[eBay Plus] 21 Craft Beers Mixed Case $59 Delivered @ eBay BoozeBud


Each pack contains
1 x Green Beacon 3 Bolt Pale 330mL Can 4.5%
1 x Bodriggy Bodriggy Brewing Company Staunch Pilsner 355mL Can 4.3%
1 x Hope Brewery Extra Pale Ale 375mL Can 4.7%
1 x Balter XPA 375mL Can 5%
1 x Bentspoke Barley Griffin Pale Ale 375mL Can 4.2%
1 x Colonial Brewing Co. Draught Can 375mL Can 4.8%
1 x Capital Brewing Co Summit Session XPA 375mL Can 3.5%
1 x Nomad Rosie's Raspberry Sour 330mL Can 3.6%
1 x Balter Captain Sensible 375mL Can 3.5%
1 x Hawke's Brewing Co. Hawke's Underdog Session Lager 375mL Can 3.5%
1 x Young Henrys Newtowner 375mL Can 4.8%
1 x Gage Roads Brewing Co Single Fin 330mL Bottle 4.5%
1 x Stockade Brew Co Refreshing Ale 375mL Can 4.3%
1 x Mountain Goat GOAT Lager 375mL Can 4.2%
1 x Pirate Life Brewing Lager 355mL Can 4.5%
1 x Yak Ales Fat Yak Original Pale Ale 345mL Bottle 4.7%
1 x 4 Pines Indian Summer Ale 375mL Can 4.2%
1 x Pirate Life Brewing Acai & Passionfruit 355mL Can 3.5%
1 x Matilda Bay Frothy 375mL Can 4.2%
1 x PIGEON Lager 375mL Can 4.5%
1 x 4 Pines Pale Ale 375mL Can 5.1%


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  • +19 votes

    The majority of these are mass produced beers. The word 'craft' is just marketing spin. In saying that it's probably not a bad price at $59 if you wanted a variety of beers to taste

    • To be fair though, if you describe craft beer as only beers made by small breweries, no one will be able to get their hands on them. I remember trying Green Beacon years ago when I went up to Brisbane and loved it. I came home and couldn't buy it anywhere because they only distributed it to a couple of places.
      When big breweries buy out the small players that make great craft beer, why can't the same beer still be called craft beer?
      Where do we draw the line on the term craft?

      • He's right though. A cursory glance at these beers will tell you that these are mass distribution beers already.

        The same beer can be called craft beer or whatever, but it's unlikely to have received the same care and attention in brewing.

        Quick example: Stone and Wood Pacific Ale used to be the darling beer, but the taste has gone south lately.

        Licensed brewing anyone?

        • Interesting! Didn't realise Stone and Wood had been bought out

        • Regarding stone & wood pacific ale… i had never had it until recently (always missed the deals) but got a case of bottles last week. It gets a big fat meh from me. I'm not a beer snob in the least and will happily drink many beers (wheat beers, squires, peroni, leffe, various ales, ipa's etc and find something i like in a lot of beers but geez this pacific ale was very dull/bland and forgettable, as far as i'm concerned not remotely worth the price. Many people have said its gone down hill so a shame i missed trying it before.

  • 'CRAFT' beers…… Thats what they call this now. Have a look at these beers, a large selection owned by mega conglomerates

  • shall give it a go..

  • It’s sad none of these craft beer batch places ordered bru choc

  • Last years advent calendar of some sort?

  • this would have been worth a look if they were actually craft beers, and not well known brands that everyone drinks

  • Looks like the link points towards the classic beers (VB, Great Northern, etc) - hence the comments in this post

    The craft beers are $80.74 (after using PFIVE5 voucher) and can be found here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/283989577349

  • Won't post to regional VICTORIA 3350 :(

    • Yeah, totally don’t understand this.

      Boozebud have delivered multiple times to me at 3444, but their eBay store won’t allow it :(

    • Head to the Hop Temple and grab a mixed 6 Pack if they're still doing them. I got an IPA/Stout one for $30

  • That pirate life acai and passionfruit has been in every beer deal for the last 6 months. They can't give it away.

  • Doesn't post to Tasmania.

    Classic Boozebud, free shipping on their website for orders over X value too but full rate $18 to Tas…. could at least discount.