30% off Keep Cup @ Myer


Keep Cups are currently 30% off at Myer, 12 products to choose from.

Brew - Small 236ml $17.46 (Was $24.95)
Brew Medium 354ml $18.86 (Was $26.95)

Brew Cork - Small 236ml $22.36 (Was $31.95)
Brew Cork - Medium 354ml $23.06 (Was $32.95)

Original Clear Edition - Small 236ml $11.86 (Was $16.95)
Original Clear Edition - Medium 354ml $13.26 (Was $18.95)
Original Clear Edition - Large 473ml $14.66 (Was $20.95)

Free Click and Collect, find in-store or Free Delivery on orders $49 and over.

Mod 10/9: Sale extended/on again until 4/10. It previously expired 6/9.

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    This item is available in different colours which are packed at random. Unfortunately it's not possible to order a specific colour online. If you require a specific colour, please visit your local Myer store.

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      If you require a specific colour, please visit your local Myer store.

      That comes with a $1600 surcharge though if you're in Melbourne.

      • What's the intrinsic value with % of getting caught factored in?

        • -1 vote

          Depends on which suburb you live in.

        • Considering Myer (most stores) are not open to the public to just wander around and 'look' or select items to buy during stage 4, I would say the chances or being fined are pretty high if you are found in the store.

  • Expensive for a reusable coffee mug

    $12 from Coles/Woolies. Quite solid. Goes on sale from time to time. https://shop.coles.com.au/a/national/product/smash-glass-bar...

  • Can see why 🤣

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    It would be good to note most coffee shops at the moment are not accepting these type of re-useable cups due to COVID/hygiene reasons. You should factor this in if you're considering buying one.

    • Yeah I came here to say this. I wouldn’t expect to be using a keep cup at a retail coffee shop for quite a while, hence the discount.

    • I do love how before COVID most places were heavily pushing to use re-usable cups, save the environment blah blah blah and even giving a discount, but now they won't allow re-usable at all.

    • These are still a worthwhile purchase if you make your own coffee at home. Cheaper and you can have it exactly how you like it.

  • Great deal if only cafes would accept keep cups again

  • what's the difference between original and brew?

  • For RRP is ridiculous and it can easy be a 50% off permanent special :)

  • Are these cups, aka brand, worth the money? Ive always heard mixed results in regards to quality wise.

    • Ive got one and have had it for about a year and havent had any major issues with it. Ive got one of the small original ones and only use it for espresso coffees. I need to leave the lid off after washing it though as the smell gets trapped. Other than that its been a very solid cup and i dont have any regrets buying it.

    • I have the glass one and it’s good. I throw it in the dishwasher after every use. I’ve had it for a bout a year and it’s held up fine. I get a coffee on the way to work and after a 20 minute drive it’s still the perfect temp by the time i sit at my desk.

    • Mine chipped second day I owned it. Also plastic lid kind of sucks.

      Cheap knock off from Target is way better. I got it on clearance for $2. Has a silicone lid and has not chipped yet. Had it for about 9 months now.

    • I like mine, I have a whole collection due to a previous Myer special lol. Have owned all of the below for 1-2 years.

      Small size - Brew version, made of glass - I like this one but don't use it often as i prefer the larger sizes

      Medium size - Long Play version - double wall - which is glass inside and plastic outer shell - Keeps your hands safe from hot contents, I prefer this one over the others, however is slightly heavy.

      Large size - Clear edition - plastic - this is the same as the old plastic keep cups, just clear. It's nice and light so i like keeping this in my bag for a morning coffee.

  • What's a good size for a latte, or long black?

    Don't wanna get the largest size and it's always half full 😬

    • Medium is about the size of a large at most cafes. I always order larges and they fill it up to the top.

  • I got my KeepCup from the United Servo. $20(maybe $25) with a free Coffee I think it was. Then a card to get next 10 refills for $1 each. So if you are going to drink 10 United $3 large coffees anyway then you essentially get the cup for free.
    Decent cup too, I was expecting crap but very satisfied.
    If you don't want to look at the Pie Face logo just turn the silicon band inside out.

  • Keep in mind a lot of cafes now dont accept re-usable cups like these due to COVID.

  • how many times do you have to use a keep cup to brake even compared to disposable cup? 100 - 1000X

    fyi: https://www.anthropocenemagazine.org/2017/07/reusable-or-dis...

    • Many cafes offer 10c-20c discount if you use a reusable cup. Personally you'll break even after about 200 cups, so let's say about a year for the average user.

      • At Zarraffas, if you use one of their thermos', you get 50c off. For any reusable cups, you get an extra shot. For my fiancee and I who love their grande sized mochas, getting a 16oz thermos each was a no brainier. @$30 each, we'll get the spend back in 60 visits (which we hit easily). Pity they're not taking reusable cups atm due to COVID.

        Though, I might get one of these for the office if I can find a charcoal lid brew cork at Myer Brisbane City… they didn't have any last time I went.

        • I got a black one last time it was assorted. That was Myer Melbourne CBD. My plan was to ask them to replace if got pink.

    • from an ecological perspective,
      - reducing wast, saving the bees and the birds, thats very much what its marketed at-
      you need to use the reusable cup for around 1000! times.
      for average addicts that would be at least a 3 year commitment, probably much more imo. buying a new one before that is arguably worse than using a disposable paper cup.

      I'm on about it because many people I know seem to collect the reusable cups, buying a new one every couple of months with the smugness of saving the world in their faces 😀

  • Random colour? Yuck. Hard pass.

    • I had this cup and loved it but it broke recently, now I can’t find it anywhere to replace it 😭

      • Can you salvage the rubber ring and lid and transplant it on a plain glass KeepCup of the same size?

  • I have a glass one and like it. They look good and are nice to drink from. Whilst it’s true that most cafes aren’t accepting them at the moment (although before last week many cafes where I live had started accepting them again), these are also good as a travel mug eg to drink home made coffee on the way to work in the car. Also good if you want to prevent spills eg if you’re around babies/toddlers, work in a hospital or similar (I’ve worked in at least one hospital that had a policy that all hot drinks needed to be carried in a cup with a lid). Agree that RRP is too high, so on sale is just an okay price, not a bargain.

  • I love these cups! But my fiancee isn't letting me get any more… she says I have too many coffee mugs/thermoses

  • On the Covid thing, I'm a pain and always ask why the cafe won't accept a keep cup.

    Contactless use of a keep cup is actually safer than taking a disposable cup that the barista has breathed all over.
    (Although this method loses some crema.)

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      Well at the end of the day it’s up to the cafes to accept of not accept reusable cups - they’re just eliminating the chances of spread.
      I work in a cafe & we have always accepted reusable cups, though at the moment we’re just asking customers to hold onto their lids as it is the contact point. I do understand why cafes don’t accept it as sometimes they’re not washed & absolutely minging!

      • Oh, I don't insist. They're a private business.
        I just ask if they've thought about it and discuss a few aspects if it seems like they haven't.

  • Thanks OP got 2 Longplay Larges for just under $52. I hope they don't stink like the cheap plastic reusable cups.

  • Ah rats, it's expired now… guess there's no point for me to wander into Myer later this week.

  • Sale is still on until oct 4

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    Get a Zojirushi once and be done with it. I've had 2 Keepcups, first one was a glass one and then I bought the double walled version (longplay) with cork. Both doesn't keep the heat in long enough and prone to spills. Looks pretty good though.

  • I only bought the xs ones - unfort no other brand makes the tiny ones (but be glad to be corrected!)

  • Ah I found the Joco cup but it’s glass… too heavy and too much fuss with carrying it around for my liking!