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Google Home Mini + 2x Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi Lights (B22) and 1x Plug $49 @ JB Hi-Fi


This deal is back on again from JB HiFi - delivery availible

What's included
Google Home Mini (Chalk) x 1
Mirabella Genio B22 light bulbs x 2
Mirabella Genio plug x 1

  • Get answers from Google, powered by Google Assistant
  • Far-field voice recognition
  • High-performance Wi-Fi streaming
  • Works with Google Assistant

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  • Add @JB Hi-Fi to title please OP

  • Just to confirm. This isn't nest right?

    • Right.

  • Are these lights any good compared to the Philips smart that cost the same for a single bulb.

    • I've got a Genio bulb (KMart) that I bought out of curiosity. Works great so far.

      • is the bulb color purple or RGB?

        why these bulbs have purple shell on it?

        • It's just showing that they change colour.

    • Philips Hue colour change bulbs are rrp of $80+ where the Mirabella is $24 at kmart or woollies.

      Philips uses zigbee protocol for communication to its lights which requires its own hub.

      The mirabella just uses your wifi to control the lights.

      Both can be integrated into your Google home system and most people may not even notice the difference with them.

      I have Hue bulbs I like and was hoping the Genios would be able to be used with the hue zigbee hub like ikea lights but this doesn't seem the case.

      • Does it work with IFTTT?

    • I've purchased 6 Genio bulbs from Kmart. 3 of them have had no issues and I'm still using them. The other 3 have been trashed because no matter what I did they kept resetting themselves, starting to randomly flash on and off in the middle of the night. Definitely not a WiFi problem since the bulbs with the issue were the closest to my router. So, based on that I guess it's a 50/50 shot you'll get a good bulb.

      EDIT: Sorry forgot to say all my bulbs are the yellow to white ones. I don't have any of these multicolour ones.

      • I've read about this problem on OzBargain before with the genio, was it you ?

        • No. First time I've posted about it.

          • @texanlostinoz: Not good. I've read past comments that mentioned the lights would randomly flash in the middle of the night. Maybe just a friendly neighbourhood poltergeist but I'll stick with the Hues for now.

  • Unavailable in Adelaide 🙁

  • "delivery availible"
    "Oh no it isn't"

    • -2

      Are you having a go at the spelling of "available"?

      • +1

        No, when you add it to cart you can’t get it delivered.

  • Looks like they want to clear these thing out. Will pass and wait for nest. Thanks anyway op

  • note this is google mini not the nest mini so not worth it

    • +2

      You're still saving quite a bit. The only difference is small sound quality.

      • +1

        That difference is huge though, lol. I replaced the Home Mini in my bedroom with a Nest Mini and the difference in sound quality is night and day, no way in hell I could go back to listening to music on a Home Mini.

        That aside though, agreed that this is still a good deal.

        • +1

          I have nest minis and while they sound ok-ish I wouldn’t listen to music on them. Even in a stereo pair they’re not even close to a half decent stereo System or BT speaker.

          • @watts: Agreed, not arguing that. They don't compare to a decent sound system, but compared to the original Home Mini they're miles ahead.

            I casted music to my old Home Mini once and it was terrible lol, went back to using headphones if I wanted to listen to anything in bed. But the sound on the Nest Mini is good enough for me. The Home Mini is now in my office and only used for basic stuff like news updates, weather forecasts etc. Have a subwoofer hooked up to my PC so I figured I'll put it somewhere that I don't need it for music.

        • Agreed. The difference in sound quality is big. I have a mix of nest minis and Google home minis (6 in total, and I think I got 4 of them through points/google giveaways) and the nest minis are miles better for bass and mid range.

        • The home mini is still surprisingly good for its size, fine for podcasts or quiet background music.

          If I want better music, I just use the home mini with an external speaker over bluetooth.
          A pity it does not have a 3.5mm socket like the echo dot.

  • +1

    Says shipping isn’t available for the item in this cart ??

  • The colour on these bulbs are not very bright but the white shade is bright,I have not had any issues unlike with my lifx ones disappearing off the network from time to time

  • Yeah even though its google money but if thise two bulbs are rgb then worth it. I need e27

    • description says colour changing somewhere. I wasn't sure for a bit.

  • Does anybody know what voltage these use inside for the LED board?

    I'd like something to drive some RGB strip lights. ( Ikea CCT bulb used 24V with connector pins, so easy to remove the internal LEDs, and drive 2x 12V white strips in series )

    What do people use these colour bulbs for?
    I have CCT for task-lighting, so it can switch from bright daylight colour, to dimmed warm white for ambiance lighting. But full-colour seems like too much of a gimmick.

  • The stock is still available .

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