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15% off Catch Gift Cards @ PayPal


15% off Catch Gift Cards


The offer is only applicable to Catch Gift Cards valued at $20, $50, & $100. Offer is not valid for other Catch Gift Card denominations, including but not limited to Variable.
Offer is valid from 8:00am 3rd September 2020 until 11:59pm 8th September 2020 or until supplies last; limited quantity available.
Limit of 10 digital gift cards per person.
Offer is only valid for the PayPal account associated with this email address; this offer is non-transferable, not redeemable for cash and not for resale.
Offer may not be combined with other coupons or discounts on PayPal Digital Gifts website.

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  • +1

    Hoping it's not targeted. Would love to stack this with future shopback deals for my new MTB brakes.

  • +10

    The offer is available to anyone with a PayPal account

    • +1

      Thanks mate.
      Just wondering if we can use 10x gifts cards at Catch's checkout page for a single item at the same transaction?

      Update: I should've done my homework, only 5 gc is allowed - found the answer here: https://www.catch.com.au/gift-card/

      • Thanks….was tempted to buy them to purchase one of the 75" TV's https://www.catch.com.au/product/blaupunkt-75-inch-4k-uhd-an... - same as the BigW one at $999 but with 15% off it would be slightly cheaper but delivered.. Looks like that's not an option now…

      • +1

        Yeah i get catch gift cards with my credit card points, bought a couple cheap shitty couches for a second living space and they absolutely would not budge on shipping in 2 separate transactions.

        Shit customer service, ended up paying an extra $45 shipping (out of the cards). However if I did the 2 couches in one transaction it'd only be one shipping fee.

    • when is the next deal coming in?

  • +22

    Still reckon I'd struggle to find something worth buying..

    • Picked up an LG 4K player the other day, about 25% cheaper than anywhere else.

    • Some spirits are ok with 15%, not great but worth it if hard to find somewhere else

    • true… only thing that seems tempting to buy is the phone plans.. they are one of the best deals going on.. but with corona going on and shitty wifi, huge area speed slow downs cause everyones using it, its good to stay on my telco plan ($65 pm with 100GB+ per month) as assurance/insurance.

    • GoPro Max

    • +5

      I got $1500 worth the last time there was 15% off and in over a year I've used about $1000 but spent $70 on club catch. So it's debatable in terms of value. Plus loads of stuff went up in price when Covid kicked in. Worse than Amazon and ebay.

  • +1

    Wonder if this can stack with 10% from unidays??

    • +12

      Yes as this is a gift card. Other is a promo code

      • Awesome! Thank you.

    • confirmed, do it many times

    • +4

      As far as I know Unidays 10% works only if the product is sold by catch (i.e. doesn't stack on 3rd party/marketplace sellers)

      • Yes, can confirm. They allow you to use the code anyway but no actual discount applied to items from marketplace.

        • Does that include Target since they are owned by the same parent company?

  • Can we use eg. $500 gc to pay for $450 phone from Catch ? Is there any limit of payment by gc at Catch?

    • +1

      Yes , 5 gift cards max allowed for Catch payment using gift cards so 5x $100 should be fine

      • Cheers.

      • Cheers mate. I know I will sound like an absolute idiot, but are you sure that only 5 gc can be applied for a single Catch payment?

        Update: I should've done my homework - found the answer here: https://www.catch.com.au/gift-card/

    • Also like to know too and since biggest denominations is $100, can many cards can you use at a time

      • 5, it even says so on website if you need further proof

  • Was waiting for this! Thanks Dollar dialler..although was hoping it was 20% off like last time.

  • +1

    good to combine with mobile plans and unidays https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/556829

    • A noob question but how would you combine with unidays?

      • You apply unidays coupon code to get 10% off and then pay with these gift cards.

        • Ah thanks makes sense

  • can you buy electronics category of Catch (Unrestricted)

    • Ofc, I used the gift cards to buy Switch. but be clear, Only maximum $500 AUD can be redeemed in one transaction .

  • This would bring the price of the Xiaomi monitor to $554 I'm pretty sure.

    • Yeah sub $500 now if you include the flybuys offer, that's over 20% cheaper than what people pre order for in a month lol

      • +1

        What flybuys offer please?

      • The T&C's of the Flybuys offer state: "Points offer available on the first eligible transaction made between Tue 4 Aug and Tue 1 Sep 2020".
        The discounted gift cards will be available from 3rd Sep 2020.
        So can't combine?

    • $550

      $425 - 5 × $100 catch gc
      $125 - mobile citi listing $625 (less $500)

      Just waiting for gift card coupon codes to show up in my email :)

  • Can this be used to buy SIM plan from Catch Connect?

  • Still need to burn through catch gift cards from the last PayPal offer

  • -3

    So clicking though I don't see how the discount is applied anywhere, I can add $100 go through checkout right up to buy now and its going to charge me $100.

    • +3

      Time travel bro

      • +1

        Aww snap.. I was so keen to apply it to an order today I didn't see it. (tomorrow is last day for flybuys bonus points as intro deal I think)

  • Could find a way to change the quantity when purchasing.
    Anyone know how purchase 10 cards at one time?

  • +2

    what to buy from catch?

    • +3

      baseball mitt. to play catch.

    • +4

      AirPods Pro for $292
      Nintendo Switch for $381
      WH1000XM3 for $296

      Stock up on giftcards for PS5/Xbox release later on.

      • are airpods pro au stock?

      • Been looking to get a switch for a while, tempted by this deal.

      • Any good mobile phone deals?

  • I bought catch gift cards from AusPost with 10% off, 11 days later still waiting for them.
    I wish I can tell AusPost I don't want the cards anymore so they can post it where the sun don't shine >¦[

    • +1

      I passed AU post sale and 10% off of catch gift card even worst than 20% cashback and Catch did it quite frequently

  • As these are digital gift cards this may apply for anyone thinking of using them to buy a mobile plan…
    "*Cannot be used for Catch Connect mobile services. Maximum of 5 eGift Cards may be used per transaction."

    • +3

      This has been clarified many times that the gift cards DO NOT work on Catch Connect website BUT, you can still buy Catch Connect plans via Catch website.

      Follow the link from here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/556829

      • Catch need to clarify their t&c's then?

        • It's tricky but clear I guess. Also no incentive for them to clarify for people to use discounted gift cards on Catch Connect plans via Catch.

  • Can you still get cashback from ShopBack if using catch gift cards?

  • -1

    I get this error trying to purchase.

    "We can't process your payment using your PayPal account right now. Please go back to the seller's website and try using a different payment method."

    mmmm… PayPal is the seller and wont accept PayPal.

    • -1

      Actually I found I get this error if I add more then 1 gift card and I don;t see the discount /sale applied

      • +2

        I don;t see the discount /sale applied

        As per OP sale starts in 3 days

  • is there any limit on the number of gift cards you can use while making a purchase?

    • -2

      up to 5 I think, or $250

      • +3

        I thought up to $500 if using 5 x $100 gift cards

  • +1

    Has anyone found Catch has been getting worse for customer service since Coles took them over?

    • +1

      Info only: Not Coles, Wesfarmers owns Catch. WES used to own Coles too until 2018

  • Ca anyone please put some light in here .I had a few question can I brought liquor with those as giftcard through catch ?? And can I apply unidays code on liquors to have 10% off thank you in advance.

  • +1

    the delivery cost on Catch is something that turns me away from using it..

    • +1

      I've been using amazon prime which seems to be pretty good. Don't know if catch membership worth it.

  • +3

    Buying $450 worth of gift cards, it brings the Nintendo Switch down to $382.50

  • can you stack gift cards

  • Is Unidays promo codes working atm?

    • seems to work for me, but as per T&Cs "Excludes all Marketplace, Apple, Google, Dyson and Nintendo products, and delivery fees. "

      • Can you please send me a link on Unidays T&Cs, I should have a look.

  • +2

    Just a thought,
    Samsung tab s6 $497
    After Unidays 10% discount $447.30
    After 15% gift card $380.20
    Club catch x20 flybuys points 9910 = $49.70
    Final price $330.50.
    Am I doing anything wrong here?

    • +4

      Flybuys offer will expire by the time you buy discounted gift cards

    • +1

      Also note that’s a S6 Lite

    • That's also the s6 lite. Got me excited for a second.

  • What’s the likelihood that catch would sell ps5?

  • Can you use these on marketplace purchases on catch.com?

      • Thanks mate. What is GC can you please clarify?

        Edit: Oh sorry, GC = Gift Card…..

  • +1

    Might go well with Booze BUD through Catch which has 10% off and free shipping! https://m.catch.com.au/event/boozebud-beer-wine-spirits-1319...

  • Stack this gift card with the Uni days discount for the AU version Xiaomi 3H air purifier @ $179.80 (or $199.75 without uni days)


    Hope this helps someone!

    • +1

      Unidays doesn't work with marketplace

  • +1

    What happens to the gift cards if Catch goes out of business.

    • Unlikely, they are killing it.

      • aussie amazon

        • +2


    • -1

      Its actually a dumb question to ask when since the pandemic the market cap would have doubled and the poor brothers that sold it for around 200 mil over a year ago missed the big payday . Unfortunately its diluted in Wesfarmers worth only 50 - 60 bil nowadays .

    • actually i was unaware that westfarmers bought them last year - maybe i should start using them more!

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