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[SA] BenQ TK800M 4K Projector $1799.99 @ Costco Adelaide (Membership Required)


Seen at local store today. It is pixel shift not true 4K projector. Around $2200 to $2400 elsewhere.

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Costco Wholesale

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  • Pretty good price - these units shift for $1.6k AUD in US.
    So, even if you were to import it here - you'd pay customs & delivery etc.

  • It's been at this price for a long time now… I actually thought I remembered $1699 a while back (but maybe I remembered wrongly).

  • unrelated but any recommendations for a decent home theatre projector for ~$500

    • No decent new ones for that unless you are ok with low res, low brightness, a loud fan and limited set up adjustments.

      Best to save up until you have $950 for an Epson 5600.

      Or you can find a decent entry level second hand projector for a bit less.

  • This is a price increase, not a price decrease. I picked on up for $1599 about 4 months ago, and they had been that price for months before that at Costco.

    Also they might pixel shift, but you cannot tell the difference between native and pixel shift in real life. It's completely indiscernible. Picture quality on these is truly excellent.

  • Yes it was $1599

    `$200 price increase
    strange times

  • Hows this stack up compared to those Xiaomi ones?

  • Stock in QLD North Lakes store - picked up one tonight

  • Hey all, I just picked this up at Docklands, VIC today. It's incredible for the value.
    Local warranty and peace of mind with the Costco return policy.
    I'm watching a 4K video on 100inches as we speak.