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Raspberry Pi 4 B Model B Starter Kit 8GB RAM 32GB SD Card US$96 (~A$132.10) Delivered @ Labists


If you spend some time on the site, you can get up to 25% off code with code wheel that pops up. Used a temp email, incognito mode and multiple tries to get a 20% off code to bring it to USD $96 (AU $131.47). Update: Use code WELCOMEBACK20OFF to get it for US$96 - Thanks @P3aker.

Choose the AU plug.

Description from their site.

Highest RAM for a Raspberry Pi (8GB) offers high-performance: Raspberry Pi 4 8 RAM features with new SOC Broadcom BCM2711, High-performance 1.5GHz Quad-Core 64-bit Arm Cortex A72 CPU. Capable of supporting HEVC 4K streams at 60 fps and managing 2 screens in 4K. Dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5.0 for faster connectivity. Transfers via 2 USB 3.0 ports up to 10 times faster, 4 Gb / s or 500 MB / s. High-speed Gigabit Ethernet Connector
5.1V 3A USB-C Power Supply with on/off Switch(1.5M/5Feet), with Noise Filter, specially designed for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, it keeps your Pi 4B operating smoothly and at peak performance, easily press button to power on/off Raspberry Pi 4 board; Equipped with high quality 1.5M/5Feet Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable for connection to full HDMI displays
With LABISTS customized premium raspberry pi 4 Red Case, offer your pi 4 good protection, easy to access to all ports, featured with a camera port for easy install and use of the raspberry pi camera module(not included). Double cooling with 1 cooling fan and excellent heatsink, no more worry about overheating while the pi working; Comes with a Raspberry Pi quick start guide help you get started easily
Equipped with Raspberry Pi 4 Heatsink Fan:1 heatsink fan and premium heat sink for impeccable heat dissipation, better than those only two aluminum heatsinks. Comes with install tools, easily setup within 1 minute. A real raspberry pi 4 Model B 8GB RAM complete Starter Kit which is must needed for learning code, developing new projects, and even office works.
Equipped with Necessary Accessories And You Can Turn It On Immediately: 1 * Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB; 1 * 5.1V 3A power supply 1.3m with switch; 1 * 32GB SanDisk Micro SD card preloaded with Raspbian; 1 * Red case for Pi 4B; 1 * Fan; 1 * heat sink; 1 * Card reader compatible with USB-A & USB-C; 2 * HDMI to HDMI micro cables; 1 * Screwdriver; 1 * LABISTS Raspberry Pi quick start guide

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  • Ignore that

  • -1

    Any deal on 4G version as HomeAssistant does not support 8GB yet :(

    • +4


      USD $85 ( AU $117) with code 432GB15, free Shipping


      Ah the joys of using search 😜

    • +2

      Apparently there's a pre-release version of HA that does support it :)

      • Is HA as good as an IKEA hub?

        • +1

          I don't actually use HA, I've got a custom bit of Node software for my home automation needs :P

    • +3

      Hell, why did you have to mention 8G.

      It's 2020 and Covid+5G nearly broke the world.

      Q people going to burn the world when they hear about 8G

    • what?!
      do you mean the docker version or the hass.io OS image?

      glad I came across your comment, since I was planning to upgrade from a 3B+ … used primarily for homeassistant and pi-hole.
      I need more RAM to be able to add octoprint to the setup

      • That doesn't make sense. Why would it only work on the 4GB version? Homeassistant supports a wide range of setup.

  • 8gig ram in a Rasberry Pi? Wow

    • +1

      You can install Windows 10 ARM on it if you please

  • spare 20% code: 56NKZTDEJGM0

  • Depending on your use case, at this price you might be better off buying a 2nd hand PC off eBay.

    • +1

      with this form factor?

      • +1

        And low power outage?

        • He did say depending on your use case…

  • Those who have this, is the fan noise that bad?

    • +3

      There's two options for installing a fan on a raspberry pi, they involve connecting one lead to a ground pin and the other to either a 3.3v pin or a 5v pin. As you might imagine. the fan spins a bit slower on 3.3v and so isn't as loud.

      I've only ever used the 3.3v and it's pretty reasonable.

    • +1

      No. Mine is quiet.. some folks attach the leads to the incorrect GPIO pins pm the M/board resulting in noisy fan. My eyesight is not that good at the moment (cataracts) but a little help from a magnifier light and YouTube videos and I got it right first time.

      Mine is so quiet that I need to peek inside the case holes to check if the little red LED is on.

      P.S. These are nicely prepared and packaged kits. Build time 10-15 mins tops…

      Edit: Since posting this, CaveDevil has the right answer above re the pin voltages.

    • If people are saying use 3.3V instead of 5V, doesn't that imply the fan is a bit too loud on 5V?

      I have an el cheap case which comes with the fan, I put it in 5V and it is fine. I actually made a mini circuit to control the fan speed based on temperature, not because of the fan noise, but trying to save some electricity. Also, one annoying thing with just standard fan 2 pins setup is that, when you shutdown on Pi, the 5V and 3V feeds remain on, so the fan continues spinning even though the Pi is down (but power still connected). The mini circuit addresses the issue as the control IO pin doesn't feed any current when Pi is in shutdown state, thus the transistor switches off so fan is off.

      The more expensive case with integrated fans have software control and that's why you see them take multiple pins on the GPIO. With this case as is, you are stuck with always on option.

  • what is this ? is it just a hobby or can it be used as a normal computer?

    • Can be a PC if it suits your specs/needs, definitely.

    • +1

      If you have spare time, check here.

    • Hobby. The default browser is Chromium (not Chrome).
      youTube through Chromium requires a hack to run decent for 1080p/30. 1080p/60 still not very pleasant.

      People get them due to 3D printer support, home assistant (home automation needs a 24x7 mini server at least and even a lightweight PC seems like an overkill) and anything else that needs linux.

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    15% Discount


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    15% Discount


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      copy cat

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        didn't want to waste time typing .. when discount timer started.. tick..tock .. :-)

        • You, copy cat, getting more + votes…. Wow…

          • @netsurfer: Don't be a crybaby now .. I was just trying to help someone with the code :)

            • +1

              @Drow20: Just teasing…, I could + vote the original one… but can't be bothered.

  • Tempted but I just bought the 4gb version 😈😇

  • +16

    WELCOMEBACK20OFF generic 20% off code.

    • This one works for me, good code, should be added to post @man2000

    • Bought 8g and 4g Version using this code. Thanks!

    • what a champion. Wish I had seen it, would save me half an hour, lol.

  • I got the 20% code straight up. Good deal!

  • +1

    I've got 1 of these setup for the 5yo to play minecraft full version on (takes a bit of setting up as its not natively supported, but works fine), and also to stream his shows on.

    I got a second one that runs Docker. I have 2 main containers in docker. One container is running transmission tunneled through a vpn. The other container is running a plex server. I have also set up samba on it to have the HDD's that are USB3 connected to serve as a NAS.

    I have a 3rd raspberry pi that I bought 8 years ago, Model 2b, and that just runs pihole.

    If you are wondering what you could use this for, I think there a multiple excellent reasons to buy, but best advice is have a defined project that you want.

    • What format is the media that the Plex Server is serving? How's performance in this role?

      • It serves up 4k HDR 10bit media to my nvidia shield devices as direct play without problems. It probably can't do more than 3 streams at once. And it can't transcode 4k (ie if you're trying for remote viewing)

  • Question not related to PI, but wondering electronic switches are Australian certified? I am looking at Sonoff Mini and then use Pi for automation.

  • Thanks bought a 4GB starter kit for AUD110 with WELCOMEBACK20OFF code

  • +1

    The only advantage of these is power consumption and experimentation, other than that you can buy a 2nd hand laptop for cheap, and all in all it's got a lot more it can do than a RP.

    • I don't know how I can attach a laptop to the back of a TV as a digital signage solution :)

      • Buy a 10-11 incher and use a small amount of quick set silicone. Removable when the time comes, also.

        No dramas mate

    • yes, a second hand Lenovo thinkcenter tiny will be much better as a NAS or media PC. plenty of those on ebay for around 150 with i5 CPU.
      raspberry pi is for play not production.

      • No, raspberry pi has actual production value. It's small, discreet form, stable and reliable. We use it for digital signage and manage from the cloud for a bunch of clients.

  • Have you guys built anything cool with an RPi?

    I am always so tempted to buy one but feel that it will just become another paper weight.

    • I won't say cool but some useful things are: downloading machine, parsec stream gaming on big TV, Kodi media centre.
      Always want to use it as a NAS but the pi1,2,3 fail the purpose because poor IO speed, not sure if Pi4 can serve as a NAS.

      • Ethernet is now on a seperate BUS, and the USB bus is now much bigger. Definitely cheap NAS capable.

  • I didn't know it but you can use a raspberry pi and a unifi controller! https://lazyadmin.nl/home-network/installing-unifi-controlle...

  • +1

    I mainly use it for octoprint but you can setup Alexa to work on the raspberry pi (without buying Alexa)

  • Has the deal expired? I am getting $112 USD with the code WELCOMEBACK20OFF. Can someone guide me please?

    • Yeah.. Seems they increased the price

  • Has anyone purchased & received this as yet? I'm having issues.

    The details were accepted at check-out (purchase being bought by myself in AU & sent to a friend in the US) but the replies back from support don't seem to know what's going on with the order, keep saying they'll look into it— though the money is gone from my account here in AU?

    Is there a good OZB history w/this seller?


    • +1

      A bit different but for me the order has been cancelled just then. I got an email stating they cannot ship to the UAE "which works fine on their website and even loads more options when you select the country".

    • Received tracking details there tracking is showing the following.

      Expected delivery 30th Sept.

      Tuesday, September 8th
      Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier

      Moorebank, NSW, AU

      • How did you guys pay? Their website says Paypal, but when I checked out, there was only CC. Never done a chargeback before and hopefully won't need to.

    • Just received mine yesterday - 11/09

    • Purchased on 4/9 a few dodgy email replies in October with a common theme of “I confirmed with the warehouse and it should be delivered NEXT week” then a few weeks ago “if not delivered next week we will cancel order and provide refund” and finally Today (26/10) I now have an order shipped email!…fingers crossed

      • arrived today…wow what fast delivery from dispatch to my door…but really slow form order to dispatch…I would say no stock and had to wait to get it form overseas during Covid?

  • I call foul. Very dishonest and has the scent of data-grab.

  • +1

    They ran out of stock. Didn't tell me untill I asked for an update.

    Asked if I wanted a refund or wait until the end of the month. I chose a refund.

    Very poor customer service. Wouldn't recommend.

    • +1

      Thanks, was curious about the radio silence myself, zero update via email or website - in hindsight, no notion of “in stock” on the product page…

  • +1

    Still waiting to receive this. No tracking number provided. I’ve sent a follow up email asking what’s happening with the product.

    • +1

      Labists responded that the product was out of stock and could ship in a week… They offered to cancel the order and provide a full refund, which I accepted.

  • +1

    Have had many follow ups with Labist to always get poor responses.

    I was advised it would be delivered by the 5th of October (it was never going to be). I have requested this morning a tracking number considering it would arrive yesterday for me, surely its been sent right so I can track it myself.

    Next time - will not buy from them.

  • +1

    I have been told that due to national holiday, they were unable to respond to my request of tracking number. Even though the replied advising of a national holiday…. when asking for a refund the following day, the next day after, it was another national holiday….. funny that.

    I have requested a refund, have been advised it will take 3 days. I haven't received the funds yet, but I have received the note from the shop that the refund will be processed. We will see.

    Strongly suggest to avoid labist in the future.

  • +2

    After so long waiting for mine, I kept getting the same generic excuses over and over again for the past five weeks.

    Anyways yesterday after I complained yet again, they informed me they had cancelled my order and a refund would be given in 3 days as well. I have already received the email confirming the cancellation.

    I too would advise others to avoid them in the future and wait for Amazon deals or try other sellers.

    • Make sure you get the same amount. These guys doing money laundering business I think. Make deal when AUD vs USD is very low and return the amount when gaining. I lost AUD 25 money hasn't been credited yet.

      It's a fraud business for sure. Need to be reported.

  • Its a fraud business. They won't post your product for months. They do money exchange business with our money. Fraud website and these cocks*cks need to be punished.

    I make purchase on 7th September 2020 for AUD $264.19 for USD191.99 and they didn't send the product for month when I contact them on Friday 9th Oct they said it will arrive on 12th Oct without any tracking number it didn't arrive ( since they didn't posted it at all) and I ask them to refund they refund AUD $239 for USD 191.99. They s*cks need to be exposed.

    • Do you have any evidence to state this is a fraud business? Im still waiting as well.. If they don't post my order before end of month I will simply request for money back & if they try any games there a chargeback is in order.

      I cannot find anything on the Internet that implies they are a total scam. Yes, crap service (What we are experiencing) but nothing that suggest they are a scam operation.

  • Has anyone actually received there product from labists?
    Besides extremely crappy delivery time (Im experiencing that) I can't find anything on the internet to state they are a scam site.. Particularly the comment on here that they use your money for currency tradiing.

    • They return the money there is no issue in that. But you need to aware since they charge in USD there is a chance if exchange rate differs you might lose money or gain money. Go with Amazon sales for any pi product that is the lesson I learned.

      A lot of lies there is no integrity. I will never do business with them directly.

  • +1

    Just received mine today if anyone's wondering.

    The kit is surprisingly good quality, not sure it it's worth the almost 2-month wait, but it goes alright.

    • Mine arrived today as well… Yet to leave the box though.

      I also had the raft of excuses (no stock- yet item was 'on sale' on their Facebook page, national holiday, bad carrier etc.). A simple email stating there was a delay would have gone a long way early on. Unlikely to use again.

      • Got mine today as well. Bought two at USD$112/AUD$160 each on 16 Sep after the WELCOMEBACK20 discount. Would have been nicer to have got it at USD$96/AUD$132 each but ah well.

    • Just got mine today

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