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Sony X90H | Full Array LED | 4K UHD | HDR Smart TV - Prices Starting from $1999.00 for 55" KD-55X9000H @ Sony


Much Awaited for Gamers : SONY X90H | Full Array LED | 4K Ultra HD | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Android TV) now available in Australia

Prices starting from $1999.00

55" model

65" model

75" model

85" model

HDMI 2.1 Features Include
Above features should be available via a future firmware update

Full Specs and Features here

Sony Offering Price Match too for lower price.

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Sony Australia

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  • More like an Announcement rather than a Bargain

  • How much is it normally?

    Why is this a bargain?

  • jb hifi has been selling them for at least 5 days.
    not ps5 ready as the advertising claims…may be in future.
    no apple tv either.

    • I got the email from sony too. I hate how they're advertising it as 4k/120fps but it's only 4k/60 and only 120fps at 1080p. Apparently 4k/120 is coming in a "future" firmware update but doesn't say when or how. I have my doubts it's going to be available for the 55", it'll probably only be for the larger or largest model like other manufactures' TVs only enable 120 for their larger panels.

  • No bargain listed. These are RRP..

  • Don't buy for features that aren't implemented. Ever.

    Don't buy if not on sale. Ever.

    Robocop voice: "Move along citizens!"


    Wow, you aren't even trying to hide that this doesn't belong. May wanna look at the site carefully.

  • Ozrrp.com.au

  • No bargain listed.

  • This would be cool if it came with a ps5. That would be a epic bargain­čśÄ

  • may be a price/listing error (details say 75inch) but the title and spec details do say - KD85X9000H for $5495.00


    i'm not in the market for one but who knows, maybe you can pull this off…

  • OP -> bargain = rrp?

  • No deal

  • X9000H or Q70T/80T
    X9500H or Q70T/80T

    • same dilemma now. Q80T vs X9000H
      I'd definitely go with X9500H because, based on the side by side comparison, it has way better performance on the dark scenes (too dark, crushed details on Q80T) but it's more expensive

      • I would go the x9500H without hesitation if it wasn't for the lack of HDMI2.1 support.
        Anyone planning on buying a PS5 or Next Gen XBOX needs HDMI2.1 for high framerate gameplay.
        Strange Sony left it out of the higher model.

        • I'm only watching movies so no need for 2.1 gaming
          9500H is a bit pricey considering I could get Q80T for 2.3K
          not sure if dark scenes issue on Q80T can be fixed with different dimming settings or newer firmware
          hence waiting for side to side review Q80T vs 9000H…

  • This is OzBargain not OzAdvertisement.

  • not a bargain

  • Same reasons as above

  • I wanted to get it as a stand alone tv as ive seen the comparisons even to the q8 and it wins, its not all about dimming zone count, its the algorithm and color production, motion, jitters, panning, and many other stuff, sony just does it better, if you doubt this go on YouTube and search sony x900h vs h9g. ill wait for the 65 inch to be 2k hopefully by nov

  • Honestly cheaper to buy in america and have it shipped. Its 999 USD over there (1350 Aud)

  • +1 vote

    OP says starting from $1999, it is from $1795 (the 55" link)…

    Other retailers are also selling at this price e.g. GG https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/sony-55-inches-x9000h-4k-uhd-...

    If I posted Sony WH-1000XM4 at launch price $549.00 saying everyone was eager waiting for it (which I'm sure most people were), I'll get negged for sure.

  • lol they lowered their price lmao its 1795 now

    65 inch is what im after, $2395. once its $2000 ill get one. or if i see a deal from the q8 that i cannot refuse it will have to be the q8 in that case

  • I'm deciding between the 55" model of this vs the LG CX 55 OLED — opinions whether the LG is worth the additional ~$1000?

    • Sony - cheaper, no risk of burn in, might be better in bright rooms, might have HDMI 2.1 activated one day
      LG - better picture, fast response, good gaming capabilities - widely seen as the best TV in the country.

      Only you can answer if the CX is right for you and if you can afford to pay $1000 for it.

  • OzRRP strikes again

    • Maybe Mods are trying to set an example of what not to post and letting us neg such posts.

  • Are Black Friday prices just normal commercial/discounted prices or better?
    I understand that they are better than retail ones but are they lower than commercial?
    Never participated in the Black Friday rush hence asking..

    $2019 for KD65X9000H is current commercial price.

  • $2038 today. Was $2019 yesterday and $2090 a week ago :)
    If you're with Sunsuper, you can get it at that price (The Good Guys Commercial)