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[PC, Win10] Free: Roxy PDF Conversion Tool (Was $29.95) @ Microsoft


PDF Conversion Tool supports over 50 different types of extensions. In addition, it provides options for password protection / unlock and compression of PDF files.

Free for a limited time.

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    Can u merge 2 pdf files??
    Or Remove pages from a pdf.
    Listed function is already built in in a lot of apps, so I don't know what use it can be.

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      no, can't merge. Best Merging software for PDF i've used is PDF Manager. Every now and then it's free in the microsoft store - so just have to be on a look out for it.

      I find this app more useful than trawling through various online sites to convert PDFs

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          Not a valid reason for neg vote

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        PDFsam also does merging brilliantly, for free

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        +1 for PDF manager, so light and quick.

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          +1 for pdfsam have been using it for many years

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            @Dvbargain: +1 for your +1! Been using Sam for many years too, until work gave me acrobat.

      • Adobe pro dc is the best but it cost $267 per year

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        I just had a look, pdf manager is currently $14.95 down from $74.95 with a day remaining, not on my personal need right now for me, but maybe good for someone.

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      if you can put up with some not so fancy gui, I'd recommend pdf sam. It is free and does merge, split, re-order etc. pretty well.
      edit: Get the older 2.2.4 version. It includes the now premium options of Visual document compose & reorder.

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      PDFbinder is free and good for merging pdf’s.


    • you need to get adobe reader pro for that.

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      Try this one mate its also free was $299 as per MS store Merge, anotate, editor, write on pdf

      • Is this only for a phone? Can it be installed in a computer?

        • +2

          its for pc not phone

          • @white3knight: It's asking for a microsoft password. Can i make a new one or does it have to be the microsoft account the computer is logged in as?


    • +1

      Try PDF Shaper. The free version does image to pdf, merge, extract and so on. So simple to use and fast.


  • Can U edit these pdf file?

    • No editing function. Purely converts file formats.

  • Will be OK for win7?

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    you can use free PDFFill, PDF tools are free. you can merge, split, add watermark, covert pdf to image vice versa


  • Sorry dumb question- isn't there already a built in Print to PDF under Print functions that can pretty much convert anything to PDF?

    • +3

      Yep, but this one does the other way around. ;)

      • Ahhhh….!

  • How does this compare to Adobe DC Pro which cost $263 per year??

    • Adobe DC Pro is awesome and does everything you need. If I dealt with PDF's day in day out for work/business I'd pay the subscription. As an individual though I hate the subscription aspect and won't ever pay for. So once or twice a year when I need it for a few weeks I do trials…

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        Yeh my work pays for my subscription

        • Then get it for sure. You can do a trial just in case though.

  • Ty Op

  • Anyone know of a light app that can overlay sheets of PDF files (for drawing comparison). Even Acrobat Pro can't do it easily if at all…

    Revu can but thats big $$$. Bonus if it works on a Mac?

    • +1

      Affinity Publisher, though not a light app and not free ($80 but sometimes on sale for around $50). It's not a bad replacement for Adobe InDesign, especially considering the one-off low price.

      You can import a PDF and it retains its transparent background with no loss of quality (ie. it's not rasterised).

  • +1

    got excited than realized i already got it from a previous ozb deal

  • Now i remember why I don't use the windows 10 store offers when they pop up.

    At login to purchase…Please verify your account using your back up email account details .. code Sent.. ok that's great now please verify your main email.. code sent and verified… page not found. Try again and repeat.

    Can login in to every other Microsoft service on the same pc and browser session the windows store just doesn't like it.

    Appreciate the post OP but microsoft is too secure for their own good.

    • Why not look it up on the microsoft store to save yourself the hassle of logging in?

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    I've been using pdf24 for last 5 years and it has never failed me. Totally free. Has anyone tried this before? Give it a shot. https://en.pdf24.org/

  • SHowing up for $5.95 now so not free anymore. FYI for anyone looking still.

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