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Sonos One SL (+ Bonus $20 TheGoodGuys Credit) $227 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


Amazon have price matched, free delivery but without the store credit.

Also available in white.

Terms and Conditions for the bonus credit.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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      Sonos has never had Bluetooth in the ones. What's the issue?

  • can get $40 off if you can make it 240

  • Sonos have stuffed up their Android app (I don't have Apple devices so I can't comment on their Apple app) for a long while now and haven't been able to fix it. I've basically got thousand dollars+ of speakers that are inoperable.

    Check the app reviews if you don't believe me.

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      I prefer to use spotify connect.

      • Same. Spotify connect or nothing.

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      The ios app is fine, if you are one of the three weirdos who actually uses it.

    • With 4 Android phones and 2 Apple devices in the house we have had zero issues with the older Sonos or the newer S2 application. Even the ugly desktop PC program works just fine. Unless you have older generation devices that got excluded from their support, then you're 100% excused to be pissed.

  • Is this a good deal if your looking at a Sonos One SL? What would others spend $200-250 on in the wireless speaker market, don’t care about Bluetooth or Voice assistant crap. No gimmicks, just good sound to fill a smallish room.

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      Check out the Harman Kardon Allure or Citation One, they look and sound great for that price range. Otherwise you can't go wrong with this Sonos One SL either.

    • This is an excellent price for this device. I also started with one Sonos One and slowly ended up with building a surround system with Playbar, Sub, 2xOnes, plus 2 more Ones around the house. Their sound is amazing and they only need power, no cables or extra amps etc.I think they are moisture resistant and you can place them in your bathroom as well, but you might need to look into that some more if you're considering it.

      They fulfil our audio needs 110%.

      Edit: IKEA Symfonisk is a disguised Sonos One speaker, so you can always try a cheaper alternative and see if it suits your needs. Or go for the Symfonisk lamp and enjoy great audio on your bedroom's night table.

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