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[Hack] $1.80 Large Frozen Coke McSpider (Save $3.10) @ McDonald's


I haven't posted a hack before and it's been a while since a McDonald's hack has been posted (probably for a good reason) but I thought I'd give it a go. Today I felt like trying the Frozen Coke McSpider (expecting it to be about $2 for a large one). To my shock the large one cost $4.90. So it got me thinking…

Order one large frozen Coke/ Raspberry / Fanta Flavour(s) of your choice for $1. Then order one 80c soft serve and combine! You now have yourself a Frozen Spider for $1.80 with bonus cone. Even if you ordered 4 soft serves and combined it into your frozen drink you would still be saving 70c, plus you'd have 4 bonus cones!

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