Boost Mobile Activiation Issues

Just a word of caution, I purchased the $150 mobile starter kit about a month ago. Tried to activate it, was unsuccessful. Turns out the number allocated is somehow already allocated to another customer. Anyway, so I've been trying to contact Boost. Long story short calling the support number takes you in a loop, tells you to go speak to someone on live chat. When you visit their "live chat" section there is a message "Due to increased quarantine measures, there is currently a longer wait time with our Customer Care and Live Chat is currently unavailable."

I guess you get what you pay for and I am shrugging this loss off.

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    Seems like your sim pack has expired

  • Can you port to an existing number?

    Has the pack expired? if so, you're out of luck

    Boost actually stopped new $150 plans iirc.

  • Just call Telstra support, they’ll transfer you to someone from boost (that’s what I did when I activating a blank sim to transfer a Telstra number)

    • I will give that a go, thanks for the update!

  • If you have the proof of purchase, return the item to where you purchased it for a replacement or refund.

  • What is the Expiry Date on your $150 SIM Pack? If its in the future, you still have the right to claim, Contact Boost Support (I know its quite hectic, but one has to go thru these hassles once in a while). They would either assign a new number or send you a new SIM Card with that credit loaded. Good luck. Don't book $150 as a loss, that's a great deal of money.

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      Finally managed to get in contact with Boost using some weird online chat function. Long story short it is now working.

      • Well done!

      • How did you do it? I need their support help as well

  • I bought the $150 sim pack from Cellmate and I can't activate the sim card. I can't even pass the ID verification page (my ID has no issue and I just ported from Telstra to Optus without problem this morning). Now Boost mobile just wont let me go through the verification page for some reasons.
    I tried to call their support number and just could not speak to a real person.
    Anyone else knows how to contact someone in Boost mobile?

    • I had the same issue when trying to port from Optus to Boost after previously porting from Telstra to Optus. Could not get past the verification page. I tried all the different options on the Boost phone support and eventually managed to get through to a real person and they processed the port over the phone.

  • I tried to activate a Boost sim and after I entered the SIM Serial, I got the message saying it is invalid or is already activated. I found numerous complaints of the same from the Boost Mobile Community. I am live chatting with them but got nowhere. Oh well, will stay clear of Boost in the future.