This was posted 1 year 2 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Methven Kiri Graphite Satinjet Hi Rise Shower $148 @ Bunnings


Found this Methven WELS 4 Star 7.5L/min Kiri Graphite Satinjet Hi Rise Shower has dropped price from $182 to $148 at Bunnings Ashfield.

Not sure if this is nationwide or specific store sales. The bunnings website still show the price of $182.

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    Love this shower head, best I've ever used.

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      What makes it so good out of interest? Genuine question, I'm curious to know if it's worth spending $180 on.

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        It does sound like I'm just repeating their spiel, but the water jets are grouped in two, and each of the two 'smash' the streams into each other creating a 'fuller' feel whilst still using only 7.5L/min.

        Hard to describe, but it feels like you're getting drenched, without the pathetic feeling of some water saving shower heads.

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        We've got two, they're good.
        The spray is one of the best water efficient spray heads I've used. And feels good.
        But if you ever find a non water efficient shower head you'll realise it's nowhere near the same.
        But well worth it and I'd but another if mine broke.
        One of ours doesn't intermix the Jets as well as the other anymore, still good enough though.

        • You should claim on their lifetime warranty. This happened to my two different shower heads and they sent me new ones, no receipt required just photos of the shower heads

        • Take the head off and soak in vinegar for a couple of hours,then hit the jets with a toothbrush.

        • "But if you ever find a non water efficient shower head you'll realise it's nowhere near the same."

          Does this mean the Satinjet is good, but still not as good as a normal shower head?

          For example, their 9L per minute version? I actually just bought two of these, so curious.

          Over the length of a 10min shower will use only 15L more water. Water being about $3 for 1000L, which is 4.5c difference per shower.

          So it will take over 2000 showers to break even. With 2 of us it will take 3 years just to break even. Well 6 years as we need to buy 2.

          But those 6 years of showers would be so much better with the non water saving version wouldn't they?

          I guess with a family of 4+ the numbers crunch more favourably.

          • @tunzafun001: You're forgetting the cost also to heat said extra water.

            • @placard: True, but for me with solarhws the booster has ran twice this year for about an hr all up. So the 15L is probably about 0.001 cents.

              Just want to know, which of the two shower heads gives a better showering experience.

  • Just Ashfield I guess. Still $182 at Wallsend.

  • I am loving this shower head. I have paid around $180 few months back.

  • $171 in Melbourne

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    I bought a Methven years ago after first coming across one in a ritzy hotel in NZ. Sure enough, that's where they are made. The 'satinjet' design gives an even, wide spread of droplets.


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    i can vouch for this shower head.

    Its the pressure which is quite good and also it's water saving as well.

  • Satinjet is a good head. I've seen and bought handheld Methven showers for a lot less than this, at Bunnings.

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    That's pretty expensive for a cheap shower head

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      But it's pretty cheap for an expensive shower head….

  • Do these shower heads function well with lower water pressure or do they still need good pressure to do their thing?

    • Good question. How low is your water pressure?

      500 kpa is the standard.

      • Not too sure on the number but its pretty lacklustre. We have electric instant trying its best to feed the upstairs bathroom.

        • The electric instant is probably the bottleneck.

          How far is the unit from the bathroom

          • @JimB: You might be right. The hot water system sits pretty much below bathroom. Come to think of it, the hot water pressure to the other taps upstairs arent as noticably bad as the shower either.

            • @canny: Why is it only servicing 1 bathroom?

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    Bought two of these last month to help stretch out the amount of hot water we have for showers in the morning, works a treat no more cold shower for the unfortunate last person to hop in. As others mentioned the pressure is very good as well.

  • can you take the shower head off this and connect to an existing installed shower unit?

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