Kingston A2000 1TB NVME M.2 SSD (SA2000M81000G) $149 Delivered @ Centrecom


Cheapest local price I've found in the last week when factoring delivery.

Also, a $1.79 (1.2%) fee for credit cards, no fee for bank transfer.

Included delivery is AusPost with a delivery estimate to Sydney of 4 days.

Other (not all) retailers prices for reference:

First post, cheers!

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  • They are not doing bank transfers at the moment. So unless you are in Geelong or Bendigo the 1.5% is compsulary.

  • +10 votes

    Hands down the best value SSD going around at the moment.
    Prices are set to keep falling though.

  • Is this one of those ssd's that are cheap but only run at normal ssd speeds instead of nvme?

    • idk about that but it is one of the better NVME SSDs out there.

    • By 'normal ssd speeds' I assume you mean SATA speeds? No this is a genuine NVME.

    • Naa it’s pretty neat, haven’t done disk read write test but works the same as my xpg 1tb or my wd black. Quicks boots like sub 10-7seconds without even my quick boot enabled in bios and games are great on it.

      • I had to format mine which somehow fixed my horrendous write speeds ONLY on my motherboard, really weird stuff, but I'm gonna run CDM now and update. I have the 500GB, so expect better performance.

        Edit: My sequential writes bench higher on my laptop for whatever reason at around 2GB/s on PCIe Gen3 x2 but here's my benchmark on PCIe Gen3 x4 with decreased sequential writes for unknown reasons.

    • No, it IS nvme and not even a bottom tier one at that (this is TLC and has better endurance than the Cruical P1 and intel 660 QLC drives).

    • Definitely NVMe - Goes about 2gig/sec read/write. Not the fastest but ample for most.

    • It can write sustained for 100gb at 1-2GB/s (I did a 65gb transfer from one nvme to this one and stayed at 1.7GB/s the entire time) and once that cache is filled it drops to around 700-750MB/s. It's a proper nvme SSD.

    • This uses PICe Lanes rather than SATA. So not the "normal" one. You will get the faster speeds

  • Good price but waiting hynix gold p31.

  • Good price,.. though will get better when our Aussie dollar keeps rising πŸ€‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  • Currently dropped to $159 on Amazon too. If the rumours are true I can't wait for these to price drop further

  • Does anyone know if this would be compatible with a MacBook Pro? I’m unsure what limitations exist for MacBook compatibility

  • AHHH IM SO TEMPTED. If any 2TB NVME are on sale. Im going to buy right then and there

  • I'm tempted to get one, but would be a pain to install on the back m.2 slot….

  • I want to build a pc next year in Q1 or 2.
    Do I need to buy this now?
    I don't think there would be an oversupplying by that time.

    • Since you have some time not a bad idea to just wait and see how prices go, I doubt this will be the all time lowest we'll see by then :)

  • Better off getting it from Amazon if you have prime in melb
    $151 atm but the delivery speed is significantly faster than normal post in melb right now.

  • Best Deal in this as a 250gb or similar m.2 /nvme ?only need a 256gb drive but have just got a z97 board with early gen m.2 slot so it only runs at 2x2 PCI speeds I think… Not a massive desktop user as you can no doubt tell and some sites say not even worth using as similar speeds to my Sata drives so no real pt using the m.2 slot anyway, what you guys think? I'm not gaming on the desktop. Just upgrading it from my even older DT which has 3 HDDs , movies , music , tv shows and a 489gb data SSD as the C drive… Cheers

      • Yeah cheers mate, I did look but now more wondering if the speeds are worth it on a asrock z97 pro4 board with only (PCIe Gen2 x2 ), or to just stick with sata drive re speed differences , tho its future proofing if i get another motherboard in future but rarely do as usually just use my laptops

        • I could understand if there was a premium for buying the nvme drive but at $88 for 500GB the nvme drive is actually cheaper than getting a SATA 2.5" one - 500GB Crucial MX500 is $89, 500GB Samsung 860 EVO is $95. I would stay away from WD Green / Crucial BX500 they are no good and in my experience have poor performance in real world usage where a hard drive is often faster than them.

          • @Agret: Hi just wondering were the 500GB Crucial MX500 M.2 is at $89?

            • @Italkdigital: Sorry those 2 prices for mx500 & samsung 860 were for the sata 2.5" drives as comparison


              The m.2 version is sata as well so it's the same speed and usually will disable 2 sata ports in your board when using a SATA based m.2 drive.

              Best for the m.2 version is probably Amazon at $92 -

              • @Agret: I have a spare second M.2 slot on my motherboard though at SSD/sata speeds so I'm more after storage then speed at a great price though still $149 is not a bad price as you said considering the 2.5inch SSD versions are not far off or technically more expensive $/gb, cross fingers our dollar keeps creeping up further πŸ€‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

                edit: yes postal through buying from centrecom might be delayed cause of Australia post delays but I'd rather wait and support local anyway less headaches with warranty well hopefully

  • Waiting for a 2tb sale

  • Guys, I heard this is the best SSD for buyers who are Ozbargaining right now, but probably buy it through Amazon. A friend that I have got a SSD from Centre on but it arrived a month later due to Auspost delaying it.

    Amazon has it for around $151 so that may be a better deal if you want it less than a week.

    • And what makes you think Amazon will be any better? I don't think slow delivery is exclusive to Auspost. This has nothing to do with Centrecom.

      • I ordered this exact same one just a few days ago on Amazon, arrived 2 days later using Prime Expedited Delivery. I had to pay extra but since i needed it soon i got it pretty quickly.

        Just wanted to offer my experience in case people aren't patient enough to wait a month.

      • Because they have their own uber delivery services out of their Melbourne and Sydney warehouses.

        If the item you order is in stock and in the correct location, it can be at your door in two days.

  • Shipping is not free to my postcode

    Kingston 1TB A2000 (SA2000M8/1000G) NVME SSDKingston 1TB A2000 (SA2000M8/1000G) NVME SSD1$149.00
    Payment Surcharge:$1.89
    Order Total:$159.52

  • How do I find out if my laptop has this slot? I have ordered the Lenovo flex 5 '2 in 1' laptop from this deal on Amazon.

    • Look at the specs on lenovo and it will say m2 or sata interface.

    • I found this which says

      256GB SSD M.2 2242 PCIe NVMe

      That means its the right socket, but the included SSD is a shorter form factor (2242 compared to the A2000's 2280). Would probably be best to wait until you get it and have a look inside, or try to find a photo of one that's been opened up.
      This price probably isn't going anywhere soon, so I'd make sure before you order.


      the Flex 5 has 2 m.2 slots, one for the wifi card and the other for the nvme storage accepts both 2242 and 2280 form factors. The original m2 is 42mm long and is mounted with a bracket. remove the old card and bracket and you can fit the A2000 which is 2280 form factor

  • Bank transfer? Or 10 seconds through Amazon app.

  • If they are all around $150 why not choose Sn550. tlc and much safer at spreedrop

    • Got a link for $150? Cheers

    • Kingston A2000 is also TLC and they are around 5% similar performance overall although the A2000 is way faster at 4K reads so would be snappier as an OS drive. In my experience there is no speed drop until after 100GB of transfer and it drops to 700-750mb/s down from 1500-1700MB/s which is in-line with what the WD has. Neither is necessarily better and would be basically the same in real-world usage.

      On the "Total Average (Program / Settings)" whatever that is (real-world simulation?) the A2000 is 22-24% better than the SN550

      On ATTO Disk Benchmark the A2000 is 17% faster than the SN550

      I guess if you can find the SN550 significantly cheaper than the A2000 it's a worthwhile buy as a budget drive but the A2000 is much better overall and you are just paying more for the WD brand name.

  • Western Digital USA website has the WD 1TB SN550 at $104.99, im sure at USD price, currently around $25 USD discounted, don't know how would one get it shipped to Australia? πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

    edit: actually there's a promo of $35 USD so brings the price down too $94.49 USD and delivery is free i guess within USA, anyone know of any great cheap US to Australia courier service? Ok google time πŸ€ͺ

    So big question is the WD 1TB SN550 a great nvme hard drive?

    edit edit: if it was free shipping to Australia then it would be a great deal, unless say 3 to 4 people share shipping to Australia

    So bla bla bla lolz

    Product Number: WDS100T2B0C
    5-Year Limited Warranty

    Last edit: Whoops ok 10% discount for verifying your email, might be doable πŸ’₯

    • $94.49 usd is close to $130 AUD so if you know someone who can get it to you from USA for free (bring over on flight) then it's good to save $20 otherwise the A2000 for $20 more (in this deal) is roughly 20% faster than the WD so probably not worth the hassle of finding a freight forwarder and paying postage.

  • Does anyone know if this works on Lenovo IdeaCentre 510S?

  • Umart have the same price if you don't want to wait (or buy from Amazon).

  • How about the 1TB Micron 2200S MTFDHBA1T0TCK NVME M.2 SSD in comparison to the Kingston A2000 1TB NVME M.2 SSD?,… Thanks

    • If you go to and below the chart paste in that model number MTFDHBA1T0TCK you can add it to the comparison table.

      Here's the numbers

      CrystalDiskMark 5.2 / 6
      WD SN550 - Basemark
      Kingston A2000 - 6% better performance
      Micron 2200S - 24% worse performance

      AS SSD
      WD SN550 - Basemark
      Kingston A2000 - 37% better performance
      Micron 2200S - 54% worse performance

      ATTO Disk Benchmark
      Kingston A2000 - 17% better performance
      Micron 2200S - This drive not tested on ATTO

      • Really big thanks for that like I posted above my M.2 NVME slot is my second M.2 slot and for sure I know its at sata ssd speeds so I guess price needs to be dramatically less too the Kingston drive for the Micron drive, as i can always see using the Kingston drive say in a future purchase laptop or new pc build

        Also seen this somewhere at $149 I think here in Ozbargain,. The Crucial P1 1TB M.2 SSD 2000MB/s 3D NAND NVMe Soild State Drive CT1000P1SSD8,.. wondering whats your thoughts for this drive?

        Thanks again πŸ‘

        edit: eBay $152 inc free postage

        • Crucial P1 is about 15% worse than WNS550 in CrystalDiskMark but is basically equal on ATTO

          It's one of the slowest NVME on the market & has QLC memory so is best avoided compared to these other drives that run TLC as QLC is less reliable.

          The MX500 1TB SATA 2.5" drive is faster than the Crucial P1 NVME and is more reliable.

          • @Agret: Hypothetical question too you,.. if knowing the price of this Kingston A2000 1TB M.2 is $149 mind you your happy with sata speeds and your need of large reasonably price storage,.. how much would you pay in comparison for the below drives for you too buy one, knowing this is going in your second slow sata speed M.2 slot

            edit: mind you you don't have a job but you've been hanging too fill the second M.2 slot with some sort of drive,.. lolz πŸ€‘πŸ€ͺπŸ˜ƒ

            Crucial P1 1TB M.2

            Micron 2200S 1TB M.2

            WD SN550 1TB M.2

            • @Italkdigital: Biggest question is, is your 2nd slot "capable only of SATA speeds" or does it only accept a SATA m.2 drive in it?

              • @Agret: Motherboard is,..
                ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming X Motherboard SLI

                1st M.2 SLOT has …
                Ultra M.2 (PCIe Gen3 x4),
                Which currently has a 500GB Samsung 970 EVO M.2
                PN MZ-V7E500BW Purchased at $117.05

                2nd M.2 SLOT has M.2 (PCIe Gen2 x2)
                πŸ‘Need to fill πŸ‘

                edit: seems a waste placing a Kingston A2000 1TB in it, though if I find a much cheaper drive too fill it with, I'd love too match it close too the price I paid for the 500gb 970 EVO

  • Just an update
    Kingston A2000 1TB ($149.60 shipped) + 1% CB
    Personally more inclined to purchase from these guys for better reviews and benefits as an Ebay Plus member also free shipping if you are outside centrecom's included area.