[Unobtainable] Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower $1595 + Delivery @ Concept2

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Representative of Concept2 store has notified Ozbargain that there is a 3 month wait for the product. A waitlist is in place for orders and purchases made without a specific invitation link cannot be honored.

Please do not purchase the product if you haven't been sent an invitation.

See below for original description

Concept2 Model D seems back in stock, not necessarily deal price but can be for those who are going to buy used rowers from gumtree at exorbitant prices. I finally came to the top of concept2 wait list but I had already purchased a water rower from rebel, out of curiosity when I checked on their private link its just a generic link and I could have ordered multiple model D. I can see some people trying to make a profit out of these wait list items, while others trying to charge more than or almost the retail price for used machines.

P.S: As pointed out by Daabido below, it is possible they may cancel non wait list orders. So please proceed with adjusted expectations. Cheers.

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    *** WARNING ***
    Only individuals who have specifically been sent a link to purchase by Concept2 Australia will have orders honoured.

    Concept2 Australia
    1800 324 872

  • where the wheerter

  • Thanks. I've been on the waiting list for 2 months now so appreciate this link!

    EDIT: FYI $44 for delivery in Sydney

  • I'm pretty sure this link is meant to be used for when you hit the top of the queue.

    It doesn't matter to me, but don't be surprised if your order gets cancelled.

    Got to be in it to win it, or so they say.

    • Didn't think of it that way, but although I signed up for one I could even order multiple items. In fact ordering 5 of them gave 5% off discount. If it was meant to be a purchase link for just one rower, I doubt they would even bother with 5% discount. Also nothing mentioned in the email about credential verification, in fact it mentioned not to share it as if someone else orders they don't take responsibility. For me it doesn't matter because I'm not going to purchase anyway. That being said I get your point. I will add your note in the post. Thank you for pointing out.

      P.S: It is also possible, they may have enough stock now. But doesn't want to let it out in public and handle the logistics nightmare. Or they just want to create artificial scarcity to make more demand.

      • You didn't think that the link that is provided to you after 12-14 weeks on the waitlist shouldn't be shared on a messageboard?


  • Thanks!
    Also been on the waitlist, so god to get an order in!
    Shipping to VIC was $27.50
    Out of interest how long had you been on the waitlist?

  • Not a bad price. I paid $1,529 (inc delivery) back in 2016.

    • Just went back to my order in Jan 2014. $1298. A few hundred dollars more 6 years later in a pandemic is pretty good. These things are amazing, great quality.

  • These haven’t gone up much in price I had one 15 years ago and it was about 1200? Def worth it if one has the space, but I am biased I used to be a rower. I def recommend watching the tutorials in how to row too many people do it wrong….:

    • Watched video and still don’t know how to row

      • that's a tough one get someone to spot. but basically it starts with the legs you push out and let the hands sit in the same position until your legs have straightened then pull the arms back. then when you are at the end of the catch, the arms go forward first until they are straight, then start moving your legs forward. your arm height should always stay the same height, ie don't move your hands over the knees, if you're doing that, you're doing it wrong..

  • Just out of interest do they ever go on sale?

  • hmm gone up in price. I got mine in 2018

    Cart Items SKU Qty Item Price Item Total
    Model D Indoor Rower with PM5 Monitor
    C2ROWER-D5 1 $1,485.00 AUD $1,485.00 AUD
    Subtotal: $1,485.00 AUD
    Shipping: $44.00 AUD
    Grand Total: $1,529.00 AUD
    Tax Included in Total: $139.00 AUD

    Great machine

    • Yep, yours went up in price too. I bought mine in 2014:

      Cart Items SKU Qty Item Price Item Total
      BLACK Model D Indoor Rower with PM5 Monitor
      C2ROWER-D5BLACK 1 $1,353.00 AUD $1,353.00 AUD
      Subtotal: $1,353.00 AUD
      Shipping: $38.50 AUD
      Grand Total: $1,391.50 AUD
      Tax Included in Total: $126.50 AUD

      Between this awesome rower and my road bike, I'm pretty much set for any lockdown in terms of exercise. :)

    • Yeah it sucks. Have been eyeing on this and it doesn't get cheaper by year. Gets more expensive as the model gets older is weird…

      • These things are so well made, they last for many many years. I paid $1300 about 7 years ago. Surprised it's this cheap. In a world full of Chinese junk, gear of this quality stands out.

      • You’d think they would have a PM6 controller out by now too.

  • Thanks - was also on the waitlist and wanted one for the lock down!

  • I’m waiting for after lockdown when everyone is offloading them, same as weights.

    • I haven't seen many rowers on sale in SA, and gyms are fully open.

      People probably will try holding on, thinking they'll get more cash after but now that stock is coming back slowly I can't imagine anyone paying $1,000-$1,100 for a barely used unit.

  • I’ve had mine for 6 years and it’s still in great condition despite having done thousands of kilometres on it. These things are solid which is why they are used at every CrossFit gym. I’m on the wait list for the bike erg.

    • Why not get a real bike and bike trainer instead?

    • I bought mine for $1300 in 2010 while living on an island with no gym, put thousands of k's on it, and then sold in 2016 for the same price. It was the lowest priced, best condition one on gumtree at the time and it sold within a couple of hours to swine who didn't want to wait for a new one. These are crazy consistent in price.

  • i can't imagine why you ever thought that this was okay to post? absolutely bizarre decision making.

    • Totally agree. Queue jumping is very un-Australian.
      I've been on waiting list (since start of August) and happy to wait for my allocation, as much as I want it now.

    • I posted the note within one hour, to proceed with caution as it was pointed out by Daabido. I was merely trying to help people who would go on paying higher prices on gumtree and elsewhere. Hope you are not one of those, trying to make a profit on old machines or a new one on waitlist.