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Premium Surgical 3-Ply Face Masks 10% off: 500pc $256.50, 200pc $117 Delivered, 50pc $31.46+Delivery @ The Friendly Mask Company


As a thank you to the OzBargain community for helping us make the launch of our website a rousing success, we are offering a 10% discount across our website until the end of the week.

  • Premium quality disposable surgical face masks
  • Ships from our Melbourne warehouse
  • TGA Registered.
  • ASTM Level II Grade Surgical Masks.
  • Manufactured and tested in Hong Kong
  • Free Shipping on any order over $99

To take advantage of our discount please enter the code at the checkout (only one discount code can be used at any one time). This promotion can be used with the following options:

1 box (50pc) priced $31.46 (with discount)
4 box bulk buy (200pc) priced at $117.00 (with discount) Free Shipping
10 box bulk buy (500pc) priced at $256.50 (with discount) Free Shipping

Offer ends 13th September 2020.

We at The Friendly Face Mask Company believe that when it comes to yours and your families health then quality matters. That is why we have ensured that the products we sell are rigorously tested before being imported into Australia. We know that there are cheaper options on the market, but we are not selling cheap, knock-off non-medical grade face masks, we are selling Hong Kong manufactured, high quality medical grade masks that are being produced by one of the most reputable companies in Hong Kong.

If you have any questions about our masks then please do not hesitate to ask. Check out our website for more information on our masks and the testing involved.

We have listed the full testing reports of these masks on our certifications page for anyone who may wish to view them.

Thank you again from everyone at The Friendly Mask Company.

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  • lmao

    hong kong product

    fake heaven

  • Is it free.. no price on title!

  • +5

    I am more worry about the company.
    There is no ABN number, no address, no phone number.
    And their About us page, Director has no surname.
    Is it a real company?

    • Maybe they want to be known on a first name basis lol.

    • Hi there,

      Our ABN is 63 643 428 862. (Registered to MYKL Pty Ltd, Trading under the name The Friendly Mask Company)

      We have only just recently finished setting up our phone system and as such it hasn't been added to the website yet - if you wish to contact us by phone for any reason then you can reach us on 1300 251 905 during the hours of 10am - 4pm, Monday - Friday.

      We have just finished up a previous promotion on OzBargain where we have received positive feedback about our business practice and the quality of our products. I appreciate your caution when dealing with any new company, hopefully the information I have provided reassures you of our legitimacy.

      Thanks for looking at our website, please let me know if you have any more questions.

      • +2

        Any plans on the director obtaining a surname?

        ..who believe that transparency is key when purchasing products

        • +2

          In all seriousness if you're keen to find out, there are paid company searches available i.e. ASIC search

          • @inamberclad:

            there are paid company searches available

            OP is advertising on OzB and touting transparency. Additional burden not unreasonable.

        • -1

          Hi JetBombat,

          I'm the managing director you are referring to. Our transparency comes from the amount of details we have made available on the product that we are selling - I hardly see how me listing up my full name would be a necessary part of that process. I am a registered director of the company outlined above, if you really wish to know my full name then you are more than welcome to look it up.

          If you have any questions in regards to the product please let me know.

          Have a great evening.

        • +1

          Any plans on the director obtaining a surname?

          From their reply, it appears they might be trying to hide something.

  • Price in title.

  • +1

    Made in HK… HK is part of China no?…..

  • +1

    From their shipping and refund policy page:

    The Friendly Mask Company Australia is not liable for delivery timeframes, or for any products damaged or lost during shipping.

    Is that even legal/enforceable? Can't they just send out damaged goods and claim that it's damaged during transit, or not send it at all and claim that it's lost?

  • 1) This sounds like an ad rather than a bargain - is this allowed? Prices are about the same as current online market rates. There was an Ozbargin of $4.95 for 50 masks recently - that's a bargain.
    2) From later this year, the US will ban the label "Made in Hong Kong", to be replaced with "Made in China" - I thought USA was a fan of Hong Kong but this means that USA recognises Hong Kong is part of China
    3) I don't care about the name of the director, but not too sure why it's all so secretive anyway. I know the full name of the director of pretty much any listed company, I know who is behind Kogan, PayPal, Amazon, Ebay
    4) I am sick of seeing these disposable masks littered around the place.

    • $4.95 for 50 masks is non surgical mask, which is just like three layers of thin tissue. It is good for Melburnian to avoid fine.

      This one is Level 2 surgical mask: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) % ≥ 98%, hospital grade.

      "Made in Hong Kong" is a LOT better. "Made in China", doesn't care reputation, and can put any label/cert on their product.

      • "Made in Hong Kong" is a LOT better. "Made in China", doesn't care reputation, and can put any label/cert on their product.

        i think thats quite a generalised comment.
        but some are a lot better than some chinese brands
        but im sure you realise than there are heaps of chinese made mask that are equally good or better. the fact most hopsitals in the world still use "made in china" mask.

    • yeh you normally would hope to know pubicly listed companies or big entity groups with boards. but i dont think these guys are publicly listed or big enough…

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