Vitamix A2300i - White $657 ($591.30 w. UNiDAYS 10% Discount) + Delivery (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


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  • Very good deal, well done.

  • Are these that good? Because that is a lot for a blender.
    I notice they have an impressive warranty but still.

    Anyone used them before?

    • I recently got a a2500i which is basically the same as the a2300i.
      Have been using it to make smoothie and its pretty good, especially with the blending cup accessory, makes washing up a lot easier.

      I too think vitamix is very expensive for a blender, but I too was impressed by the warranty and hence got it in the end.

      • Have you ever had another blender? Do you think it is a lot better than other blenders in terms of how well it blends?

        • Not really sorry.. this is my first proper blender tbh.
          A friend of mine highly recommended it to me though :p

          motor seems plenty power though. so im sure it blends really well.
          u can also get the blending bowl accessory to make condiments/baby food etc.
          so almost borderline a food processor as well

        • there's also this at $399 so your wallet doesn't hang itself

          • @inamberclad: Yeah, I also love blending but I don't get the $600 price point. Like honestly curious.

            Even the $400 price from that link, although it seems more reasonable, seems to be quite high and I just don't know what you are getting for it.

            From my experience with blenders (making frozen fruit 'mush' and protein shakes etc.), I think the $200 price point seems to be where it's at.

            What pushes people over to spend double or triple? What do you get for it? :)

            • @Anj:

              What pushes people over to spend double or triple? What do you get for it?

              My partner has a $200-ish Hamilton Beach blender. It struggles to grind up oats.

              I have a non-Vitamix but similar type blender that sits in this price range. It turns oats to dust in seconds.

              Sometimes you just have to pay to get the tool that does the job you need.

        • I had a Nutribullet 1200W and now use a Vitamix, the blend difference is instantly noticeable. I use it for breakfast smoothies and a lot of vegan cooking, no need to soak cashews before blending in a Vitamix and they still came out creamier than the Nutribullet ever did.

        • Simar to TheJerry, also had a Nutribullet and a couple other cheap name brand blenders (Breville I think). Vitamix is in a league of it's own compared to them. The 'smoothness' of the blend differs (it's a bit of a reach but texture is like silk vs salad), and Vitamix does things Nutribullet etc just can't do. Also Nutribullet broke after a year and I had issues with blade design while it worked. If you're serious about a good blender IMO this is a really good deal.