sushi, china bar and more.

    • +2

      $5 off for you, 30% off for the independent restaurant.

  • Has anyone used this in WA?

    • I got the code expired trying to use it 5 mins ago. I guess it is now 7pm AEST

      • Im just wondering if it'll be valid in WA during the 2 to 4 pm. Local time. A lot of restaurants aren't open then. But I see a few all day places. .

  • Thanks OP.

  • -3

    There's has been another post running for this for quite some time

    • Yes, but that post was marked as expired because there had been no coupons for almost a month now. They only reintroduced the promo after VIC lockdown restarted.

  • So not expired yet?

    • (4pm-6pm AEST Each Day Mon-Thu)

      Check back 4pm AEST Monday.

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    Get delivery like a G

  • +3

    The saddest thing about Masterchef being over is that I don't get to see their sassy ad anymore (I don't usually watch TV)

  • +1

    Please consider ordering directly from the restaurant where you can. As we all know, they are doing it pretty tough right now and could do without having ~30% skimmed off their profits.

  • +2

    I used yesterday for tonight delivery at 5pm.

  • +1

    In WA and can’t locate any codes

  • What’s the new code?!?!?

    • +3


      • +1

        Working in SA, thanks.

        Edit: Appearing in the app for me now.

      • tried it on 3 restaurants in VIC, not working hmm

      • Doesn’t work

  • In VIC and there's no codes.

    • +3

      In VIC and I got UF61-JSMK

      • +1

        cheers dude, worked for me.

        • Glad to hear!

      • +1

        Champion, didn't show on my offers page but worked! Dinner tomorrow sorted :)

        • You might have to refresh the offers page a few times, it's a bit glitchy and sometimes says there are no offers near you. I usually just use the app.

      • Just tried this one tonight but couldn't seem to get it to work.

        • +1

          There is a new code each day. Check the app/website for today's code. If you are in VIC, from comments below it's probably LM6J-ACRY today.

    • +1

      It takes some time to get through. I didn't see it 10 minutes ago but it is there now.

  • -1

    I used to use Menulog until I noticed they added on another $5 per dish than the actual restaurants menu advertises or that of their competitors in addition to the delivery charge… give me a break. bye bye.

    • The restaurant actually sets the prices—they usually do so to pay for the commission. In fact, Menulog have a price guarantee.

      • +3

        They charge $5.95 for cupcakes on their site for the Cheesecake Shop but the shop site itself has them for $4.95.

  • Menulog are a joke. They operate in Noosa yet only seem to have one or two drivers. Out of the 4 times I’ve attempted to order something, they’ve delivered once and the other 3 times they took over two hours of me waiting around before calling and cancelling the order due to lack of drivers.

    Surely there is some sort of regulatory recourse for them clearly operating whilst know they don’t have enough drivers.

  • +1

    Thank you gods of ozbargain and menulog for another fine meal this blessed day.

  • What's the cheapest thing that y'all managed to order?

  • Tried for the past 15 mins and it keeps saying voucher is expired, it is still only 5:57pm for me here in WA

    • +2

      @Menulog (4pm-6pm AEST Each Day Mon-Thu)

      The voucher is 4pm to 6pm AEST, not local time.

      • Ahh yes indeed my mistake, thanks for the info friend

  • +2

    Anyone got new voucher ?

    • Nothing coming up for me