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Surfshark VPN: 90% Cashback @ Cashrewards


Enjoy :)

Expires: Sept 6, 2020, 11:59:00 PM
Initial outlay of $65 (using the CASHREW2Y code) works out to around $11.82 after cashback on 2 year plans.

New Surfshark customers only.

You must click out from this offer on Cashrewards and then select 'Buy Now' from the Surfshark page in order to receive the discounted 24 month plan. If the coupon is not applied automatically, ensure you add it prior to checkout.

Prices are quoted in AUD, and may change depending on US dollar exchange rate.

Offer can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only. It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.

The AUD amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.

From previous posts: Advice is to pay using a credit card (or debit card) and not PayPal.

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  • Is this VPN actually good? So many I've tried reduce my speed down to just a few mbps.

    • That is the fear I had. So many people use VPN for Netflix and stuff so I thought it was resolved.

    • +3

      I got this on the last cashrewards deal around 6 months ago. It's been really great for me.

      • Yup same.

    • +1

      I find they cap to around 2-3mb/s.

      • +1

        I am 100/40 get constantly around 85/25 after connected on Sheild via Orbi.
        Check your connection?

        • Is that sustained?

          When I turn off the VPN. My speed suddenly goes up to 4-5mb/s.

          • @FrugalDealHunter: that's a normal drop. That's because of latency/encryption. Pretty normal with any VPN provider. Up to 30 % drop is considered normal.

            • @777: I have a PIA account too which doesn’t do this. Both using OpenVPN

              • @FrugalDealHunter: um, that's not possible unless you using Australian based servers and least/no encryption.
                There are overheads with encryption along with TCP packets unless.
                What sort of encryption are you using? Are you using split tunneling by any chance?

    • +2

      Their servers are very fast, We have Surfshark and NordVPN both purchased after seeing cashback deals on ozbargain. My preference is for NordVPN as we stream a fair amount of overseas geo-blocked content and NordVPN I've found has the more reliable servers. They certainly have more.
      I believe that streaming companies are required to take all reasonable steps to protect the media material they're entrusted with. They regularly check IP addresses, when they find literally hundreds of viewers connected with the same IP address, it's a dead giveaway. Surfshark only has a few addresses for each country, so are easily picked off. The bigger boys have heaps of spares to swing into action within minutes when some fail. Surfshark can be very hit and miss with BBC iplayer.

    • I signed up with them last week and got refund too .. not great speed, now on Purevpn and happy with speed

    • No. I have this and it only manages to play international netflix in terrible quality. I wish I had copped NordVPN with its cashback deal instead.

  • does this work for netflix

    • I've been using Surfshark vpn for several months now and have no trouble accessing Netflix for different countries, including on mobile and PC.

    • I have been using this … Netflix works on various countries including US .. so it's not only US netflix.

    • Works great for Netflix, prime, Disney,HBO,CBS

      Ask the support via chat for best servers, they have upto date server options

  • I have it on my TV all time works great to compliment it use just watch app. Will tell you a content is available in which subscription service and do change the country in settings if you can't find it for free.

  • Any recommendations on how to set it up for better speeds?
    I have it set up on my router(GL.inet Slate) using OpenVPN using a UDP configuration and I'm getting 12/11 on a 50/20 connection (where it normally is 30/12 because of my patchy wifi).

    • OpenVPN TCP/UDP is slower than ikev2 protocol but with Surfshark 3 years plan, the speed is not really high…(10-180mbps with ikev2 protocol) it's worse than nordvpn or cheap lifetime VPNs.

  • Is the previous 3yr plan better value or this 2yr plan?

    • Just personal opinion, try to go for 1 yr duration, say if their service slowsdown after 1 yr contract ( in three years contract), you are stuck for the rest of two

  • Will this work on Vodafone TV to watch Netflix content from the USA, or Disney+ via India?

    • +1

      Yes should do via the app.

    • Bought this last month, and works great on my Sony android tv for hotstar app. Doesnt support hotstar on iphone, unfortunately.

  • Which is better, pay in USD or AUD?

  • I got this with one of the last offers and for the price it came out to Im extremely happy.
    I have my pc permanently connected to it and my tv box uses it for a few connections connected through my router which does the vpn stuff (AC68U).
    I got it mainly to help with speeds to overseas connections because my ISP is crap (especially for international connections), fixed my problems. I connect to one of the australian servers so all my international stuff is done through their network.
    Bargain at $7 for two years.
    Cashback went through without any problems.

  • Bought it via cashrewards app . I can see a click history record but it does not appear in rewards balance ? Probably takes time to appear ?

    • Same :/ it's only my second time with Cashrewards and I'm not confident I did it correctly. Do you see it under my rewards now? Thanks

      • I did see it under rewards . It appeared after few hours .

        BTW I cancelled it . It disconnected every 20 secs on my cell via thr app . I was testing torrent speed.

  • I signed up for this last time. I'm new to VPNs tbh, and am not sure when to use it… Do people use it all the time? On their phones too? I've started using it when accessing bank apps. What's the deal with using it with Netflix?

    • +2

      With a free or paid VPN, you can get a 50% discount (compared to netflix AU) if you subscribe on Netflix Turkey or Argentina. Then you can use Surfshark to have access to 10-15 netflix libraries (US, CA, UK, KR, etc.), you'll be able to watch Joker, hobbs & shaw, spiderman far from home, black panther, etc.
      Search your movies on https://unogs.com or https://www.flixwatch.co
      For Disney+, it's not really useful to use a VPN except for disney+/hotstar india.

      If the speed doesn't bother you, you can use the VPN all the time but on some websites (amazon, gmail, etc.), it can prompt security alerts so it's easier to turn it off.

  • Couldn't resist at this price. Good speeds during peak, speed tested at 91/13Mbps on my 100/20Mbps on a local Australian server.

  • Hiya fella, sorry for this dumb question but why is credit card preferred payment type than Paypal? Cheers.

    • +1

      I'm guessing it's because PayPal rips you off on the exchange rate. As per the original post, the cash back is based on the reported amount, not the actual paid amount.

      • +1

        With Paypal, you can choose between paypal exchange rate (2-3%) or your card rate. By default paypal will use his own exchange rate and will add a transaction fee (for the seller) because Surfshark will charge you in USD.
        I think cashreward also has his own exchange rate (3%)

        • Makes sense, thank you guys. I thought it's about cash reward approval timeline.

  • Beyond happy with Surfshark. Bought NordVPN during last 90% cashback deal, using for general vpn stuff, but also wanted it for it's smart dns feature for my TV, had frequent buffering and every day or two would come up with vpn detection error messages and reverts back to AU netflix.

    Now with Surfshark, haven't had any issues so far with buffering or vpn detection errors. Normal internet speeds at 38/14, with vpn: 36/11.

    Great deal, less to pay while waiting the several months for cashback to come through. Now to just get money back from Nord.

    Thanks OP.