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Sistema Storage Tubs - Half Price (14L - $7.50, 27L - $9.50, 30L - $10, 40L - $11, 60L - $12.50) @ Big W


I don't know about everyone else, but after years of looking at OzBargain, I have way too much stuff!!

I was looking to buy a bunch of storage tubs to put things away in the garage and came across this special at Big W. Great price on a decent brand storage tub which brings them down to the price of an el-cheapo tub for a more premium product.

I bought about 16 tubs for about $135 and can vouch for their strength and build quality. Nice locking clips. Be aware these don't have wheels however. You can check store stock levels of each size online for your nearby stores.

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  • I sold all crap on ebay/gumtree/facebook and now save the money for the storage tubs.

  • Highly recommended. 60 & 30L are good for kids since they fit under beds!

  • I find the Sistema lunch boxes that woolworths puts on half price pretty good but not for larger tub sizes, its not as rigid.
    For that category the big w starmaid cliplock was the go. Too bad its now longer produced

  • I hate how these kinds of tubs have rounded corners and the sides aren't at right angles to the bottom.
    Causes so much wasted space for what you can store inside.

  • Be warned, for the smaller containers…

    The new Klip-It+ range is absolutely awful. Apparently it replaces the older good Klip-It range which had some issues but was great for storing non-food items when you needed a hard shell.

    Klip-It+ has deeper groves to make the containers water/air tight, but what this means is the lids stick when you pull them.

    Klip-It+ has the clips on the lid, not the base of the container, and they come off more easily. Don't be tempted to pull the lid up by the clip.

    Klip-It+ also feels flimsier and I wouldn't trust it to take hard impacts compared to the old Klip-It range (which wasn't indestructible but was good).

    Klip-It+ is rounder for style…which means it wastes more space than Klip-It.

    Then only plus is they may be more air/water tight, at least when brand new, but I haven't tested so don't quote me.

    Basically, they had fantastic containers, and now they bloody ruined their range.

  • Thanks OP, got 6. Just in time for Spring cleaning.

  • I was looking for 60l stackable tubs for organising. Can anyone share their experience if it's better to pay little more and invest in heavy duty ones like this? Bunnings Montgomery

  • How much is delivery to metro Vic usually? The site's not working for me properly right now

    • Only click and collect, aka (pick up / drive up).

      If you do that, BIGW will give you a $10.00 discount.

  • Anyone tried these tubs for sous vide?

  • Shame delivery is so high. I suppose 16 tubs can all fit inside of each other?

    • Bought and collect 16 x 27L tubs, along with lids.

      Total $152.00

      but less $10.00 for Drive up (click 'n' collect) - $142.00.

      However I bought e-gift card from Woolworth via Cashback - $134.90

      Plus $7.00 cashback reward as well to make the total of $127.90.

  • Don't forget Cashback (5%) by buying Woolworth e-gift card.

  • They are plastic, they stain.

    Glass is a much better option

  • Guys, beware if you choose to have the tubs delivered. My first order of 6 tubs deliver separately and they split it to 3 parcels. 4 tubs arrived but 2 are still processing and two of the lids arrived broken. I will call them tomorrow.

    • How much was delivery?

      • Nil as I am in Vic and the order was over $40.

        • I live 2 minutes drive from the big w I’m picking these up from, and I got quoted well over $100 deliver for just 30 of these containers.

          • @AustriaBargain: Check before you pick them up. Some might have cracks. I’d prefer picking them up from the store than having them delivered as I can check before I buy. I didn’t have a choice because my nearest Big W is closed due to lockdown.

            I don’t have high expectations for the other 10 that’s coming as there might be another few cracked lids.

  • Just received the other two tubs and both come with cracks 🤦‍♂️