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Sony 128GB SF-M Tough Series UHS-II SDXC Memory Card $87.78 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Best price according to CCC.
It cost more than $200 at local stores
Bus Type: UHS-II
Speed Class: 10
UHS Speed Class: U3
Video Speed Class: V60
Read Speed: 277 MB/s Maximum (Burst)
Write Speed: 150 MB/s Maximum (Burst)
Write Speed: 60 MB/s Minimum

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  • Great price. Cheers OP

  • Thanks OP
    Placed one for my sony a7 iii

  • Just make sure you check if its a fake one when yoj receive it

  • Thanks OP - ordered :)

  • Thanks OP. Gonna use on A7R III.

  • That's a great price, ordered two! Would be AMAZING if they were V90 but these will do for my A7iii.

    Stock up on V90's when the A7siii comes out

    • V60 will do all modes on the A7S3 except for all-intra (which only goes up to 60fps anyway, and the file sizes are huge). If you need the more responsive editing afforded by all-intra codecs, you can transcode from the h264/265 camera files to ProRes or DNxHD on import.

  • PSA - defective memory card recall info from Sony:


    • So we get a new card sent from the America?

      • If you receive an affected card, I would recommend returning it through the usual Amazon AU returns process.

        You purchased through Amazon AU (even though it may have been shipped from elsewhere [the supplier], you purchased from Amazon AU [the retailer]).

        This is both the simplest method and you are entitled to this course of action under consumer law. It doesn't matter where Amazon AU claims it came from, they are the retailer because you bought it through them and payment was made to them.

        Sony AU and Sony US will likely refer you to the seller (Amazon AU), because it was not purchased through a Sony AU supplier, and Sony US does not directly supply the AU market.

        At the very least, Amazon should offer a full refund (hopefully choice of refund or replacement) for any cards that are affected by the product recall in my link above.

        • Cool, very detailed. Thank you!

          Yeah, I'd say a refund through amazon. Which is a shame after waiting so long for this card. Needed one for my a7iii too!

          Fingers crossed not a defective card

    • Just received mine and it has the star mark. So I think that means my card isn't affected.

      • correct, judging by the recall notice. that's a good sign. I have a feeling maybe this is why the price dropped. Maybe Amazon's algorithm detected a drop in sales at the time of the recall announcement, and so it lowered the price to boost sales, but paradoxically, this is also the point at which sony stopped supplying the bad cards! So a win for us? Fingers crossed… haha

        If you want to be really safe, I would recomment filling the entire card with files several times, several different ways (copy files, record huge videos in succession, take heaps of photos) then copy all the files back on to another drive to check for read errors. If you do this a few times with no issues, that should indicate it is okay. But nothing is foolproof