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$10 Credit to Use with The Zeus App @ Zeus Street Greek


We're treating you with $10 credit to enjoy at any Zeus Street Greek during September with the Zeus App. You have until September 30th to use your credit.

  • Only valid with the Zeus App - not valid with third party aggregators - $10 per user App
  • Your credit will disappear October 1 2020
  • Valid at all Zeus Street Greek

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    Thanks OP. Lunch sorted.

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    Any one else having trouble resetting their password to log in?

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      Yeah. Now it says too many requests when trying to log in on the app, even though I just reset my password

      • Same here. I deleted the app and cleared the cache etc etc and still doesn't work.

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          I waited 15 minutes and now it works

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      So long since used it on last free credit, had to reset.
      Worked easily for me on Android.
      Email was sent within seconds.
      From memory requires combination of upper & lower case + special character.

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    You can also claim a bonus $5 in-app just by adding payment details (which you need to do to get the $10)

    • Is this only for new users? - the $5 credit?

      • Yeah, new users only! I haven't ordered from them before.

        • Thanks, i thought this would be the case.

    • +5

      Would that give a new user total $15 to spend at one go?

      • Yes, showing as $15.00 credit for me.

      • That's how it's appearing for me :)

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    wow the app is terrible lol

    • +6

      Can't be as bad as the mymaccas app lol

  • No stores in 5km range for Melbourne CBD :(

    • there should be one in moonee ponds maybe a bit further out from CBD

      • +2

        It's more than 5km (only just) from the CBD. It's probably not worth the risk to save $10 on a kebab since it's only a stones throw from the police station.

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    Zeus street Greek in Surry Hills is 50% off very frequently on the fork, if anyone is interested.

    • +2

      Can you pay using the Zeus app when you book using the Fork?

      • +1

        "not valid with third party aggregators"

        Maybe that is what they are referring to?

        • Hmm, might have to email them and ask

  • Thanks OP, added!

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    Cheers OP, gotta love a free lunch

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    For people playing at home: the bill will appear as the full amount on the app at time of purchase (ie: $14) but as long as you have the credit in the initial screen, it will only charge you the $4.

    I don't like it has the discount no display at the purchase screen.

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    Claimed $15 free credit, but on the payment screen, there's only pay with credit card option and did not allow me to use my free app credit. I did not clink on the credit card payment fearing it would just deduct the full amount off my CC.

    • +4

      Yea, same. Very dodgy/bad design.

      Edit: it does work as the person above said. Still such a bad design.

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    Awesome work OP. Such thing as a free lunch.

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    thanks op got $15 credit but no store near me.

  • I find Zeus to be decent but a little overpriced and a little small on serves. I'd end up paying $25 bucks for lunch there if I wasn't careful, not really worth it

  • Very bad design…ugly (it’s like half app half safari) and not intuitive (couldn’t even find the main food menu).
    CX person/s needs to redo this but thanks for the discount!

  • Very bad design app. There is no room to type your promo code and once your click 'check out' and it finalizes your order straight away.

    • Yet others worked it out…
      Some other food ordering apps work the same. (All poorly designed)

      Click on menu bar, click Enter Code
      Shows credit in Home screen.
      Then order.

      Discount doesn't show as applied - but it works. Enjoyed at lunch today.

      • I have got $15 credit (This $10 offer + $5 new sign up).
        What if my order total is < $15? Will it charge nothing on the Credit Card then? This is what I am looking for, actually.

        • +1

          I expect it will be free. It will use the applied credit first.

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            @the INFIDEL: Thanks. Used it for $15 exact. Had a nice hefty lunch. Boy Greek cuisine, yummy!

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              @djoz: I thought there was no such thing as a free lunch!
              Had a tasty $12 lunch with $10 credit (in the sun by the pool).

  • What do I do saw $5 credit on us. Said claim. Do I click on it only when ordering or can click on claim which will be added to the $10. Am not ordering food yet until next week.

    • Did you enter the code above? You get the credit before ordering

      • thanks got it.

  • only $5 credit here

  • Thanks, lunch sorted!

  • Worked fine.

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    Wow, ordering through this app felt like going through immigration. Why the hell does a restaurant need my age, DOB and gender??

    Shame the app designers focussed on data mining rather than user experience. Still, they can have my fake personal info for $15.

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    The credit is still showing up on the app even when it’s supposed to expire last night

    • I'm trying to pre order a meal but it's coming up with a credit card fee of $2.80