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Crucial P1 SSD M.2 500GB $74 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lowest price according to camel camel au

Securely load and store up to 500GB of important files on Micron NAND in a tiny M.2 form factor.
NVMe PCIe technology delivers sequential read/write speeds up to 2, 000/1, 700 MB/s

(Price dropped $75 to $74 on 2nd sept)

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  • Wow!

  • good price!

  • This or the kingston a2000?

    • Kingston A2000, simply because it's TLC and the SLC caching behaviour is much better behaved on the Kingston. After about 20GB of writes to the P1, performance drops below 100MB/s, you're better off with a spinning disk at that point.

      • Is that 20gb of data written to the drive
        Or sustained writing ?

        • Sustained writing.

          • @joshau: Thoughts so, thanks

          • @joshau: Hey mate, when you say sustained writing - would this include installing a 100GB game for example? Or just transferring 20GB+ of files in one 'drag and drop'? Cheers

            • @Benjamin7711: Depends on the game you're installing, and the store it comes from. Most of the time, the write speed to the drive is bottlenecked by your internet connection speed, however some game installers do write to the disk at rates significantly faster than your internet connection.

              For example, installing Fortnite will do a 100GB+ sustained write at over 500MB/s for most of the install. On the Crucial P1, this will exceed the SLC cache pretty quickly, and drop to the lower 100MB/s write speeds before the write has completed, causing much slower game installation times.

              The Crucial P1 is a bit of an outlier, in that it's SLC cache implementation, and native QLC flash speeds, are really really bad. For not much more, you can pick up a Kingston A2000, which is TLC-based, and only drops to ~500MB/s after about 150GB of sustained writes. For gamers, you'll never be bottlenecked with the A2000, even installing a game like Fortnite.

              TL;DR: Depending on the game, this drive could affect install times. That said, once the game is installed, this drive will perform like pretty much every other NVMe drive out there for gaming. If you can afford to fork out the extra $10, just get the Kingston A2000 and be happy knowing that the write performance will never really hinder you in any meaningful way.

              Keep in mind, with GPU DirectStorage (DMA) coming from both AMD and NVIDIA this generation, and the performance characteristics of the PS5 and Xbox One X SSD's, we may see a shift where the performance of the NVMe drive you put in your system does begin to affect game performance (specifically load times), and the maximum quality levels and LoDs you can achieve. If you are thinking of getting a RTX3000 or Navi 20 series card, think about spending the extra ~$50 or so to get a decent higher end drive, like a Samsung Evo Plus, WD SN750 or XPG SX8200.

    • 500 GB is too small for P1s ram, SLC, sudeo SLC cache.

  • don't forget 10 dollar off via amazon app.

  • Newb question - I have a SATA SSD at the moment with OS and all my data and was thinking of chucking in a cheap NVME drive for additional storage for gaming. I CBF putting the OS on the NVME drive right now, so my question is can I just install this without formatting my existing drive? Use them side by side?

  • Anyone tried eBay price match on this? Would be good to use my eBay vouchers for this….

  • Wrong thread

  • $74.00 now

  • is this compatible with ThinkPad E570? I've seen some posts saying that the laptop only uses half of write and read speed

  • Is it out of stock as it is indicating cannot ship to AU address?

    • I get this issue now and again. Doesn't like my PO box address for some items. I find if I try another address (street address), it solves the issue. I also have a mate that had a different postcode to his town and it caused this issue

  • Now $73.50

  • Down to $70 for those playing at home