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[UNiDAYS] Vitamix A2300i $620.10 ($545.10 w/ Catch Giftcards) + Delivery (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


Combining this deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/562356) with the unidays discount brings it to $545.10 :) which is close to all time low for this model.

I believe the same thing can be applied to the e310 here

[Code Request/Giveaway Megathread] 10% off Catch.com.au Voucher Code via UNiDays

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    good deal, but this blender does have some issues with recognising the containers. if you have issues with this the blender is useless (as it wont turn on without recognition of jug).
    we have had a jug replaced that just wouldn't work. got a replacement (no hassles & free of course) and they both now both work.
    it will blend anything.

  • How much for the E310 with UniDays discount?

    • The unidays discount is 10%, so 498*0.9 (10% discount) = $448.20

      The catch discount is 15%, so 4x $100 cards + 1x $50 card = 450*0.85 = ~$382.50ish

  • E310 or a2300

  • I have a Vitamix (E310) and out of interest bought the Philips vacuum blender on this deal:¬†https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/546212
    Whilst the Philips initially looked like a toy in comparison to the Vitamix, which can also do so much more, the vacuum function on the Philips produces far better smoothies and nut milk, which is primarily what I use the blender for. It's amazing how smoother smoothies are without all the foam, and how freely nut milk flows out of the nut bag without all the foam getting in the way. I have not used the Vitamix since. 

    • Wow I had heard of vacuum blenders but did not know why they existed. I've had a vitamix 5000 for 14 years. It faulted the other day but when I opened it up I could see a capacitor on the board had a broken leg, so I replaced the $1.40 cap at jaycar and it goes strong again. I will keep the vacuum in mind though when it eventually dies. I just bought a 3rd juicer the other day so budget and kitchen spaced maxed out for now.

  • Has this deal expired? Cheapest I found now is in Amazon