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Pine O Cleen Laundry Sanitiser Fresh Cotton 1.5L $6 (RRP $12) @ Coles


Best price I've seen for this laundry anti-bacteria sanitiser.
The Fragrance free version also available with same price.
Happy Shopping!

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  • What's wrong with just using washing powder?

    • -1

      Nothing wrong with killing bacterias on your bed sheets & blanket which eating you away in your sleep.

      • a normal wash gets rid of those just fine.

        • If you say so.

          • @itstuan: If you wash using the hot cycle, you'll be fine.

            • @jv: You will need highest temperature available on your machine to kill most germs. Even so, you’re paying higher energy bills anyway.

              • @itstuan:

                Even so, you’re paying higher energy bills anyway.

                Nah, use solar power…

                • @jv: Now you're just assuming everyone has solar power and electric hot water system.

              • @itstuan: what about drying laundry under the sun like what ppl does since human exist ?

                • +1

                  @phunkydude: Obviously you can do whatever you wish to. If its not for you, it’s not for you.

      • +2

        if you have flesh eating bacteria on your linen i suggest washing your sheets with fire.

        • itstuan would clap at your response, but his hands have been eaten away.

          • +1

            @jv: I would have responded to this but since I got no hands..

  • Thanks OP.

    I prefer this one over the canniston one.

    • Why? I haven't used this one.

      • I find the Canniston smell not as pleasant and i sometimes get a bit itchy using that brand on some of my clothes after i wear it.

        I havent had any issues with the pine o clean one

        • -2

          and i sometimes get a bit itchy

          could be jock itch.

        • Thanks. Good to know. The cotton fresh does sounds pleasant :)

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