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[Sold out] [eBay Plus] Western Digital 1TB Blue SSD 2.5" SATA Internal SSD $133.51 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


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Brand Western Digital
Model Blue 3D NAND
Form Factor 2.5"
Interface Sata Ssd
Internal/External Internal
Hard Drive Capacity 1TB

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  • Thanks OP, good deal !

  • How does this compare to the Samsung 860 for $9 extra?


    • +3

      This is TLC, Samsung QVO is QLC. The WD Blue is likely to have much better endurance, and higher performance across different workloads.

  • I’m a PC nuffy. My old desktop needs more memory. Could I fit one of these to it? Or are these for laptops? Any advice appreciated.

    • My old desktop needs more memory

      You mean storage?

      Desktop with SATA will fit, just clone the drive and stick it on top of the old drive.

      • Thanks for the reply. Not storage, it just goes into the 'not responding' stage continually.

    • -1

      No these are disks. The 'C:\' 'D:\' you see on the Windows system.

      You need RAM, just go to Amazon and search 'RAM laptop'

  • Can i use this as external drive?

  • For your info only.
    If one of your existing or new HD/SSD is Sandisk/WD brand, you can use Acronis True Image to clone your disk. I did a couple of PC, pretty simple.

    Download link

    • I bought the Kingston a2000 the other day and it came with a software key for Acronis also. Of course, I thought the little bit of paper was just a warranty card so I'd already cloned my drive with Macrium before I found the key. Macrium is free and worked perfectly.

  • Damn, this is getting to the point now where I can justify replacing all the old 900GB SAS drives in a 24-bay drive enclosure I have… as each of those drives dies (and I run out of more and more spares), it seems like it's now cheaper to buy a new 1TB SSD, than it is to buy a new 900GB 2.5" SAS drive.

    • 900GB 2.5" SAS drive.

      Make sure you have SATA ports.

      • The SAS backplanes / controllers in the array are cross-compatible with SATA drives.

        • You probably can't build an array across a mix of SAS and SATA drives though. I tried that with an HP server at work after a SAS drive died and we couldn't justify buying a SAS to replace it.

          • @macrocephalic: Yea, if I was to do it, I'd be tossing all the 8+ year old SAS drives and going full SSD. At this price point, it's hard not to justify it 😬

  • Will SSD or HDD last longer in NAS with minimal read/write? That is monthly back up for 1TB's worth of data - no overwriting of old data, only adding in newly created files.

    Impression is that SSD will outlast, given wear and tear on HDD is largely contributed by physical wear and tear from running/spinning 24/7. Where as SSD is on the amount of data written to the disk?

    • If you use this drive as an example, the 1TB version is warranted for 400TBW. This means, assuming you add 1TB each month, the drive will last you 400 months, or 33 years, at a minimum. Most TBW figures are extremely conservative, I've seen Samsung EVO drives survive well past 3x their rated TBW figures.

      A HDD is more likely to die within those 33 years than the SSD, although if you only do the backup once a month, the drive may be spun-down for the vast majority of the time and may not accrue much wear and tear.

      TL;DR: For 1TB per month of writes, get the SSD. Not only is it faster, but it'll last well past the time it becomes obsolete.

      • Similar conclusion in my thought process. Additionally, the backup data will be duplicated onto two SDDs, in case God know why one of the two fails.

        :) now any cheap deals on 2 bays NAS!

      • You're much more likely to have the either drive die due to power cycling than actually hit the write limit in this example.

        FWIW I've had a few spinning drives fail over the years, but never had an SSD fail yet - although I've been using SSD's for a much shorter time.

  • The 1TB and 2TB WD drives have no DRAM cache.
    Costs a little more but for the OS drive the Crucial MX500 might be a better choice.

    • +1

      The 1TB and 2TB WD drives have no DRAM cache.

      Are you sure? This is blue not green.

      • WD's website is unclear, but a couple of 3rd party reviews agree on it.
        Apparently only the 2 smallest sizes have DRAM.

        ::edit:: According to Tom's none of the WD blue drives have a RAM cache..

        Still seems to perform OK, but the Crucial MX drives are only a few dollars more, slightly to moderately beat WD across all parameters, have a longer warranty and do have DRAM cache.

        I don't think either would be bad.

        Personal bias only though, just discovered WD use Sandisk flash.
        Sandisk are on my avoid list after I've suffered huge number of failures and poor performance on their products the last 6 years.
        In my opinion they are not the Sandisk they were 10 years ago.

  • Received it today, cloned it across from my 500GB Samsung.

    Both asus BIOS or acronis true image said I have SanDisk SSD G5 BICS4 :(

    Speed is fine no much difference than my old Samsung EVO 750.

    • is this a good ssd to get if im planning to upgrade old 1tb harddrive from a laptop to this ssd?

      • old 1tb harddrive from a laptop to this ssd?

        Of course your old laptop will fly after upgrade to SSD. It is cheaper than other 1TB SSD at the moment.

        Tested the speed is the same as my old WD Blue 3D 500GB, just the firmware on the 1TB shows as SanDisk.

        • do you know if this ssd take alot of power consumption?

  • Received this today. The box says 5 years warranty, so the same as Crucial MX500's?

    • Yes, did you check the drive name in BIOS or Windows device manager?

      Mine said SanDisk SSD G5 BICS4

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