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Levede Electric Massage Chair Recliner Chair with Motorized Lift Assist $449.99 Delivered (Was $529.99) @Warehouse Ocean


If you have limited mobility and struggle getting in and out of chairs, lift assist chairs are the perfect solution for you. Lift chairs are especially useful for improving range of motion for the elderly or anyone else who has trouble getting around. This creates a better sense of independence as well as improved flexibility, allowing you to have more stamina and energy for your day.Lift chairs both assist in the standing process and allow you to sit down without trouble. This helps you not only rest easier, but these chairs feature smooth reclining action so you can change positions with ease.


Massage and Heating
Ultra smooth, quiet and easy-to-use electric recline
Easy-to-use wired controller with 2-button operation
Fully retracting leg rest
Fiber-filled back
Convenient side pocket
Heavy-duty welded steel base for extra stability
150kgs. weight capacity
Lift assist for ease of standing
Breathable and wear-resistant PU leather surface, easy to clean


Brand: Levede
Upholstery: PU Leather
Frame material: Wood and steel
Cushion filling material: Foam
Weight capacity: 150kgs
Angle of inclination: 110-160°


Width: 89cm
Length: 80 – 165cm
Height: 90 – 108cm
Seat width: 55cm
Colour: Black


1x Lift Recliner
1x Instruction manual

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  • "Lift Assit"?

  • In the last 2 photos, I wonder what recliners the 2 seniors were using before they were cut and paste in your photos.

  • Read their refund policy before you make a purchase, it looks like they are going to make it extremely difficult and painful


    "Electronics products come with a 3-month warranty"

    Here's an example of breaching ACL

    • Good on you, mate

    • -1 vote

      Only few electronics items have 3 months warranty earlier and we have removed those products
      This item comes with 1-year Warranty and all products in our website comes with 1-Year Warranty
      Thanks for letting us know, Will update the Refund policy Straight away

      • So one of my side gig is purchasing from online retailers and evaluate their products and services.

        I would say 8 out of 10 stores without a storefront like you guys that advertise significantly high mark down from "RRP" are bad, whether in the product quality or after sale support. You maybe the 2 out of 10, but your policy reads like those 8 out of 10 stores that I always have trouble with.

        Other red flags for me

        About us:

        Address: Warehouse Ocean, Australia (okay that's so precise)

        Maps: shows some location in India hmm

        All social media links are bogus

        So yeah, based on my experience in this area and my company's marking criteria, I would not recommend this company

        • -8 votes

          we are a new company recently started
          we are working hard to get the best deals
          I agree we have to improve on a few aspects
          our Shopify theme is from an Indian company and the address is from the code and tried to remove it but cannot
          Please understand our situation
          we are not any spammers or fraud
          all our items are shipped from the warehouse in Oakleigh South, Melbourne

          • @Warehouse Ocean: I see based on your post history, that you have started in April, so it has been around 5 months and such simple issues like this remain, this to me is an indication of the customer service that I will receive

  • is this made in India?

  • Sorry, seems you've thought you'd had a great idea and posted a 'deal' in the OZb community without thinking that we'd check out your business first…

  • Looks very similar to this post earlier. The warehouse also in the same place.