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LG Neochef MS2596OW 25L Smart Inverter Microwave $179 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


For those that can wait..
Delivered mid october..
Combine with CommBank rewards and or GC
I got it down to $162.55 using both ($129 GC for 122.55) + $10 credit /$50 Spend

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    cheapest at JB was $143

    with increasing $ value i expect it to do down further

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      You are right, the prices should go down with the better exchage rate. Will wait for a good deal on the 42L

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        I'm doing same. 42l were out of stock a fair bit so not been any deals

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    Had an older model of LG inverter microwave oven for a few years, cannot recall the model name, it was crap, couldn't heat up the food evenly. The older tech microwave oven with turning carousel does a better job.

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      These microwaves have a turning plate, and being an inverter microwave won't negatively affect the distribution of heat. It was probably just a lemon, and it shouldn't make you think all inverters are crap - it's an improvement in microwave technology which should become standard.

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      This particular model is great. I did a tonne of research before buying one last year, and easily one of the best in class. It's honestly the best microwave I've owned.

      Does cook quick though, so whenever cooking something for the first time, I'll cook it for a 15-30 seconds less than the packaging says and adjust from there.

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    25L is too small

    • Yep saw this on gumtree for $50 but the size just made me pass

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    This is rubbish. Not properly shielded and wifi stops working when it is running.

    • Really? I've never had an issue, and was watching my wifi performance closely for a while there (issue ended up being a neighbour with a 2.4GHz phone)

    • I get wifi interruption from mine.
      Otherwise it is great

    • Same, mine does effect the WiFi too. I guess it’s the placement of the router that may affecting the WiFi. Mine is situated on the left side of the microwave about 15-18ft away. It still interferes with the WiFi.

      Trying to get mesh and see if that helps if not will need to move the router.

      • The old microwave I had before this was properly shielded and wifi was never affected. This is just poor form/design as radiation leak is a key aspect of safety.

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    We bought a similar model (42" for $228) the boxing day before last so not sure how this rates in terms of a deal, but my feedback:
    - I think 25" might be too small as well
    - After about 18 months in, there is an audible 'whirring' that often happens. Not as quiet as they advertise
    - Food does heat up evenly
    - Once complete there is a musical tone that plays - this repeats every 30 secs or so and can't be turned off

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      I have the 25l ones and it is enough for me, but I agree that a larger one would probably be better.

      Mine is about the same age and also has the whirring noise you mention every time I use it (so good to know it isn't because it is broken).

      You can actually turn the musical one off by holding the 'Clear' button and then pressing the 'Keep Warm' button for 5 or 10 seconds. The display will say that it Off, and if you don't like it, you can do the same and the display will say On and the sounds will be back. Funny enough, I did it and having it not make a sound was worse than the annoying music.

    • Agree on size. I bought a 25L and ended up upgrading to a 42L (luckily got the 25L at a good price, flipped it on Gumtree for $5 less than I paid in only a day, and still got the 42L at a good price).

      And the tone is annoying as well. Haven't experiencing any whirring, although it's probably only been about 12 months.

    • Mine is almost 3 years old. No whirring sound yet. Will sell my 25" once I get a good deal on the 42

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      We have the larger (MS4266OBS) version, and it is incredibly silent. We've only had it for 6 months or so, so perhaps the whirring is something we can look forward to. As noted by Exclaymation, you can turn the tone off although how to do it is not mentioned in the manual - a search of interwebs showed people snipping the wire to the speaker. Contacting LG provided the info to touch and hold the stop/cancel and inverter/defrost buttons for two seconds, and the words "off" will appear. If the power ever goes off you have to do it again, but it's not a biggie.

      So, for us it's quiet, heats evenly, is very powerful - basically is a good oven. 25" would definitely be pretty small.

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    I know ozbargain loves the Neochef but apart from the looks I'm not much of a fan. The smallest increment it has increases time by is 10 seconds. Want to heat up for 15 seconds, well too bad you're going to have to have set it at 20 and stop it manually at 15. You also can't just type in 5min for example, you have to manually scroll the + timer across until it reaches 5 min, not the end of the world but just adds more time and effort compared to a conventional microwave. The chime actually gets annoying after awhile, would just rather a normal microwave alarm as it finishes. To top things of our first 1 died after about 10 months, was replaced without any questions though so that was good. I don't understand the obsession with this microwave.

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      It's a great microwave, you just got a shit one. Why didn't you return it?

      It adds more time to microwaving

      You have to be kidding right? You lose 4 seconds? Wow

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        No I didn’t get a shit one, all of what I mention are features of the microwave. I don’t really care about the time lost, it’s more that if we’re judging convenience then this microwave doesn’t rate better than others imo. People on here act like it’s the best thing since sliced bread (and I bought in this advice), and I really don’t think it’s a great microwave.

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    Great size for a countertop microwave.

  • Also available at Goodguys commercial for $175 (not incl. delivery). Just ordered for click and collect and theres stock in a few stores close to me. Don't think there's any discounted GC options for GG commercial though.

  • I bought one of these yesterday at HN yesterday for $219.

    TGG was offering it at the same price but with $20 store credit (ended yesterday), however they didn't have stock and HN did, so I got it from HN. But today I went and checked TGG's price again and they are $199. So that $20 store credit was just a price jack. If you had bought it during the store credit promo and used your credit you would have paid the same price as when there is no store credit.

    Anyway the microwave is alright. It's very light and small for a 25L.

  • Yep it was dropping my Wifi every time LG microwave was working.
    Had to go and replace with another more expensive LG model but my Wifi still drops.
    Looks like all new LG models have this shielding issue - not sure it's healthy either.

    Never had this issue with my older LG.
    Seems that since they shifted their factories to China - quality went down to drain…..

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