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CommBank Rewards: $10 or $50 Cashback with $50, $75, $100 or $500 Spend @ JB Hi-Fi


Note: activation is done in the rewards section of the CommBank app.

How to claim

  1. Activate before you spend
  2. Shop in participating stores or online on the JB Hi-Fi website
  3. Pay with your eligible CommBank debit or credit Mastercard and tap or select credit
  4. Automatically get paid to your account within 14 business days

Expires 23 Sep 2020 midnight (Sydney/Melbourne time)


Rewards can only be claimed once

You're unable to claim if you use a payment platform such as Afterpay, Zip and PayPal

The required spend must be met in 1 transaction unless otherwise stated

This reward is brought to you by CommBank

Offer only available at participating locations in Australia (refer to store list). Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer cannot be refunded, exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash. Offer eligible for online and in-store payments.

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  • I got 50 cashback on spend of 500

  • I got $10 cashback for $50 spend

  • Where's the link to activate it? Is it within the cba app?

  • It's targeted and not same for everyone :/

  • +3 votes

    10 for 75 here

  • :(
    Not mentioned anywhere on my account :(

  • I also got this offer, don't know what to buy now.

  • I got 10 dollar on spend of 50 or over. Was looking to buy Philips 5000 series trimmer for 59 dollars. Effectively will pay 49. Sweet!

  • Havent got anything

  • Can we buy a Gift card?

  • Lame, just $10 for $100.

  • Does JB sell Visa / Mastercard gift card?

  • 10 for 75 here. has anyone tried buying a jbhi fi gift card online and did it qualify? or instore?

    • Been thorugh all their detailed terms and conditions in app … couldn't find a restriction on gift cards …. still better to call and confirm i think ….

      19 CommBank Rewards

      a. The CommBank Rewards program (‘CommBank Rewards’) rewards you with money back into your account (‘Cashback’) after you activate an offer from a participating third party retailer offer (‘Reward Offer’) presented to you via the CommBank app and you meet the terms and conditions of the specific Reward Offer, and you make the purchase that is the subject of the Reward Offer (‘Qualifying Purchase’). Your participation in CommBank Rewards is governed by these terms and conditions.

      b. Active CommBank consumer credit and debit Mastercards and business credit cards of Australian residents living in Australia are eligible cards for this program (‘Eligible Card’). CommBank travel money cards, corporate credit cards, business debit cards and pre-paid Mastercards are not eligible cards for this program.

      c. If you held an Eligible Card prior to the launch of CommBank Rewards and were at least 21 years old, were not in default with any CommBank accounts, were not in financial hardship, had logged onto NetBank or the CommBank app at least once in August 2019, and had spent at least $100 in total on any one of your Eligible Cards within the 3 month period prior to September 2019 you have been automatically enrolled in CommBank Rewards and will remain enrolled unless you un-enrol as set out in Section 19g.

      d. If you were not automatically enrolled as set out in Section 19c, or if you hold an Eligible Card following the launch of CommBank Rewards and are at least 21 years old, you will be able to enrol in CommBank Rewards and can un-enrol as set out in Section 19g.

      e. You will not be sent Reward Offers if you are in hardship or are in default with any CommBank accounts.

      f. To ensure you receive Cashback for in-store purchases, tap or select ‘Credit’ when making a purchase using an Eligible Card. While you can also receive Cashback if you pay using ‘Cheque’ or ‘Savings’, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a Cashback if you pay using these methods. Purchases made using a payment platform (such as PayPal, Afterpay, Zip) are not eligible for Cashback (even where an Eligible Card is linked to that payment platform) except in cases where rewards are provided for a specific payment platform.

      g. We have partnered with Mastercard to provide you with CommBank Rewards. We will collect and use personal information from Mastercard to provide you with CommBank Rewards, including to provide you with Cashback when you make a Qualifying Purchase. Information that we send to Mastercard is provided on an anonymous basis. We use personal information that we hold to tell you about products or services that we think you might be interested in, including with respect to CommBank Rewards, in accordance with our Privacy Policy here. We may also disclose your personal information to our service providers for the purpose of providing services such as technology services to us (and not for their own purposes). Details of the overseas locations in which we process personal information are contained in our Privacy Policy as well as information in relation to how we collect, use, hold and disclose your personal information generally and how you may contact us about it or access it. Retailers will not receive any of your information and will not contact you directly. From time to time, we may send you notifications about CommBank Rewards including Reward Offers and Cashbacks, subject to terms outlined in section 11. You can turn off CommBank Rewards notifications via CommBank Rewards settings in the CommBank app. If you would prefer us to stop using your personal information for the purpose of providing you with CommBank Rewards, you can opt-out via CommBank Rewards settings in the CommBank app. This will un-enrol you from CommBank Rewards and we will no longer use or disclose your personal information for this purpose and this will not affect your use of the CommBank app. If you have un-enrolled from CommBank Rewards, you are not required to un-enrol again after each CommBank app update.

      h. To receive Cashback, you must activate a Reward Offer available to you via CommBank app, then make a purchase with the Eligible Card in accordance with terms and conditions of each Reward Offer at the third party retailer between offer date of the Reward Offer and its expiry date.

      i. Cashback will be automatically credited to the account linked to the Eligible Card used to make the purchase.

      j. Cashback may take up to 14 business days after the date on which the Reward Offer purchase is processed. It will appear as ‘CBCASHBACK’ on your statement and your Online Banking transaction history. In certain circumstances, it is possible that a public holiday, a dispute with a third party retailer or technology issues may result in a delay in crediting a Cashback. We accept no responsibility for any loss suffered as a result of any delay in crediting Cashbacks.

      k. We may reverse any Cashback credited to your account linked to the Eligible Card in the event that the Reward Offer purchase is returned or cancelled or because there is a dispute in relation to the purchase.

      l. Cashbacks are not transferrable, refundable or able to be exchanged or redeemed for cash or credit. If you withdraw the amount of a Cashback as a cash advance using your credit card, you will incur applicable interest and/or fees according the terms of the Eligible Card.

      m. You are still eligible to receive a Cashback if your Eligible Card is being re-issued as a result of having been lost, stolen or damaged. However, there may be a delay in processing Cashbacks to such accounts. You are not eligible to receive any outstanding Cashback once you un-enrol from the CommBank Rewards.

      n. CommBank Rewards does not alter any terms of your existing conditions of use of the Eligible Card or any other CommBank accounts. Cashback will not contribute to any minimum monthly payment applicable to your Eligible Card and you must continue to make the minimum payment reflected on your monthly credit card account statement. Cashback received is not eligible for CommBank Awards points. Any CommBank Awards points that you use for a purchase will not be counted towards the minimum spend required for a Qualifying Purchase.

      o. Any Cashback received as a result of a Qualifying Purchase made by an additional cardholder of the Eligible Card will be credited to the primary cardholder’s account linked to their Eligible Card.

      p. A third party retailer that is named in a Reward Offer may be unable to process a purchase you make because of a fault or issue that retailer is experiencing (such as a fault or issue with that retailer’s payment system). CommBank will accept no liability if you are unable to accept a Reward Offer as a result of such a fault or issue with a third party retailer. Furthermore, we will not be liable for the accuracy or completeness of any claims made by third party retailers in a Reward Offer concerning their goods or services nor are we liable in any way for the performance of those goods or services.

      q. We may suspend or cancel CommBank Rewards without notice and at any time for any reason whatsoever. We may also disqualify any individual from receiving Reward Offers, or reverse any Cashbacks paid to the account linked to the Eligible Card, without notice and at any time, in our absolute discretion (but acting reasonably when doing so), including but not limited to, in the event of any suspected fraud, gaming or tampering of the program which may result in, or is likely to result in, any loss or damage to us or third party retailer.

      • dont call and alert them then spoil it for all of us. i got $75 gift card instore today, now have to wait a few days to see if i get credits. does any one know if you have more then 1 eligible cards will you get more than 1 merchant credit if you use two or more different cba cards?

        • lolz … makes sense … T&C doesn't mention GC exclusion, so it shall go through i think. Please update later.

          For 2nd part, are both cards linked to same account ? Have you activated offer once or twice ?

          • @ChipsChicky: got approved for cashback on GC. two differend account activated once on app , i think its going to be only 1 credit allowed per offer no matter which eligible cards you use.?

  • not available for my cba rewards account.

  • I have $50 back on $500 spend.

  • :(

    I never get these offers. I don't use my account/card much…shouldn't I get the highest offer to encourage spending?

  • I didn't get it on my cc. Tbh after the way JB Hi-Fi handled the headphones debacle, I'm not keen to spend any money there!

    • What headphones debacle?

    • how did they handle it poorly? No doubt you would've purchased it knowing it was a price error hoping to have the 20% chance of a $10 Gift Card, the 10% chance of them honouring while very well knowing 70% chance they would void the purchase.

      • I got sent a sms notification that my purchase was ready for pickup but when i got there, they wouldn't honour it. I understand about price error but why sent me a notification to say it was ready for pickup if it wasn't something they were going to honour. Very poorly handled.

  • Meh. Got the Myer one, but that's useless to me. Whereas I buy from JB frequently and CBA probably know it, so why give me something I can actually use or want? :(

  • I got $10 off a $75 spend with Myer - haven’t bought anything from Myer for years, and don’t intend to, so offer is of no use to me.

    • This shld work when buying coles myer group gc from myer.

      • Did you try it ? got the cash back ?

        • I made my purchase of $75 coles and myer group yesterday. Will report back once i have confirmation/cashback from cba. But i have done this before on all cba myer offers and always got the cashback. But will report once this transaction clears.

      • Not worth it for me though when I have to make a 2-hour round-trip to the nearest Myer store, and pay for parking as well, in the hope of possibly getting $10 cash back IF gift cards are included in the offer.

        • 2-hour round-trip to the nearest Myer store

          Its valid ONLINE and In-store as per my myer reward in CBA app.

          • @ChipsChicky: Yes, mine says the same BUT it doesn't look like you can buy the Coles Myer Group gift cards online through the Myer website, only the specific Myer e-gift cards as per the following page https://www.myer.com.au/content/gift-cards . Those cards can only be used at Myer, they are not the "Coles Myer Group" cards. .

            • @SimbaGirl: Ya … it seems Coles Myer gift card is not there but interesting offer is $10 gift card on $100 gift card purchase of myer.

              Bonus $10 Myer Gift Card when you spend $100 on Myer Gift Cards.
              Available in-store & online Wednesday 26th August - Sunday 30th August 2020
              Bonus eGift Card for purchases at retail.myergiftcards.com.au will be sent to the purchasers email address by Wednesday 2 September 2020.

            • @SimbaGirl: Yes i think u can only buy coles group and myer gc instore

        • True mate. I do this as i have a myer 5 mins drive from my place 😁

  • i thought it was instore only . has anyone brought a myer gc online and got their cashback?

  • Expiring today. Put your gift card orders in. Also don’t ever call to confirm and ruin it for all of us