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Samsung PRO Endurance MicroSDXC Card with Adapter 128GB $42.85 + Delivery (Free with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


Lowest price so far!

  • Designed specifically for video monitoring cameras (dash cams, surveillance & security cams, CCTV, body cams, etc.)
  • Up to 43,800 hours of 4K and Full HD (1080p) recording and playback
  • Reliability Built to Last – Water-proof, Shock-proof, Temperature-proof, X-ray-proof, Magnetic-proof
  • Transfer speeds up to 100MB/s
  • 5-year limited warranty

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  • FWIW Also good for raspberry pi's….

    • My RPi3b+ hassio just chewed through two sandisk cards, most likely due to too many writes (log and history files). Are these cards built to handle a larger number of writes?

      • Yep. I've been running hassio on one for quite a while now and is good. Eventually it will die, but it will take a lot longer to do so. Sandisk also have a high endurance version that is better than their standard cards, but the Samsung is rated to last twice as long again. Personally I used to use Sandisks but had a lot of issues with them that just went away when I moved over to genuine (same as Sandisk, there are a lot of fakes out there) Samsung cards. When I can be bothered to get around to it I plan to move the 'pi over to booting off a usb drive but for now this is one of the best options if you are running a 'pi off sd cards.

        • Yeah I'm about to add an SSD for logging as well. Just didn't expect it to be so brutal on them. Thanks!

          • @wolfshooter: If you're getting an SSD anyhow (frankly an old usb drive or decent usb key is probably fine - keep in mind the 'pi3 only does USB2 - USB3 came with the 'pi 4), I'd consider changing the 'pi to boot off that instead….. just make sure you do a backup first. ;-)

        • Dude it's been so frustrating coming back to Rpi4 that after a week cannot even boot without needing a fresh install on a new sd card.
          Am I totally missing something? I follow the guides and they always recommend booting from an sd card or is boot from SSD a better option?

  • Thanks for the info Ozzbargainer, always good to see memory price drops. Still think we are paying too much for mem, so think I will wait until I really need it or jittery buyers cause downward pressure.

  • showing $50.66 now

    • Down again to $42.84.

      I really wish this came in 256GB. I'm going to buy a cheaper 256GB card now, then by the time that dies, Samsung should have released this in 256GB variety.

  • Finally received mine y'day in the mail!

  • Did anyone get their order refunded by Amazon?
    I received an email this morning however never received any cards or anything from AusPost………