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Nvidia SHIELD TV PRO 4K Media Player $349 (Bonus $40 Store Credit) + Shipping/CC @ The Good Guys


Please be kind ..If you buy one for $349 and spend another $31 to take the total to $380 you will get the $80 Credit (must be redeemed within 7 day) + $5 Shipping (Varies on postcode)

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro is the supreme streaming media player - packed with features to make even the most demanding users proud and beautifully designed to be the perfect centerpiece of your entertainment center. Enjoy a cinematic experience with stunning visuals brought to you by Dolby Vision HDR, and immersive audio with Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Special Terms and Conditions apply for Store credit

Part of the "Get $20 Store Credit on $120+ Spend, $40 on $240+, $80 on $380+ @ The Good Guys" deal

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The Good Guys

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  • its online only.

  • It's not cashback, its store credit.

  • Please update that the $80 is store credit towards a future purchase too :)

  • Store credit back is not equal to a discount, and also, you have only one week to spend the store credit…

    • Pretty easy to get around that

      you have only one week to spend the store credit

      • Yeah they can do no promotion for such specific week, plus, I wrongly purchased TGG gift card from prezzee, and still nothing to spend for more than one year…

        • You just buy an item with the store credit and then cancel your order. Your credit will become voucher.

  • oh sorry ill remove it

  • or should it stay?

  • $318 in Commerical

  • Hang on, the $80 store credit is only if you spend another $31, so your title is misleading.

    If you just buy the Shield it’s a $40 credit.

    Edit: never mind, mods have fixed it

    • yes but if you spend another $31 you get $80 back instead of $40, still works out that you get a Shiield and a $31 product for $300 . how is that not good?

      • not exactly the case. For $380 it would buy the shield, a $31 item, and yeild an $80 voucher to spend on another purchase within a week.

  • OP just find a $31 plus item and add the link in description and in title then change the credit back to $80

  • $315 yesterday on eBay, ouch for anyone that was eyeing it up but missed yesterday's deal

  • +1 vote

    The Good Guys promotions area can be quite draining to deal with. They appear to be swamped and don't follow up what they'll say they'll do.

    When you ring up for phone support they (eventually) tell you that their promotions phone support has been shut down.

    Bottom line: Taking the cheaper price and avoiding getting involved with their promotions is a very reasonable approach.

  • If I'm going from a 1080p TV and mibox3 to a LG cx
    - should I also upgrade to a shield as well?

    How's the shield with hdr, x265 things like that?

    • runs HDR UHD remux fine through Plex

    • +1 vote

      The main problem with the CX is that it can't do anything with DTS sound so you are going to need something to help with that if you have any DTS sources.

      mibox3 might be enough.

      Shield will certainly do it but is not cheap as we see here.

      Google should be announcing a new streaming device at the end of the month which should be <$100 and could be a great option if you can wait a bit.

  • I love my Shield TV - but damn, I bought at a higher price just last week.

    I have to say that I've found GG C&C to be very disorganised and sluggish. Sometimes you get processing errors on their system where an order gets stuck on their central system and never gets routed to the actual store. I had to lodge to lodge a Paypal dispute once when this happened.

    And when their system works, the C&C can take up to 15 mins - they take their time to find your order, review your ID and then seem to type a lot of stuff into their system. It's a bad C&C compared with other stores.

  • I wonder if the Xbox series X will suffice instead of this

  • what games are people playing on these if any? I have a VTV and I've paired my xbox controllers to it, but many of the games are bodge, although I haven't spent money on them so far

  • I just got a call saying this wasn't in stock in all of Australia, and that they're happy to leave it on back order with no ETA! Or refund the amount as a voucher (as I paid using a gift card which I purchased from Suncorp).
    They made it seem like it there was no issue at their end, and that their system allows you to "back order" items.

    • Very disappointing.

      If there website was realistic you wouldn't have ordered with them. Perhaps that is why it tends to be very optimistic instead.

      I will be waiting at least 2 months for my item that was 'coming soon'.