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Fujifilm X-T4 Mirrorless Camera Body - Silver, $2299 @ CameraPro


Saw this randomly when I was searching the internet for a good mirrorless camera. Am not sure about delivery, also never shopped with CameraPro

$2,698.00 if you get it with the 18-55mm lens

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    My favourite mirrorless camera to date. For me 26MP is perfect (good compromise between resolution and storage) and the autofocus is now almost on par with Sony. IBIS is really handy as well, works really good with Fuji lenses, and this has really solid video capabilities (4k60 at 100mbps, 4k30 at 400mbps 10bit) as well for the price. 15fps is also really good, although I would probably never use it as I don't do wildlife/sports, although it could come in handy.

  • Great camera, terrible retailer. Stay away from CameraPro at all costs. Shop anywhere but with them. Worst buying experience I have ever had.

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      Bought a lense last year, didn't have any problems. Gotta be more specific than that if you're shaming companies.

      • I bought a lens this year (in the middle pandemic season) and didn't have any issues other than slow delivery.

      • Advertised a promotion;
        Checked out their website, exact product I wanted was included but said 'contact store for stock availability';
        Used their online chat to confirm product was in stock;
        Called store, spoke to salesperson that said the product was sitting in front of them, in stock;
        Ordered product;
        Wrong product (much older and shittier version of what they had advertised. Worth less than half what I had paid) was delivered;
        Called up, was told I was wrong repeatedly because their system said they sent me the right product;
        SN of product matched up with their system, showing they had obviously screwed up when they booked the stock in originally;
        Made me send product back at my expense;
        Ran me around for 2 weeks saying they had to get the product checked;
        At this point, the product still advertised on their site at the same price I paid. It is also being advertised on other sites, all with the same sale;
        Called daily, told it was being looked into each time;
        Day after promotion finishes at all the e-stores, call me to say they are not able to supply me with the advertised product so are cancelling my order and refunding me.;
        Product still available on their website, now at the RRP. Friends have called and been told they can purchase this product as it is in stock.

        Specific enough?

        EDIT: clarification.

    • Bought a few Fuji lenses from the Brisbane store. No problems at all.
      Prices have gone up all around. Ouch!!!

    • Bought more than 10 times. Never had any problems. You need to be more specific.

  • Excellent price!

  • $2291 on Amazon from Becextech at the moment. Has been hovering just over $2300 so pretty average price atm.

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      Becextech. Enough said.

    • Becextech is grey import. CameraPro is Aus stock. Not comparable

      • Revoked my neg on these grounds

    • should be ok to buy lenses from becex or t dimension tho? do we really need lens warranty?

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        Had a terrible experience with both sellers. Would never ever buy grey import again

        • please elaborate?

          • @Bargainjustifier: I own xt3, and lots of fujifilm lenses, some lenses bought from camera pro. Never have problem.

            Suggest to buy aus local stock. The service warranty from fujifilm Australia is top notch. I am a member of FPS, and fujifilm Australia really take care the customer very well. Had my XT 3 serviced, also recently service 16-55, turn around time is superb (for me as FPS membership)

            I believe they will charge you if the unit is not local aus unit.which means if u buy grey import, u may experience different service

            FPS membership, t and c apply

  • great camera, good price!

  • $2,310.4 a few days from Digidirect with 20% promotion

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    More expensive than Eos R, Z6 and A7III at present.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  • Fujifilm just released the 50mm f/1 lens, might be wise to wait a little bit for a cashback sale…

  • I had the XT3 before. Sold it. Always temped to use Fuji camera but it did not feel right when I took it to a job with me. Still would love to buy the XT4 if I have the money though.

  • I've bought lenses from CameraPro a number of times, and have always been very pleased with their service.

  • Match it with the newly released 50mm f1.0

    Killer setup

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