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$5 off ($5.01 Min Spend) When You Order (Delivery) from Independent Restaurants @ Menulog (4pm-6pm AEDT Each Day Mon-Thu)

  • Codes change every day of the promotion (Mon-Thurs weekly, until Menulog stops) and there are multiple codes, so check the "For You" tab on the Menulog app or offers webpage.
  • A little tip: I have found that the "For You" section doesn't load if you have AdGuard enabled on your smartphone.

Awh yeh, it's on!
Show some love to your locals and get a tasty $5 off any independent restaurant between 4pm to 6pm (AEDT). To redeem, simply copy and apply the code at checkout.

*Promotion valid today, between 4pm-6pm AEDT. Delivery orders only. Not valid with orders from Chicken Treat, Crust, Grill'd, GYG, Hungry Jacks, KFC, Mad Mex, McDonald's, Nando's, Oporto, Pizza Hut, Schnitz, Subway, Red Rooster and Taco Bell.

(FWIW, I have been able to successfully redeem the voucher with Red Rooster Richmond several times in the past)

Mod Edit 28/9: Now delivery only (No pick up).

It will stack with free delivery and any restaurant discount offers however.

Update 6/10: Now 4-6 PM AEDT.

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              @pennypincher98: Something similar happened to me once with Uber Eats Pizza Hut Liverpool. They had priced Ribs and Chicken Wingstreet combo meal (usually 79) for 0 bucks plus Free delivery back in Sept Last year. GODD DAYS

              • @kedaking123: Oh that's awesome and somehow they still accepted the order?? How did anyone make money from that 😂
                Best I've done is a Subway 6 inch for 90c pickup. Only got 3 but should've got more as the price went back up immediately lol.

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    That time already.

    Code for SA/WA/QLD: DDI6-J78L

  • Anything for vic today?

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      (4pm-6pm AEST Each Day Mon-Thu)

      Nothing until Monday sorry.

      • Anything today?

  • I can’t seem to see this deal anymore? Can anyone else see it?

    • +5

      Yes 2XAL-IXMK for VIC

      • +3

        SA/QLD/WA: G2NU-UPYR

  • Anyone have the code for NSW?

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  • G2NU-UPYR for Queensland but seems like cheesecake shop aren’t doing free delivery anymore

  • Just a thing I noticed yesterday: you can place an order for the following morning with the $5 voucher and (assuming the restaurant accepts) pick up when you want the next day.
    Could be good for cheap coffees.

    • Yep that's right ONLY IF the resturant/cafe accpets.

      • Considering that they get the order the day after when they open there's no real reason for them to decline. Although that's the chance you take. A small chance of them cancelling.

    • Yeah, a restaurant near me does 20% off on Tuesday's. Each week on Tuesday 4pm I order using the $5 off and 20% off, to pick up Wednesday lunch.

      • Haven't thought of doing a pickup lunch, I just used it for a coffee this morning. Seems all the 20% off specials near me are on a Sunday unfortunately.
        Thanks for the idea!

        • No probs, if I remember correctly you can usually preorder for at least 24 hours. So the next day breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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    Code for 18/8 in SA/QLD/WA: NXWC-7YC1

  • any codes for vic today ?

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      • +1

        Thanks mate

        • Pleasure!

    • Does the code change everyday?

      • Yep (and multiple codes)

        • I can't seem to get the codes to work - do you simply add it to account credit?

          • +1

            @SevenSmurfs: It's now past 6pm AEDT so it won't work. However for future reference, you add it at the final payment screen, there is an option for 'I have a voucher' under where you enter your credit card etc.

  • SMH0-3JIC for NSW

  • Located in eastern VIC suburb, I ordered from Chao Praya Thai. It has 30% discount and take $5 off which works out well.

    Dinner sorted :D

    Anyone else who had success - which restaurant did you order from which has good deals that can combine with this code?

    • Is it at 3444? I only find 10% first order offers only

    • Wow considering huge commission from menulog they must either mark up a fair bit of are really generous to offer 30% discount. Most around my area only has 10-15% off first orders.

    • It was 30% off for me… Not sure if it's once off

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    GE9D-Z57C for NSW

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    • Says voucher is not yet active. Did it work for you?

      • Same

      • Working here in SA. Double check https://www.menulog.com.au/offers to make sure you have the same code (refresh if it says no offers for you, need to be logged in).

  • Anybody has VIC code?

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      VIC is I82S-EYUG

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    VIC code is FOM8-GM41

  • +3

    50LC-AROS for NSW

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  • +1

    Can i schedule a delivery for tomorrow?

    • Yep it will let you schedule delivery or pick up for a later date, up until tomorrow close I believe. Confirm your delivery time is the screen after confirm your delivery details.

      • Nice, will schedule for tomorrow then as I'm working late tonight. Hopefully no problems :)

  • +2

    Its nice this is running for so long lol, I can usually get decent food for under $7

    Once I paired with a 25% off offer and got 2 meals for like $9

  • Noticed some restaurants only allow delivery, no pick up or vice versa (pick up only, no delivery). Find it odd with delivery only options- I'd have thought they'd encourage more customers to pick up so they don't incur fees for delivery?

    • I've noticed restaurants that do this either have their own in-store app already, or sufficient in-store traffic; in both cases, they want to avoid paying the Menulog commission on customers they already have a relationship with.

  • Red rooster cancelled my order today.

    • what did u order?

      • Rippa mega box.

  • +1

    This is awesome! used it today.. Thanks OP!

    • My pleasure!

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    VIC Code: 74YG-5DGB

    • +1

      I'm in VIC and my code is UTQP-OIUQ

      • +1

        looks like yours is working. mine says minimum spend not reached when my order is > $5

  • +4

    NSW code: PI6Q-6WTG

  • SA/QLD/WA code: AEJN-X2L9

  • Is there a way to get rid of the first time customer discount? It’s bringing my total down to $4.95 lol

    • +1

      Unfortunately not - annoying, right? 😄
      I've always wished they would add a "tip" feature for this reason

  • Red Rooster is charging delivery even though the main screen says free delivery, anyone else having this issue?

    It’s on the excluded list for the voucher but has always worked

    • I found same thing with Roll'd. Ended up ordering from elsewhere.

    • Which branch is that? I just ordered from Red Rooster and there's no delivery fee.

  • What do I do when I am stuck at "awaiting confirmation" page?

  • Today’s code?

  • +2

    5S6J-43DW for ACT

  • +4

    YBOH-Z5NR for NSW

    • Thanks lol, wasnt appearing for me at all

      $6 thai fried rice here i come

  • SA/QLD/WA code: 5S6J-43DW

  • VIC code anyone?

  • Vic code?

  • +3

    23II-G5CO for VIC

  • Vic code anyone?

    • +1


    • 99UD-E749


  • -1

    Code for VIC anyone?

  • +1

    99UD-E749 for VIC

  • +2

    11HW-P3VL for NSW

  • Vic code anyone? My app doesn’t show the code… 😢

    • +1

      It takes a bit, give it a few minutes.

    • Usually at 4.10 pm

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      • +1


      • +1

        Thanks mate! It worked

        • +2

          Glad to help!

  • QTNT-9VMR for NSW

  • +1


  • +2



    edit: whoops just saw @snapper post…

  • i didn't get a code :(

    • Use QTNT-9VMR

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