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[UNiDAYS] Catch Connect 365 Day Plan 120GB/60GB - Unlimited Talk and Text $108/ $89.10 Delivered @ Catch

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Catch Connect
Catch Connect

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  • Sorry a bit confused as this plan is for 60gb right and not 120gb as per the title?

  • Another tip for those new to catch, if you sign up using someone’s referral and checkout just the club catch trial. It will be counted as your first purchase giving you $10 credit. Also you get 20x flybuys points, so that will be another $10 worth of points if you are getting the 120GB data plan. Only catch is that you will have to raise a ticket to cancel club catch.

    • Excellent tip thanks! Anyone knows if the referrer will also be able to use their $10 to buy a gift card for the referee to use towards the purchase?

      **edit: just read that this is not possible
      "Store credits cannot be redeemed for cash or used for the purchase of gift cards."

  • Can you use catch giftcard to purchase catchconnect?

  • Better than the boost deal

    • but boost uses telstra network

      • No offense but the boost network sucks. Even on catch on Optus it's much better. I used to get full bars on my phone. Now that I have switched to Boost I get 1-2 bars reception. I have to bump it down to 3g to get 3 bars.

        Btw I live 15km from Sydney CBD and I never has a problem since I switched to Boost.

        • I think we could just agree that each
          network has different strengths and weaknesses.

          For instance, I've noticed that aldi/Telstra has better coverage in rural communities in my area,

          But optus/everyone else has faster data and better service along main rural highways.

          A not so nice experience in one area doesn't mean the network sucks completely

  • 10x flybuys Points or 20x (Club Catch Members) on Your First Linked Purchase @ Catch

    I think Catch Connect is excluded from this offer.

    From the Terms and Conditions:

    Points are awarded after savings and discounts and at the promotion date, excludes shipping costs, ‘Catch Essentials’ products and services (Catch Insurance, Catch Mobile, Catch Trade Ins and other services),

    • You are not buying it through catch connect. You are buying it through catch, just like you would buy anything else from catch.

  • Anyone know the end date of this offer?

  • How is Catch compared to boost? Catch is insanely cheap, must be a catch somewhere

    • Optus vs Telstra

      • I have used catch before it uses Optus. If you know that Optus has a good coverage it will be the same.
        You don’t get Volte or Vowifi, but personally I have always had most of the time mvno with no volte or vowifi and no problems. I live in Sydney metro and find all the services good

      • I have used both Catch and Boost. In my area, the optus network is better than Telstra.

  • Is it come with new SIM or we can port to it?

  • No international call. Pass.

  • Is it possible to keep my current mobile number ?

  • Does anyone know if the $20 off first zip purchase at catch is expired, so only the zip referral $20?


  • Do you have to be a current student to get Unidays discounts ?

  • Hi sorry I'd like to ask what can we do with the $10 credit after purchase? Also I see we can get further discount from suncorp benefits but can we buy the exact credit we want or it goes by standard denominations and we have some dollars left over that we may never use?

  • Does anyone know how long it takes to get the flybuys points? I signed up to club catch but I've only received 108 fly buy points. Was expecting around 2000 points.

    • Standard points collected will be credited to your flybuys account usually within 48 hours of paying for an eligible item but may take up to 14 days. Bonus points will be awarded up to 30 days from the time the promotion ends.

  • Can someone kind enough to pm me a Unidays code? i intend to buy SIM plan from Catchconnect