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[eBay Plus] Hisense 55Q8 QLED 4K TV $1260 Delivered @ Appliance Central eBay


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First post, be gentle. Been looking at the new Hisense 55 inch Q8, cheapest price I have seen so far. normally around $1500 to $1600.

Pretty good specs at this price point, QLED, FALD with over 100 zones, high refresh rate, good reviews so far, apparently outperforms the same tier Samsung, Sony, LG and TCL TVs, only downside for me is the VIDAA OS. Unfortunately couldn't find a deal for 65 inch.

Edit: restocked!

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    Great first post OP! Got everything right in the post, usually that's not the case but you're a natural!

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        I've been a lifeform for 25 years. I still suck at it. Time spent isn't an accurate metric for success.

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            @jv: jv is the perfect example of what can go wrong .. even after countless attempts! lol

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                  Your post count is always a contender at the end of year reward count

                  I'm trying to motivate Australia Post to lift their game…

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                @jv: I think the most common perspective is that you don't try to school someone who's making a relatable joke at their own expense. If it was a stand up comedy show you'd be the audience member booed out of the venue

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      No, the OP did not get everything right in the post. He mentioned:
      1. It was his first post
      2. Asked for us to be gentle

      See: Starting etiquette section of this guide

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      In the pudding

      • I just found a prune…

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      It's not hard, Samsung went backwards with their TVs, the Q70T is equivalent to the Q60R of last year and for the price difference between the TU8000 and the Q60T you might as well drop down to the TU8000 (the Q60T is brighter with a slower refresh, otherwise it's the same picture). Their quality has just toileted in the 2020 range, it was much better to get a prior year model on sale.

      The comparable LG NanoCell is usually $2k (it's on sale for $1700 at the moment) and LG completely screwed up the backlight from all reports, it's been panned in reviews.

      As far as I know we still get the dregs of TCL screens vs the good US ones. The TCL is great for the price as a more entry level, but instead of improving the picture quality on the C815, it's simply the C715 with way better speakers for a few hundred more. Great value if you want a big screen on sale though, but not good in the 55" range.

      None of those have full array backlit dimming either whereas the 55Q8 does. You need the Samsung Q80T for that which retails for $2200, or the LG Nano90 which doesn't exist in Australia (I assume they expect people to buy an OLED).

      2020 is a terrible year for 55" non-OLED TVs, but Hisense at least kept up appearances in the field. Sony is still better but not at this price.

      • As far as I know we still get the dregs of TCL screens vs the good US ones.

        I bought one of the new models a couple of months back it it has been great.

        Could not fault the picture quality when I was comparing them to the name brands in store… And it has proper Android TV, not some crappy customised version.

        I am convinced though that the google assistant is reporting back to Xi Jinping…

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        In regards to the C815 - the 55" model is just a soundbar upgrade conpared to the C715, but the 65" C815 actually has a 200hz panel etc. "Etc" because I'm not sure if there's actually anything else, but no debate sounds good with only 1 positive to list ☺️

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        You are comparing the RRP of the Samsung's to the "sale price" of this hisense. For the record I bought a Samsung Q80T 65" for $2200 about a month ago from JB hi-fi. This $2200 price is what you quote for the 55" model.

        Also Samsung TVs didn't really "go backwards" this year, they just realigned their model numbers and the actually RRP of this year's Q80T is about the same as last year's Q70R.

  • Hey OP,
    I was looking at this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/UA82TU8000WXXY-Samsung-82-INCH-U...
    I'm not an Ebay Plus member, but i was wondering what the final price comes to at checkout (if the discount caps at a certain value etc) for Ebay Plus members with the Party21 code. If anyone can be a legend and let me know, forever grateful.
    Cheers :)

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      Pay only AU $2,680.00 [ Show me how ]

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      The discount caps at $300, I believe

  • Where I am currently living has a 2 year old 55 inch Hisense.

    Whilst the screen and picture quality are very good - I find the operating system very very slow and buggy. Perhaps they have improved over the last 2 years but using this tv has just made me realise why I have always paid significantly more for Samsung Qleds.

    I like a tv to be quick, un-buggy and For everything to work first time. Even simple things like opening Netflix only work 75% of the time and the YouTube app is slow and painful to use.

    If you use the tv just for it’s screen and drive it with an Nvidia or something else - fine but as a smart tv - not a fan.

    My 2c

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      My outlook on TVs has always been lowest price for maximum picture quality. A $50 box will always sort out sluggish OS issues.

      • Yeah different folks I guess, small compromise to get the best of everything.

        It's like when people write off a TV just because it has crap speakers.

    • I don't have this TV but this review looks positive in that respect:

      The first thing I noticed about this TV and its current version of VIDAA can be summed up in one word: responsive

      Source: https://www.gadgetguy.com.au/product/hisense-65q8-ultrahd-tv...

      • The problem is that is quite the opposite of what @JamesHand said above, with the OS being very very slow.

        I’m in the market for a new 65”. My very old Sony 50” Bravia (an early smart TV I think but no Freeview) kills me with how slow it is to turn on and change channels initially.

        • +1

          Sure but his TV is probably running VIDAA 2.5. This TV runs VIDAA 4, which is two generations newer.

          It looks like @phxsun below has this TV so can probably comment on any issues with VIDAA 4.

  • I was thinking seriously about a (larger model) Q8, but the Whirlpool forums suggest it's a bit of a panel lottery at the moment (see the Hisense 2020 TVs thread).

  • Cheers, OP! Just bought 2! (ordered separately)

  • Which Samsung is the equivalent to this Hisense? Q80T? Q90T?

    • Q80T is where FALD starts so I'd say that.

  • +1

    Shit. Got excited as I thought it was the 65" model…

  • +1

    Any info on panel refresh rate?

  • How's this compare against the Kogan qled? Are they similar?
    I figure there are not many factories making these now.

    Was going to drive from am Xbox anyway

    • +2

      Kogan is bottom tier crap. This is the big boys league

  • Phenomenal screen let down by the OS. Good thing is, as another ozb'er already mentioned, can be solved with a $50 tv box.

    I've had mine for about 3 months now and I'm still in awe of the picture quality. Stunningly bright even during the day (my lounge had a skylight and windows all around) and the FALD does a fantastic job at night. I've bought myself a $200 Shield TV and it's solved virtually all my issues with the TV.

    Couldn't recommend this enough

    • does the nvidia device allow you to pause and rewind live tv?

      • I don't think so but I don't watch live tv so I haven't really looked into it

  • This or Samsung Q80 for $1650 through EPP?

    • What are you looking for in a tv

    • How are you getting $1650 for a Q80T? Mine shows up as $1911 in Government EPP

    • @hophead we need answers!!!!! that would be the cheapest ever by a long way! Is that student, Telstra, virgin log on?

  • Is this better than the tcl $892.70


    • +1

      yes - the c7's are edge lit / micro dimming.. this is direct lit full array local dimming. They really don't come close.

      This is a premium quality picture for a good price. You pay 2.5-3k for these features on a samsung.

      • ah awesome.

        What about compared to this? for $40 more


        • +1

          edge lit.

  • Great price just ordered. It's replacing a 10 year old Hisense (which still works) so pretty excited. Might pick up a NVIDIA Shield if the OS is as bad as I've been lead to believe.

  • So for a secondary tv in a bright lounge room, the 65 inch version of this is the pick for the year?

  • I own a hisense and generally like it, but the OS..yea.. I'm with you there.. not the greatest (although nothing to compare it to, to be fair)

  • +2

    Which TV is OzB TV of the year?

  • Just wanted to know if you want to claim warranty if the TV has any issues, do you need an invoice?

    I have heard LG TVs are long lasting and less problematic and it is easier to deal with LG as they usually fix or replace TV when some major issues occur? Is it true?

    • my LG C9 had a problem with the screen, luckily I was still within the 1 year warranty, contacted LG and their repairmen came around 2 business days later and replaced the panel, no issues no delays no hassles. So yeh definitely very easy to deal with, only wish their warranty last more than a year.

      • ACL gives you around 7 years.

  • Any feedback on qled/oled bang for buck non~edge lit 75'?

  • +1

    Just FYI on Hisense generally, I've two Hisense TVs (the Oled 55PX and 43R6) and while they're great bang for buck TVs, they don't have discrete hdmi switching which is a pain if you use a Logitech harmony. So far, Hisense can't/won't provide a solution. Probably would have purchased something else if I'd thought to check it prior to purchase. Otherwise, great TVs

    • what's discrete hdmi switching?

      • +1

        ARC connections in general I've found to be a constant issue with my Hisense. And the OS is balls. But picture quality is top of the line.

        • This.
          I'm constantly having issues with my external soundbar and Hisense 55P7. Otherwise, a great TV

          • +2

            @Benoffee: Had this too with my soundbar. Switched to optical and the problems disappeared.

      • It's a specific code that a universal remote can use to access specific HDMI ports. Without it, it makes it difficult to program your Logitech Harmony (or any universal remote). You can still make it work (as I have) but it's a clunky workaround. Best you purchase a TV that has discrete HDMI switching if you want a smooth ride.

        • Better explanation than mine. Can I ask what your workaround was?

          • +1

            @Annan: Sure! Happy to help. Here is how I got it to work.

            Firstly, you will need to use the learning mode of your remote to create a new "Input" button. Copy the "Input" from your Hisense remote. Ensure you name the new button to be something like "InpManual". DON'T call it Input - or else it won't work.

            Okay, once you've got that new button on your Logitech remote you can create an activity. In my case I have Foxtel running on HDMI 1. So, I'm going to create an activity called "Watch Foxtel". This activity will turn on the TV and Foxtel box but then do the following.

            1. Press the "Live TV" button on the TV (this will set the TV at a default state)
            2. Press the "InpManual" button on the TV
            3. Press the "InpManual" button again on the TV
            4. Press the "OK" on the TV

            You will then be on HDMI 1.

            Here's a screen shot that might help.

            I also have a "Watch Optus" sport activity that is running on a Fetch box on HDMI 2. It is very similar to the first activity, except there's an extra "InpManual" press.

            1. Press the "Live TV" button on the TV (this will set the TV at a default state)
            2. Press the "InpManual" button on the TV
            3. Press the "InpManual" button again on the TV
            4. Press the "InpManual" button again on the TV
            5. Press the "OK" on the TV

            You will then be on HDMI 2

            Here's another screen shot

            When I initially set up these activities, the switching between HDMI inputs was a bit slow. A few months back I purchased a new Logitech 650 and transferred my settings over to the new remote. Since then, the HDMI switching speed has increased immensely. So there might be a setting that controls how quick the button presses are. Much happier now than I originally was with the situation.

            If you want more help, hit me up with a PM.

            • @jelko: Absolutely awesome, thanks. Will see if I can get this working.

      • Basically the ability to tell the TV to switch to a specific input without having to go through the TV menu system, e.g. having an activity such as 'play xbox' which involves the TV being set to the input the xbox is connected to. Hisense doesn't support this so the TV won't have switched to the correct input. The TV and xbox will be on but you'll still need to navigate the TV menu system to change inputs.

  • +2

    Back in stock guys! 21 in stock @1045pm Syd time

    • thanks, post updated

    • Thanks, just bought 1, thought I missed the boat! 11 in stock now :)

      • All good! Really a great tv for the price if you don't care about gaming.

        Def's keen to see them implement 2.1 HDMI in the next gen or sooner and I'll get Hisense for sure

  • +1

    How good would this be for the new xbox series X? I was considering the samsung Q70T.

    • +1

      Looked around and this doesn't have freesync even though it has the tech. Shame really. Spend abit more for the q80t apparently it's the better buy overall.

      BUT LG cx 48 OLED are coming which is what I'm waiting for 😎

      • Looks amazing but out of my price range.

  • Damn them they are not stocking the 65” version anymore..

  • It makes a pretty good PC monitor (excluding hardcode gaming)

  • +1

    Thanks OP! The Good Guys matched this for me and I'm the happy owner of a 55" Q8! It's a stunning TV and the Full Array Local Dimming is really good - not as perfect as OLED but mighty good.

    • How bright is the room you've got it in?

      I plan on getting an OLED for the media room, but wanting something in the lounge as well.

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