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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum $329, Roborock S6 Pure $630.42 Delivered @ Ozaccessory eBay


Greetings everyone, Our Gearbite eBay Store has popular deal on Robot Vacuum cleaner for eBay 21% off promotion.

There are 4 different Vacuums, you can choose based on your needs.

Comparison Xiaomi Dreame F9 ($429) Xiaomi 1st Gen ($329)
Sensor Vslam Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2500Pa 1800Pa
Dust Bin 600ml 420ml
Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes No, Whole House Map
Mopping E-tank(200ml) N/A
Zone Clean Yes Yes
No Go Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone N/A
Selected room cleaning Yes N/A
Auto Charging Yes Yes

Comparison Roborock S6 Pure $630.42 Roborock S5 Max $789.21
Sensor Laser Distance Sensor Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2000Pa 2000Pa
Dust Bin 460ml 460ml
Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes, 3 Maps Yes, 3 Maps
Mopping 180ml Manual Water Tank E-tank(290ml)
Zone Clean/ No Go Yes Yes
Selected room cleaning Yes Yes
Auto Charging Yes,Smart top up Yes,Smart top up

These are local products with a 12 month local warranty.
As Alway, Enjoy.

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    The Xiaomi Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum was $359 few weeks ago.

    Even now on Aliexpress, it’s AU $331


    Gearbite & Ozaccessory eBay Store should do better!

    • Hmm..

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    • Couldn't find the previous deal… hmm

    • +2

      I commented on this one at Aliexpress on the previous post, it doesn't ship to Australia. Does anyone know if you can get it shipped to Australia?

    • I will be waiting for f9 to go below $350

  • I was going to question the same thing re the F9…

    • Shipping to Australia though?

  • My eBay plus not showing 21% discount. Is it just my account issue?

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      Starts 10am

  • +4

    noob question, why would someone pay more for roborock s6 or s5 when the xiaomi f9 is better and cheaper (based on specs)?

    • +1

      i'm curious about this too. I'm in the market for my first ever robovac and looking for the best deal on the best bang for buck one to purchase. I also saw that the S6 maxv is also going to be released soon so wondering if i should hold out for that.

      • +2

        Let me know what you go for. As I’ve been in the market for one for a while but there are so many that it became overwhelming.

    • Following…

      I already have an S5 Max and am waiting on a deal for that as I want another one.
      So I know the S5 Max is good as it works well and the software is good/updated regularly, but this has flagged my interest on if F9 compares.
      Pretty sure Roborock are the manufacturers and this is just a version they do for xaiomi as a rebadge… so I'm thinking the software and spare parts will be the same??? Probably less English on the software as I would assume the Xaiomi version is targeting the mainland china market.

    • Also have the same query on this, hard to find many reviews on it though.

      One query I have is whether it will be OK to use on a multi story house?

      • +1

        I use the S5 Max on 3 levels.
        It quickly makes a map of each level the first time it runs on that level. You have to carry it and base to the level. Go to the app, select which level it's on by choosing the right map, then tell it to clean. As you moved it and the base it will spend 60 seconds spinning around locating exactly where it is that you've put it down, then it goes for it.

        • Cheers - I was querying the F9's ability to map multiple floors, however you answered another question I had as I'm tossing up between the S5 max and F9.

          One other thing, what is the quality of the mopping like for the S5 max?

          • +2

            @Bargain Hunter 007: Don't expect too much from the mopping. It's basically dragging a wet rag along under it. I use it and like it as the wood floors are definitely shinier once done and the mop attachment dirty at the end - so it is worth it. But if you had a tougher bit of dirt you'd probably have to run the vac over it 10 times to get a result.

            • @steve54321: I have wooden floor. I spray a bit of Pledge wood magic or you can use any type of floor cleaner which i have diluted with water on the floor and run my roborock on mopping function for 2x. It worked really well and my floor are clean and shiny. I also rince the cloth after use in every room.

          • +1

            @Bargain Hunter 007: F9 only have one map at this moment.

            • @Gearbite: rep, any chance you could shed light on my question above? Is the only downside of F9 one map vs multiple of others? F9 has better suction and bigger dustbin capacity.

              • @rdhupar: F9 do have stronger suction and bigger dustbin. I would say it is really good product to clean carpet as it has 2500pa, i am alway happy when it finish our carpet section. S5 max have better mapping function with upto 3 maps.

  • F9 $100 more than Ali Baba ?

    • That F9 version linkied on Ali is not the same. It had no LiDAR sensor.
      Ones with no laser sensor are usually a lot cheaper and in my opinion are gimmicks and should be avoided - they are just too dumb and spend too much time bumping into stuff or getting stuck.

      This also tells me there must be a few models different being called an "F9"!!

      • @steve Thanks wasn't aware of that

      • F9 doesnt have LiDAR.

        • Took me a while to realize that as the main link on this deal was to the Mi version which does have LiDAR but all the other specs are not great, saw the pick and assumed!
          The F9 is off my list now. Holding out for the deals for the S5Max at around $630 to hopefully come back.

          • +1

            @steve54321: Thanks.

            Rep, can you comment on the F9 sensors? Although it’s VSLAM, it seems to be getting good reviews on Ali and amateur Youtube reviews from Europe.

            I took a punt on the F9 for our first robot vac. Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

            • +1

              @ShortyX: EDIT: Rep has replied via PM. There is a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

              • @ShortyX: Do you get a feel that the sensors are better?

                • @pramki: No idea to be honest - I'm definitely no expert!

                  I did see this comment from a little while ago (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8987749/redir) where it is mentioned that laser sensors are better than VSLAM.

                  I'll send the author a DM in order to get further info.

                  EDIT: Can't… DMs aren't enabled for the user.

                  • @ShortyX: I have heard that the laser sensors are better too. Wondering if VSLAMS are getting better.

                    • @pramki: Lidar is still much better. More accurate, faster response time and works in no light conditions

                      • @Dezeption: Thanks.

                        This video helped me get a better understanding - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O8VmDiab3w

                        • @ShortyX: Just to throw a bit more info at this thread…
                          It's not just the sensor, these vacs are on the whole all getting better as CPU and memory is becoming cheaper or more powerful. Basically the processing power available now for the manufacture cost means most are working better than models just a few years old. You should care about the models that have the faster processor and also what sort of sensor. I think the S6 Pure was lacking compared to the "Max" lineup??

                          This is also why the EUFY cameras and doorbells are great. This sort of tech can all now be built for an approachable price point where cameras recognize people and vacuumes can not bump into stuff and get hung up as much. Same thing with Wifi - the new Wifi 6 chips are so much faster and smarter with Mesh networks actually working now and beam forming becoming commonplace.

                          Then as an aside on sensors, the cliff sensors (to stop them going off an edge) in roborock use colour. Black or dark colours telling it to not go there, as in off the edge of a step. This is why people with dark carpets complain about it stopping on transitions. I had the opposite where it was vacuuming the top floor and the lower floor had white tiles bellow a 2 story stair void. Mine just kept trying to kill itself by trying to get to an area it could see and the white tiles were not tripping the cliff sensor. Luckily the LiDAR on top kept getting stuck on the railing, but man this think was determined and just kept hammering at trying to get into the space. Like watching a dog trying to get to food just out of it's reach. Quick fix was to drop an invisible wall onto the map.

  • Are any of these the natural successor to the Roborock S50 2nd Gen ?

    • I would say s6 pure.

      • +1

        Are you likely to get s50 v2's again?

    • I think the S5 Max is the successor. Feature-wise, it is quite similar, with some nice updates and refinements, especially to the mopping feature and multi-floor support.

  • +1

    want a deal for S6 maxv or ecovacs deebot T8 aivi :(

  • +2

    What would you recommend for a small house with majority carpet and able to pick up our pets' fur.

  • Got my xiaomi vacuum this morning, I like how the box has a cat on it to show how it is likely to be used as cat entertainment.
    Update - can't connect via the app. Says WiFi can't be acquired :(

    • Make sure you are on 2.4ghz and don't have any character in the pw that arnt in a standard keyboard

  • Will we get an Australian tax invoice?

    • Yes, please send your request if you order at ebay.

    • Claim it as a maid during tax time?

    • How was the invoice sent?

  • Can I ask if the F9 actually has No Mop Zone? I saw another web site saying that this model does not have that feature.I'm confused.

    • It do have no mop zone from my firmware version.

      • Thank you

  • I was wondering if there is any parts eg. filter, brushes sold for the F9 model. I can find parts for S6 sold in ebay but cannot find anything for F9.

    • We have main brush in stock.

  • Any reviews on mopping for Xiaomi Dreame F9 ($429)?
    I have an order from TGG for Braava 380T (Currently on backorder), just for mopping as I already have a Roomba for sweeping.
    Was wondering if F9 mops well, as the price is almost similar when brought via TGG Commerial

  • Hi Gearbite, do you sell the mob cloth for F9? I need to replace it to clean different area.

    • Will have it shortly and update at our accessories section once available.

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