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Segway Ninebot Kickscooter ES2 Electric (AU Stock) $476.37 Delivered @ Banggood


Ninebot ES2 Kick Scooter Folding Electric Scooter Vehicle for Adults/Kids 5.2Ah 36V 300W 25km/h Max Load 100kg (Sports Version)


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  • If you are more than100kg does it just go slower ?

  • Looks like a grey import, 30 day refund/return warranty only. How reliable are these?

    • It has a 1 year warranty.

      The 30 day thing is if you change your mind, "no reason return".

      This is the best price I've seen on the ES2. I'd say it's a good scooter, but know what you're getting into. Reliable? Well, any scooter there can be electrical or battery problems, or other things. It is not without risk. I wouldn't call it a premium product, but it's clever and fun. My first e-scooter died after 3 months of regular use - an electrical problem. I sent it back for repair under warranty, and now it's working again. So they can and do break down. I've no idea about this vendor, but I'm now looking around their site at other stuff!

      • Thanks for the detail. It's definitely the best price I've seen since the $499 Amazon deal. I guess the warranty is a "Back to base" thing. I think we have an actual Segway/Ninebot store here in Brisbane which is somewhat comforting I guess.

  • I would suggest going with something that has inflatable tires but DYOR

  • legal in victoria?

    • As long as its on private land and within 5 km of your home.

    • The answer is "more or less" since the cops don't chase you. They're quite harmless if you ride with care, and give way to people. Great invention, not a gimmick.

      The ES2 is pretty good. Very good price, in fact I've never seen it cheaper. No idea what "banggood" is.

      • The have been around for a while but don't expect good service.

        I ordered a usb cable and they sat on it for 3 weeks before shipping, then shipping took 30 days

    • No. They are over the 200watt limit (250watt for bikes) and are therefore illegal.

      Fun fact: you are not allowed to use scooters (or skateboards) in bike lanes, as only bikes are allowed. But you are allow to use scooters on the footpath as they are defined as pedestrians

  • This is OK if you go back and forward 3km down a good quality sealed path on the way to from work and that's about it and/or fold up and take on the train, or tuck away inconspicuously at work (yes my parter does the latter on her Mi Pro 2 after they wouldn't let her bring her bicycle inside to store safely).

    100kg and you will not go up much of any incline, it will struggle to get 100kg rider to 25km/hr, my idea of struggle and yours may be dfferent, I would not want to be a 100kg rider on this. The handle bar is short, so if you are tall you might feel uncomfortably like you will fall forward. The handlebar is not for you to brace against, use it more like a skateboard, brace with your legs, turn by shifting your weight.

    The solid tyres mean rough as hell but less maintenance. My parters has 8" inflatable and she complains all the time how rough hers is.

    These are legal (assuming you comply with the rules) in Qld https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/safety/rules/wheeled-device...

    I have no idea how reliable THIS model is nor if it is genuine or copy. The model to is reasonably well regarded for "last mile" commuters onto Trains etc not to muck about and have an adventure with.

    As to shipping times ? Unless they have Aus. stock I cant see how ? My newest scoot (Kaabo Mantis Pro) is at a little over a month and is literally on a slow boat from China. I am hopeful within 2 months. These can't be air freighted because of the battery.

    • OK if you go back and forward 3km

      Has 25 km range. Surely still fine for much longer journeys too?

      • Nope. I had an ES2 and it couldn’t make the 20km round trip to work and back. Only about 12km in the ‘sport mode’ (trust me you don’t want to go any slower than it’s fastest mode). So I had to buy the official battery add on to make it the es4 and it makes the 20km trip fairly easily

    • Would you mind asking from where did you buy Mi Pro 2? and for how much?

      I’m thinking to buy one from AliExpress but bit nervous if custom will create any trouble. Thanks

  • Oh! When will Detroit build an electric scooter for the husky gentleman!

  • Are these legal in Perth?

  • 1000 clicks - 5sold

  • This is a great price, but you'll really want to grab the external battery as well. Adds a fair bit of range, but more importantly also more torque. The ES2 is very entry level but fine for flat short commutes.

  • +1 vote

    Unless you live in a state that allows (QLD) this on public paths it's totally useless and you will cop a fine.

    1. $344.00 83390 – Motorbike rider (alone) not wear/secure fit approved helmet
    2. $686.00 74912 – Use an uninsured motor vehicle
    3. $686.00 79053 – Use unregistered registrable Class A motor vehicle on the road
    4. $572.00 78985 – Unlicensed for Class – Class C/R/LR/MR – first offense


    • Depends on the state, NSW apparently classes them as motorcycles, hence the huge fines.

  • i have seen youtube video's, but anyone with an experience of both this and m365?

    m365 has been discontinued and not sure if we will be able to get a similar deal/price for it and 1S would be about $150 extra. so any recommendation? i am tossing between both

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