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Sofirn Torch - SD05 Diving Light Kit - $41.25 Delivered (Was $54.99) @ Sofirn via Amazon AU


Apologies for somewhat of a re-post, I didn't think it appropriate to edit the old post as the deal has changed and is a single item this time. I’ve been informed that there’s now a code visible on Amazon for the SD05 that gives 25% off the price; this brings the price down from $54.99 to $41.25.

The SD05 is a diving/underwater light using a Cree XHP50.2 emitter that uses internal magnets to activate modes so as to keep the light sealed; the rotating ring has the magnet in it, and lifts the contact into place.

Some great pics of it in this BudgetLightForum review (note that one of the negatives, the three minute stepdown timer, has been removed).

Some videos of it in use as provided to me by Sofirn are here:


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Is this a good torch just to keep around the house or are there cheaper ones more suited for general use?

    • +2

      It's definitely more dedicated to underwater activities - because it's set to pull decent amounts of current, it gets fairly warm (especially on high). Really depends what you're looking for though; I've posted some deals before on some other Sofirn lights with AU stock. There's more stock currently on its way to AU warehouses, so if you're prepared to wait a little, I should be posting something up when it arrives.

      • On high would it get too warm to handle without it being underwater?

        • Trying to get a definitive answer for you on that from someone I know that has one, will hopefully update soon (they're in the US, so time zone differences, etc).

          • @oweban: Ah yeah all good.
            I just want a bright torch that I can use for like an hour without it getting stupid hot

  • Is this one without those complicated programmable stuff. Just want on/off brightness control.

    • Yep, just slide the ring from off to low to medium to high, and back.

  • IPX8 rating.

    Are you sure this is a diving torch? I wouldn't trust it underwater with this rating at all.

    • All I can go off is what I've read; the likelihood of getting me in water much deeper than I can stand in is pretty minimal!

      I've found this video review though, which has someone using it underwater (link to time they start diving): https://youtu.be/jPVEDNrB3Yo?t=168

      • +1

        That looks like a nice dive light, very narrow beam, simple controls.

        I could test it for you on some dives if you want, then return it (I already have plenty of dive torches).

        • +1

          Not a sales rep sorry - just someone in AU who has a relationship with Sofirn. I’ll pass on the offer though!

    • +1

      It is rated to 100m. The double o-rings look OK. As far I can tell,
      you can't remove the control ring, so its not clear if the magnet/spring
      under there will survive repeated use in saltwater.

    • +2

      LukeOz83: IPX8 just means it can be continuously submerged to the manufacturer’s specs. It’s pretty vague and is the correct rating for a dive light. In this case the manufacturer is claiming 100m.

      For recreational diving it’s okay to use new or less known torch brands, nothing life threatening will happen if it fails (in night dives you carry a spare and on day dives they’re just to look in crevices etc). For technical diving it matters a lot and those guys are very fussy and only use well proven gear. So I don’t see the harm in this torch. If I didn’t have too many I’d consider trying this one, it seems like a good deal.

      • Fair enough.

        Its just weird because I'd think it would have ATM rating as a dive torch. Not that I do technical diving etc.

        I mean the build and everything looks good, was just surprised as my understanding IP vs ATM is water resistant vs waterproof.

        • There really isn't a rating that is defined as "waterproof", there is only "water resistant" to specs claimed by the manufacturer within the rating regimen of the ISO/IP standards.

          At some point, water will get in … is just a matter of when, (eg. exceeding specs, too rapid a change of environment, etc).
          Plus, no manufacturer can guarantee something to be waterproof when they cannot control the use/environment, (eg. you can't make something truly idiot-proof).

          Check out ISO 2281:1990, ISO 22810:2010, and ISO 6425. A watch can't be marked Water Resistant unless it complies with those standards.

  • +1

    Any deal on the SP40?

    • +1

      There was one recently-ish, but out of stock; more stock is on its way to AmazonAU warehouses.

  • +1

    Waiting for LT1 MK X with dedomed LH351d and adapted Lume1 driver with USB C PD quick charging

    But seriously I think the campers here will love a LT1 deal.

    • LT1 is on its way to AmazonAU warehouses ;)

      IIRC the updated version has C-C charging; not sure what current limit though (I don't have one yet to test :( ).

      or sw30 and sw45k? :D

      • hate to hear it but the sw30+sw45k would probably be too far below bbl (for me anyways). I did see that 219b LT1 build though.

        The old version was selling @86 AUD with batteries. I'll be impressed if we can get the new version with batteries to around that price from Amazon.

        • I'll have to dig around for that, but yeah, the LH351D is definitely a better mix for it, especially if they can get on the BBL or only slightly above.

          FWIW, the shipment on the way has LT1, SP33v3, SP40, SP36 Anduril and NarsilM.

          • @oweban: I'm planning on picking up a couple of LT1 lanterns but this is all getting a bit geeky for me. How would you say the local Amazon version coming in compares to the model Banggood are selling?

            • +1

              @OzBragain: It’ll most likely be the same (or the “new” version which includes C-C charging, unsure of if the BG one does; not in a position to check sorry), but it’ll be stock sitting in an AmazonAU warehouse which to me is a huge plus.

              • @oweban: Thanks. No mention in BG description of C to C charging.

                Any idea if AU stock is weeks or months away?

          • @oweban: Aw crap, just ordered a SP36 Anduril through Amazon a couple of days ago 🤣

            • @4wd: You’ll love it, even if it does take a bit to come in :) remember to do thermal calibration first, I made a video here on how to do it:


              • @oweban: Actually, it took only 8 days … now time to play :D

                Arrived faster than orders from Amazon's Dandenong warehouse for me currently.

    • LT1 is AUD$73 on banggood atm, 2 days left https://www.banggood.com/Sofirn-BLF-LT1-8x-LH351D-Super-Brig...

      • Not bad! Should be around 80 after GST

  • +3

    From OP:

    for purchasers who leave an honest review of the light on Amazon, send a screenshot of it with your order number to sofirnjp AT gmail DOT com, and they’ll arrange a C01S to be sent to you at no cost

    This contravenes Amazon's Customer Reviews guidelines found here: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/help/customer/display.html/?nod...

    Promotional Content in Customer Reviews

    To help illustrate, here are a few examples of reviews that we don't allow:

    • A customer posts a review in exchange for cash, a free or discounted product, a gift certificate, or a discount off a future purchase provided by a third party
    • Thanks - I'll chase that up. I hadn't looked at it myself.

      • Probably would have been ok if you hadn't of mentioned it, then reviewers would be unaware and it couldn't have been said it was in exchange if Sofirn decided to follow up a review off their own bat.

        Mentioning it means there's now incentive to do it.

        • Yeah, I really didn’t know about that one. I’ll remove the part about that.

          If m9 is able to edit his comment to edit that bit so exactly what was there isn’t visible anymore, that’d help for anyone else who hasn’t seen the post yet, so the info isn’t there. Fair enough to be called out, but then the details aren’t in a comment either.

  • note that one of the negatives, the three minute stepdown timer, has been removed

    It's still mentioned in amazon description.

    • Thanks, I've passed that on, hopefully it'll be updated soon. I'm assuming it's a copy/paste from an older product description, but will update if that's not the case (and will update the main post accordingly).

  • I bought one a couple of week back and brought it to freediving. It works fine though the water is relatively shallow.

  • Finally an interesting light with a simple user interface. Is this current regulated or PWM?

  • I have received mine today. Lovely smooth flood beam. This is current regulated. Simple user interface. Smooth operation. Love it.

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