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NZXT H1 White/Black AIO Mini ITX Gaming Case $581.89, Free Delivery @ PB Tech (No Stock - on Order)


Have been looking for a Mini ITX case to go with all the amazing deals of RAM, SSDs and GPUs being posted.

I haven't seen the price as low as this (and in stock). I'm assuming they have a warehouse in AUS as shipping is free.

This case includes a PSU and liquid cooling.

Black variant - No stock (on order)
White variant - No stock (on order)

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    Now that's a rare seeing a H1 in stock it's been a while

  • +46

    Love the case, but can't justify paying ~$600 for it.

    • Yeah it really is pretty

    • +2

      It does come with a PSU, but it might be worth then say $250, not $500.

      • +7

        And AIO

        It's worth much more than $250

        • +1

          A decent AIO is like another $120, they can buy in bulk so maybe like $100 more. $300 to $350 is a fair price then.

          • +3

            @KARMAAA: They run a business, they need to make profits.
            Its mini ITX, that always costs more too.

            • @scuderiarmani: Sure, but they also make the AIO, I'm pretty sure it's a Kraken X62 or something like that. The case is pretty much overpriced for what it is. But I will ay it's one of the best mini ITX cases that I've seen. So maybe the premium is worth it. I'm not saying it's bad in any way, I just think there's a better price for what is effectively a case. Perhaps they should sell the case without the AIO or PSU at a cheaper price, I'd buy one if they did tbh.

              • @KARMAAA: It is one of the best mini ITX cases I have ever built a machine with. The quality and layout are exceptional. Easily worth the $600, sure it is at a premium, but all good mini itx's are. You have over $350 of extras alone in their with the riser, 140mm AIO and SFX-L.

                A good demonstration of how well they are priced is how damn hard they are to buy, they are sold as fast as they can make them.

              • +1

                @KARMAAA: they dont make the aio, its made by asetek which is where most aios come from. On top of that theres the case itself and its design and premium materials that youre paying for and also a modular 80 plus gold 650w psu. They also need to make a profit.its also quite a niche product. So with all that, and the fact that NZXT has to make a profit, id say $580 isnt too bad

    • comes with quality PSU and water cooling for the CPU as well as riser. So really the case isn't that expensive, it just includes a lot of extras you don't have to buy now.

    • Like others said - case 180-200, pump 200-220, psu 150-200 in a sff - justified.

  • +2

    Oh wow, my PC Case Gear order of $629 arrived the other month, this is a great price (though still paying a premium over all)

    • +1

      pccg is way too over priced imo… I’ve done a comparison and for my pc would have paid about $280 more if i’d gone with them

      • Yeah but they do stock a much larger range in cases IMO.

        • Depends on what you are after.
          I wanted evga 2060 gpu which they did not have, b550 itx board which had no stock at all even the case i was after had no stock h210 nzxt at the time with no eta.

          Yeah the times are tough with supply chain issues. Still, if you want something now, won’t help much.

      • Yeah maybe, I bought my mobo and the H1
        Both at reasonable prices, most of my build was collated from ozbargain listed sales (eBay discounts were popping off back then) so I don't really know what their prices are like for everything

  • +2

    Wow,600 case!!!

    I thought I bought define r7, $260 already very expensive……….

    • +17

      It comes with a PSU and 140mm AIO preinstalled.
      Lessens the blow somewhat but still damn expensive lol.

      • -16

        It's kind of like going to a restaurant and the table is set up food presented nicely to you. You pay for that. But you can make the same meal at home for alot less if you can be bothered.

      • +4

        gets you karma on r/sffpc though

        • +17

          Pff no, you need a $400 case that's only made in group buys of 7 once every leap year. This is too mainstream

          • @Merlict: I've noticed that, all these youtubers saying some boxy itx case with massive holes is da best, but its some massdrop deal that only comes annually.

    • Almost jumped on the r7, wanted the H1 (no stock), built the h210i.

  • +23

    Expensive it may seem, but you have to consider that it also comes with the following:

    1x 650W SFX-L 80Plus Gold Fully Modular Power Supply
    1x 140mm AIO Liquid Cooler

    • +1

      I suppose. Still feels like a lot though, even as a fan of m-ITX. Then again I don't build high-end, which is the market segment this case is aimed at.

    • +2

      1x 140mm AIO Liquid Cooler + 1x 650W SFX-L 80Plus Gold Fully Modular Power Supply is around $350?
      Which makes the case around $230

      • -6

        Hand over your ozbargain card citizen. If you're paying $350 for a 650W SFX power supply and a single slot AIO, that card is going right into the shredder.

        $120 for the power supply on sale and $50 for the AIO. $410 for the case

        • +11

          Woah which no name brand are we talking about here

          Sf600: $200
          Kraken X42: $160

          • +2

            @ln28909: It's not gonna be an SF600 though, I'd put the PSU at around $170 as a Silverstone unit or something.

            • @Void: I'm just saying under $200, he's dreaming and I'm a Corsair fanboy

          • -5

            @ln28909: Silverstone SFX

            Coolermaster ML120 or Corsair H55

            If you wanna overpay and spend $350 on those you shouldn't be here…

            • +2

              @Ark94: Silverstone is $20 cheaper and the AiO here is 140mm

    • +8

      I got this case, you forgot the riser cable which cost like another $40-$50.

    • Lian Li TU150 + PSU + 140mm AIO is like $450 max

      • +5

        23L+ vs <14L, not really comparable

        • -2

          Call me cheap, but I feel like I could save myself $300 buying the PSU+AIO separately and just chucking them into a Silverstone SG13. For sure this case has better build quality and cable management, but is that really worth the premium?

          • +1

            @SoresuMakashi: I don't think the SG13 can fit AIO with a long GFX, you also pay the premium for the layout as well.

    • -1

      650W not good enough for 3080 hehe

  • :o how much?

  • +2

    So is the idea of this case that it means you can just whack in a GPU, HDD, and Processor and off you go?

    • +9

      And a mobo… And RAM…

      • +1

        RGB too to make it gaming ready.

      • True, late night brain. But still nothing that really needs cables which was the bit that sucked about putting together my own pc a while ago.

    • +15

      Apple makes you pay $1000 for wheels. I'm serious: https://www.apple.com/au/shop/product/MX572FE/A/apple-mac-pr...

      A whole case would be like $3000 in their book.

      • Apple has a book? How much is it?

        • They do have a picture book of their products. $100 USD.

          • @KARMAAA: Bargain. I’m going to buy 10.

  • -1

    Any good deals on full tower cases?

  • +5

    Ah crap! That's an awesome deal! Used units in AU are over $600.

    This might seem like a high price but there's a lot of components in there, it's got strong reviews, and it's sold out globally.

    I nearly bought the Silverstone FT03 to knock off that H1 design but today bought the Node 304 ($130), Fractal SFX 650W ($157), and Scythe Fuma 2 ($119).

    Same kit on Amazon Australia right now is $584 (Node $160 + SFX $274 + Fuma $148) and would have to wait for import times.

    This case has equivalent kit (AIO even) and costs less for AU stock. I reckon that's a good deal!

    • Keen on something like the masterbox nr200, but would need to buy a new SFX PSU, and wanted to keep costs down building a second pc ( plan was to reuse case, PSU, Maybe put the Bluray in).

      Can get a nzxt 210 (white/black) for 129$, may just do that and not worry about the br slot. Hard binning all the old stuff but need to, and just make a mini build with the recent deals from here ($600 gaming/media machine to hook up to the telly). It's still probably recommended to use a SFX psu for cooling, but it's a simple build so not sure.

      This H1 combo would be high end but no means cheap.

      • I put a post in forums on the psu I bought yesterday. Fractal 650w SFX for about $158. Listed the other kit I found cheap too. I considered NZXT H210 for $127 but decided on Node 304 instead for $130.

        I cleared out all disc media about 5 years ago, but I understand what you mean on not wanting to waste the the blu ray.


        • Cheers saw that, not a bad price, but this is already getting out budget, ha.
          could just sell as a whole pc, don't even know why building another- was going to reuse few parts but when they are about 8 years old it's probably not worth it, and just sell for cheap or take to electronics recycling.

          The NZXT H210 is still a bit big, suggest anything else for a small form that fits a RX580? Just want something to put near the TV/Speakers that is fairly compact.

          • @G-rig: I was after white so options were limited. If black, you have loads of choices. But cool and quiet with small size is a challenge. What form factor and colour is ideal? Closest style to the NZXT H1 is the FY03 and I found a cheap one somewhere before deciding on Fractal. I considered a Jonsbo in silver for a while, and Phanteks but they are too expensive.

            • @TheLurker: Just noticed your comment on the Node 304 - Looks pretty cool. I'd consider something like that, not too phased about colour, white may not match my other stuff but can see the attraction. Fractal make good stuff, I've got a meshify c, and my old case (which i was going to use but may retire is a Refine R3. Existing PSU would be fine, still don't mind the H210 for that price, the parts i'm putting could use a smaller case though.

              Wouldn't mind something smaller, possibly place in the entertainment cabinet (if doesn't get too hot) but could just place next to the cabinet.

              was just planning on some stock fans nothing fancy, perhaps the nzxt in white be ok, just not that small but workable.
              Meant to be a cheap build (Intel Core i5-9400, Gigabyte B365M DS3H Micro ATX, Asus Radeon RX 580 8 GB, 1tb WD Blue M.2, Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB.

              Cooler Master Elite 130 looks ok but would need a closed loop 120mm water cooler. H210 in white may do


              • @G-rig: Heads up, if you're looking to build in a H210 or NR200, you'll need a micro ITX motherboard as micro ATX will be too big

                • @Hardstuck Silver 2: Yep good point thanks for that the One I have coming is Gigabyte B365M DS3H (Socket 1151/B365 Express/DDR4/S-ATA 600/Micro ATX).

                  I think my b450m Mortar max is also, I don't tend to get anything else .

                  Ordered the White H210, I think it's not bad for$129, Maybe not quite as small as I wanted but easy to work with and use stock fans and my full-size PSU, and see how that goes.


              • @G-rig: Advantage of the fractal is it comes with three fairly silent fans already installed. Comes in black too. Is $200 on Amazon for black, but $130 on the link in my other post in forum. Full spec there of cheap itx products too

                • @TheLurker: The fractal looks alright, but Much like a microwave or nas box would need to buy a SFX power supply too.

                  Pretty sweet idea to set up something like that.. will stick bit conventional otherwise could almost get a Mac Mini type of form factor. Most fans quiet if new and bearings aren't knackered, are they PWM ones? Not planning on any water cooling either which should have if going too Small. May add one later depending on temps

                  • @G-rig: I avoided water cooling for noise. The Fuma 2 cooler I got looks epic in tests and beats the D15 for noise, itx fit, performance and price. Their case fans are also reviewing better than Noctua and they aren't poo brown.

                    I agree on microwave, but I run a 40" AOC 4k monitor on an arm, so that form factor means I tuck it behind the base of screen and can still access the ports without wasting desk space. Matches the colour scheme of white and silver well too (desk, arms, keyboard, mouse, pad, printer, etc). The case is the size of a shoebox! :D

                    Fractal fans are 3 pin, so not PWM but it is still controlled by software profile from motherboard. They are very very good, but not incredible. If I am not happy, I'll get Scythe fans which are way cheaper than Noctua for comparable performance (see cooler reviewers channel linked in my forum post)

                    • @TheLurker: Sounds like a top setup mate without heaps of real estate on your desk. It does look like a nice challenge and 20$ cheaper but always liked this case, just wanted to put something together could sell either one if need be. My other build is Meshify C and have a dark Rock pro 4 and 2x 140mm silent wings,2x 120mm exhaust (front/front top) is very silent for sure.
                      Was annoyed when fans are too loud and not controllable if sitting on desk.

                      Good write up and post btw

                      • @G-rig: Thanks mate. Hope it helps. Took a while to find those items and prices in the post.

                        According to reviews the Fractal fans are a little better than BeQuiet, so that's a good benchmark. That case design means it is quieter than many. Still reckon that H1 would be great though.

                        I reckon ITX monsters will be a big struggle now. Can't believe the RTX 3090 is nearly 14cm wide!

                        • @TheLurker: True.
                          Not even sure why building a new one, already built a PC recently with a 2060 Super may just return everything and get a 3-5m HDMI cable or move the PC for tv use. Could even sell and get a 2080s instead.

                          Just hanging around Oz bargain too much. The old i5 2500k latest me ages except MOBO stuffed, then it begins, end up with a whole new machine

          • +1

            @G-rig: Check out OptimumTech on youtube - great itx sff channel.

  • +3

    Thanks OP! Great price. Been holding out for a deal on one of these.

  • +1

    Really hoping this one will come down a bit more over the next few months!

  • Had mine since June and it's an awesome case and very easy to build in. Just hope a 3080 fits! Thanks goodness for 28 Degrees price protection!

  • This is definitely the case to get if you're heading to SFF/ITX setup provided your GPU fits! I was dead set to get this case but my MSI 2080 Super Gaming X Trio is way too long/thick. Ended up going way left field for the Sliger SM580. Next upgrade time, I am just going to stick with Founder's Edition or similar cards.

  • +1

    Ordered a case from these guys, the aus site, and they shipped from NZ.

    Be careful, may have warranty issues.

  • I got this case from pccg at $650 had to wait 2 months for it come in stock. The price tag of $600 is not that bad as many mentioned above you get quite a bit of kit. The design is great and fit's on my compact table. Not much sound comes out from the case. It's a great size and the biggest pro for me is that as a first time builder for sfx builds this was easy, no stress and a enjoyable experience. highly recommend this case.

  • Not enough space for incoming RTX 3090, I will just pass

    • The RTX 3080 ti will fit.. Reasonable compromise.

      • +2

        Too bad there's no such thing as the "RTX 3080 Ti" (yet)

        • There are some preliminary specs out, suggesting its size will fit two slots and is < 300mm long.

  • I was considering a mitx build but would have meant I could not reuse PSU and wanted to move away from AIO (fear of leaking), my old corsair AIO has been fine for the past years so maybe nothing to worry about.

    Great case and footprint but from what I have read, a little restrictive on air flow? Assume it would be fine for gaming and most people aren't not running benchmarks 24/7 which is what most channels base their temps on.

  • Thanks OP, good find :)

  • Bought mine for this price from PB Tech back in July. definitely recommend them.

  • Damn, I was going to buy a White one to go with my Black one.
    1 for gaming, 1 for my TV room

  • Tempted but the only thing holding me back is the just announced RTX 3080 new airflow design means it isn't particularly well suited to being vertically mounted…

    • By the looks of it some of the 3rd party non blower designs will do just fine in it. e.g. the Zotac

  • +1

    Be careful the Pcie cable in this case only supports up to Pcie 3.0.
    Even if it can fit some of the RTX3X cards physically the cable will limit the performance.

    • Ouch! How much of a performance hit do you think? My aim was to add the RTX 3080 ti plus Ryzen 4950x on release. Now I don't know whether it's plausible.

      • +1

        Just be aware a PCIe 4.0 riser cable can cost another $100. Also NZXT will release a native PCIe 4.0 H1 case.

        • Also NZXT will release a native PCIe 4.0 H1 case

          Have you seen annoucnement on this or just thinking it's the logical thing to happen? If it's not too far in the future i'd rather wait until they realese an updated model.

      • +1

        Also be aware the RTX3090 will consume 600w of power. The power supply in this case will need to be upgraded as well.

        • Thanks for the info.

          • @JeBs: I am pretty sure they are replacing ti series with 90. If there releases 90ti it probs need beefy psu and i don't think any SF PSU can support them.

        • an RTX 3090 will not fit in this case, case is limited to 2.5 slot GPU's (though some have pushed that to 2.6 or 2.7 by pulling out the mesh and having card jammed in tight. The 3090 is a 3 slot card and to top it off it is too long and too wide as well, maybe some of the 3rd party ones might cut it down to size enough but I doubt it. So while the case is awesome and has a lot of room for many full length cards you still need to take special note of the card height, quite a few of current gen top end cards won't fit either.

  • +2

    Excellent case, the main purpose I got this case was the footprint. Doesn't take much space on the desk and looks minimalistic. Cost wise I think its a fair price at around $580

    If you have a look at exisiting top tier SFF Cases

    Dan A4, Sidearm FormD T1 & NCASE M1 - $300 to $380 Delivered in Aus
    Power Supply - Corsair SFX 650W - $180
    Cooler: Varies from $80 to $120 depending on Air or AIO

    Overall cost would be similar to the H1 and building time only took 15-20mins.

    You can get Coolermaster NR200 but it was never a direct competitor to the H1

    • Just wondering if the case is reasonably quiet at idle? Like any fan coil noise noticeable? Also do you know whether there's a case limitation for adding liquid cooling to the graphics card?

      • Case is very quiet at idle, I'm running a 3900x @ 4.2ghz with temps max out at 80c

        Do you mean custom loop to the graphics card, refer to Optimum Tech's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3MduBQ4A30

        • Thanks. I ordered one.

    • +2

      Coolermaster NR200

      Yeah for those complaining about price this is a really good all rounder

      • just finished my compression upgrade in the nr200.

        good case for $109

  • Can the power supply be swapped out for something more powerful? Also can an additional liquid cooler be fitted to the GPU? I'm wanting to keep the noise levels to a minimum.

    Was tossing up between this and a prebuilt PC like the Corsair a100. Problem with these prebuilt machines are the older components - I need the new gen AMD plus GPU being released soon.

    • You can use any SFF-L PSU. There is a 1000w one but it costs a bomb

      There really isn't room for more radiators without cutting.

  • I almost bought this a few months back before discovering that my GPU(MSI 1080ti Gaming X) is a little to chonky for the clearance specs. I was pretty disappointed as I don't plan to upgrade GPU for a while.

  • Can the new 3070 fit. Or even better the 3080? Will the Power Supply be able to cope with it or do I need to buy additional cables?

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